Service and repair times not expected to change dramatically

It's no secret that Sprint has been coming up short in terms of earnings for several quarters now, and following its buyout by SoftBank the carrier is starting to make some cuts to help that bottom line. The nation's third-place carrier confirmed that it is cutting over 1850 jobs and shutting down 205 under-performing stores and repair centers across the country in an effort to cut costs.

330 of the jobs cut are repair technicians, which along with the shutdown of 150 repair centers will reduce the number of people available for fixing and refurbishing Sprint devices. That means fewer stores will be able to repair and refurbish phones with a quick turn-around, but Sprint claims that the shutdowns shouldn't noticeably change service times. Although not every store can fix phones, customers will be referred to another store that can within a 45 minute drive.

Another 1550 jobs will be cut from customer service positions, roughly 1000 of which were call center jobs in Texas and Florida. A full 55 retail locations are also closing, which Sprint said were its lowest-performing stores. Again, the store cuts aren't expected to impact the availability of service for customers in any meaningful way.

Sprint still employs about 40,000 people, and with the company's outlook not looking too positive we could be in for even more streamlining in different areas to help stop the decline, even as it continues to pour money into network upgrades across the country. SoftBank has made it clear that the carrier plans to turn things around, we just have to see how that will be accomplished.

Source: CNET; Star-Telegram


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Sprint cutting over 1850 jobs, shutting down under-performing stores


Sprint O & O stores in my area have already been reduced.
Still those dealer location who can't do anything but sell you a device. Got a problem might as well call Sprint yourself.

Guess the local sprint kiosk at my mall is going to close.

So Sprint over stretches in buying Clearwire, and has yet to do anything with it it seems, and all their employees get the shaft.

Could of been easier firing the executives keeping this company stagnant at the cost of millions a year in salary and bonus'. Guess Sprint wants to brand themselves as the illogical carrier.

Tough to tell since subscriber growth/loss is never constant, but at the current rates it could be as short as 2 years before T-Mo overtakes Sprint. Lot can change in that time, of course.

It's great that they are growing their customer base but what I'm curious about is how many of them will stick around (with no contract to hold them down) once the KoolAid wears off and they see how bad the overall coverage really is. In this area (and I'm guessing others as well) their coverage maps aren't even close to accurate.

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The EIP is the contract. No one is flat out paying for devices. They are making their money and some with the scam that is JUMP!

You are in a very, very small percentage of people that are not doing Jump, Next, Easy Pay, or whatever the carriers are calling it.

The majority of people are going for these programs for the small payments up front and getting caught up in Installment Billing contracts that are just as penalizing for leaving as an ETF.

Just because there isn't a service contract doesn't mean the carriers don't still own their lives for a couple of years.

This. Not to mention, JUMP is a good deal, when you consider everything that's bundled in with it: phone upgrades every 6 months, total equipment coverage, and Lookout.

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Just because you don't agree with it doesn't make it a scam.

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As long as you don't mind dropping the same call 2 to 3 times. ...
I usually am drinking while posting here.....sorry

yeah, you have a strip that runs down on that exact line. Look at the map a little east and west of that line. There is a lot of 2G and "other carrier" area. You definitely have better coverage than just about everyone from Maryland south of you though and your coverage is still very limited. If you happen to live in a good sized city and rarely go out of that city then T-mobile is great. For everyone else it's practically nonexistent.

I live in the middle of the huge Phoenix AZ metro area and our company used sprint. When I was home (5bars on VZW) I had to call forward to my personal VZW phone cause the coverage in Phoenix is so crappy on the Sprint company phone. We just switched to Verizon thank God.

No but once they begin to seriously decline they pick up the smell of death which is really hard to shake... Just ask Blackberry.

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Well the people who work for Sprint certainly would. I would feel bad for the employees but i dont like Sprint as a company. That being said cutting down to 3 major carriers is not good for competition.

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Dude, the sad reality is this happens all the time in the world or capitalism, unfortunately. This includes AT&T, Verizon and TMO which have had layoffs within the last couple of years. Sprint is still a huge enterprise / government service provider and is not going anywhere.

I hope these employees get a decent severance package.

They would once their bill goes up on the other carriers! Less competition means more money for the consumers. That's why the AT&T T-mobile merger didn't go through. That's also why when you travel abroad prices are so low. They have a significant more amount of carriers than we do.
The thing about this article is they say Sprint cut the jobs, as in Sprint Corporate but the 3rd party dealers, I'm sure, are adding those jobs.

I saw this coming.
Seven reps in a store, I walk in with two Android phones and am looking at the Android display case. Only one rep comes my way and asks "would I like to see an iPhone?"

So I smile and walk over to the LG case and say, "I want that iPhone."


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So you being greeted by one stupid employee in a retail store cued you that Sprint was cutting back jobs... Makes sense.

Yes. The reason being, store reps tend to out number the customers in their stores, but at the same time they know less than the customer.

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All of them? Every single rep, every single store? And just Sprint?

I agree that there are many employees at many retail phone stores as well as other consumer sales locations besides cell phones that they do not care to keep themselves informed and trained properly. But to say ALL OF THEM is insulting to any of us that actually do.

But thank you for your vast exaggeration, since obviously you've been in every cellular retail location on Earth.

1. Most customers are not as "in the know" as those of us reading these tech websites. Way to make a blanket statement that is not the least bit universally true.
2. I don't know about you, but there are several Sprint stores in my area, and most of them usually have more customers than reps. Again, way to make a blanket statement that is not the least bit universally true.
3. What were you expecting, all 7 reps to come over to you and start asking you what they could do for you, what kind of phone you're looking for, etc? You do realize most customers would be scared away/overwhelmed if 7 reps walked up to them and started asking them questions, right? Hell, most get overwhelmed with just 1 rep talking them through the process.

What about shutting down the top floor of Sprint's HQ? Since their so dysfunctional !
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I worked for sprint 6 years ago and the store I was in was right down the street from another store. It wasn't busy yet they remodeled it and then shut it down a year later.

Looks like Softbank isn't F*@%ing around with their investment. You watch, next they will cut NASCAR sponsorship. And start counting pencils....

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I like NASCAR!

They need to cut, "The Voice" sponsorship.

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Sprint needs to drop Nascar. That sponsorship hasn't helped at all and how much do they pay a year? NASCAR's hayday has passed by. NASCA was big in the late 1990's and early 2000's but not anymore. NASCAR may have an extremely loyal fanbase but it's small and how many are buying top electronics? Not many.

I have lots of friends that are into NASCAR. Some of them are not the brightest nickel in the piggybank. But you sir, well you just made them all geniuses with that statement.

As a 28 year NASCAR fan & a huge fan of Motorsports I have seen all forms of racing & motorsports go through ups & downs in popularity. Speaking of NASCAR in particular, it has had some rules changes in the last several years that detracted from the sport. But in the last couple seasons they have realized that & made changes for the better. This season is really getting off to a great start. A new generation of drivers & fans are coming into the sport & really causing some excitement & a resurgence in popularity. They are using Social media to communicate with us, their fan base & doing it well too.

The one thing I can't stand is people that think NASCAR fans are a bunch of redneck hicks that live in Mobile Homes, drive jacked up trucks & marry their cousins. Let me put it this way. The people on this site are a huge minority in the world of mobile & Android devices. Most smartphone users don't know anything about rooting, ROM's, KitKat, flexible screens, AMOLED vs LCD vs Pentile, quad core or X8 or octa core or even that there is such a thing as Touchwiz or Sense vs stock Android. Does that make them stupid or "redneck"? Nope. Take your fodder elsewhere.

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Simma down now. I was referring to rebretz000's comment in my reply and his lack of insight on the real NASCAR scene. In my case I DO have friends that fit the actual stereotype. They know it and I make fun of them all the time about it and they make fun of be for being a "nerd". But that is between us. Now for me, I am a big NASCAR and Jr. fan myself. My mistake and failure here was thinking that the same sort of humor I have with my friends, would go over here.

Bottom line, anyone that thinks that all NASCAR "are a bunch of redneck hicks that live in Mobile Homes, drive jacked up trucks & marry their cousins", as you put it, are the ones showing their own ignorance. I personally meant no disrespect to NASCAR or NASCAR fans.

Sorry man if I misinterpreted your original post/comment. I to joke around with my friends because even though I'm huge motorsports fan I'm also a techno geek at heart. It just seems that on social media most people think that NASCAR fans are a bunch of folks like I described. When in all reality most are not that way. I've traveled to many states in the US with my old job, and met many many NASCAR fans. In my experience most of them are very well educated have a good jobs and are pretty much into tech. But there are pockets that are still old school if you know what I mean. I'm not going to deny that, that's for sure! And on that note, go Smoke! Time for a win in Fontana!

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You may be one of the rare breed of NASCAR fan that knows about or cares about phones/tablets and carriers. And insight into NASCAR fans.... Almost everyone in my family is die hard NASCAR fans. Can't have any family function without it being on tv. (He's making a left turn, can't race in the rain) (I'll take Formula 1) So I see first hand about NASCAR fans. When Sprint was all about push button walkie talkie phone, that was right up the fan base's alley. It doesn't matter if races draw a lot of people if those people have no understanding about carriers or phones.

Yep. And this weekend in Fontana California will be a packed house too!

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In my town and the surrounding area there was no less than 10 sprint stores including 1 corporate store and 1 "repair" store . when I was on sprint I dreaded walking into any of them.dumb as shit and could not answer a simple phone question ... Hell the phone guys at best buy new more ..
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We have a Sprint store, Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile & a Sprint mall kiosk all right across the street from one another. Every time I walk past the Sprint store there's more employees than customers. Then again their in a bad location across from the mall in front of Best Buy. Sprint lost a lot of customers with the whole wimax/clear channel debacle, I know I was one of them. Hopefully they recover, competition is always good for the industry.

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By that logic, when you are trying to lose weight and you cut down on the amount of food you eat, you should probably just stop eating all together and die from starvation.

Too late. Been with Sprint for 4 years and when the new HTC One hits Verizon I'm switching. I've had 3 phones and lived in 4 places since being with them (Bay Area, Sacramento area) and have never had enough service to barely make a phone call anywhere. Unless you live in San Fran or the heart of another major city with Sprints 4G, service is beyond despicable. Cheap and unlimited but not worth it.

EVO 4G LTE still doing work!

I live in San Francisco, and I testify 3G is slower than any other network and has more 1x like speeds than the 3G speeds Sprint offered pre-2008. As for WiMAX, it worked better than LTE but now that its going away, and LTE is here, there is more disconnected connections than anything else. Point blank, in SF, Sprint can't provide service.

Sorry, I forgot I posted this lol
Anyhoo, I am selling my lines. If you are still interested, contact me at my username at live dot com

You my friend are what we call a dumbass. If you barely get any service to make a phone called and you stayed with them for 4 years.

Precisely. Thank you Manuel.

These people kill me that go and start with a carrier when they are in a bad coverage area. Then STAY with them forever and all they do is complain about service. Just SWITCH carriers.

Excuse me but being in and out of inpatient rehab for ptsd coupled with a new kid, getting medically discharged and being quite broke mentally and money wise doesn't give you or anyone else the right to judge me. Keep your bullshit comments to yourself unless you want to read my life bio you fuckin dick.

EVO 4G LTE still doing work!

If by underperforming they mean being useless pieces of crap then they'd have to shut down every store. Seriously, every customer service person I've ever talked to at a sprint store has been completely incompetent.

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Reading comments like this makes me wonder how Sprint has managed to hold on to #3, considering the rate Tmo is at with Q413 I'm sure ir won't be much longer til Sprint is in the market position it deserves to be in.

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Probably because of comments on how terrible T-Mobile's service is and how bad their customer service is. And their high return rate. Just because they had one good quarter doesn't mean anything yet. Only time will tell.

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For every person complaining about or bashing T-Mobile's service, there is a person that loves said service.

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The same goes for every carrier.

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I find store staff personnel for all the US carriers to be equally uninformed. They generally haven't been on the job long enough to learn, are young and not earning enough to really care or strive for promotion to what? Store manager? Responsibility with a little more meager pay and gwt screwed by the a-hole suits. Excellence finds little to no reward.

Exactly. It's the same in all the carrier retail stores I've ever been in. And Best Buy, Radioshack, etc are usually 100x worse.

The employees themselves don't seem to be concerned with knowing what the hell they are talking about. And in return it makes those of us who do look few and far between.

While I agree that Sprint's coverage, timeframes, etc all have much to improve upon... It still keeps getting best Customer Service out of all the carriers in the US and I've witnessed it firsthand a lot.

In the 8 years that I was with them (call quality was very good, data speed was not important to me until the past year or so), I've never had an issue with their customer service reps. Stateside folk that I can understand what they were saying.
When I started needing to use data on the go for my job, Their reps didn't have an answer why I was getting dialup speeds even when it showed I was at 4bars in a 3g area. "Must be tower upgrades in your area that are slowing things down". They were upgrading every tower in a 25mi radius!? For two whole years!? I switched to t-mobile. The 2g is faster than Sprints 3g, and their 4g/lte was faster than my home wired internet (25/2mb adsl).

I used to be one of those 'Completely incompetent' people. I could answer your questions about the Cell Phones, tell you our prices and the competitors without missing a beat and give you specifics on any model of phone we carried as well as other Sprint services. My store was filled with knowledgeable employees and we were known as 'The Good Sprint Store" in my area. Please, do not act as though everyone that worked in a Sprint Store was incompetent. The store that I worked in wouldn't hire those that didn't know what they were doing and know the devices in and out... and we weren't even a repair store. I'm no longer there, I'm a Business Account Executive at this point.

No surprise there. I don't have any stores within 50+ miles from my house. However, I have plenty of LTE!

Its all in where you live. I'm very pleased with my Sprint service in my neck of the woods.

Literally in the woods. I live in long beach and nothing. Yet, I go to the top of freaking big bear mountain in the woods and i get LTE! What the heck!

Nexus 5...enough said

Ha! That's great. I have that here in the back hills off Washington country in southeast OH.

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This article makes it seem as though there are potentially 'Over-performing' Sprint stores...which can't possibly be true. Had them for 10 years before AT&T, and even though I hear constant AT&T horror stories, they make Sprint look like a modern day AOL.

You can be over performing if you're beating last years numbers as a store. You have to remember that the horror stories about Sprint are often directed at employees who can't the type of changes that the public feel is fair. I feel for the hard working people at Sprint that really care about the customer and depend of the job for their way of life.

Powered by T-Mobile

*raises hand* I'm in top performing S&R district, my store is #1 in S&R enterprise-wide, and I work hard with every customer to get their issues resolved and train my coworkers to know what it is they are talking about so they can actually help customers, not just sell.
You're always going to have careless employees in some stores in any large company, this isn't Sprint being incompetant, this is American workers only looking for a paycheck, no care for the actual job itself.
I urge you not to put everyone in the same boat.

I know it's the internet and that's what we do, speak in hyperboles and beat up on everything, but I can assure you there are those of us out there who do try to do the right thing.
I don't say this because I believe Sprint is the best, by any means, I stay pissed off about stupid stuff here as much as any customer, but to say I don't care rubs me the wrong way because you had a shitty experience in a store.

Have you ever heard the saying one good apple cleans the bushel?

No I didn't think so.
One good rep does not a good company make.
Yoda taught me that.

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My wording was probably not the best. The latter part of my 10 years with Sprint regarding Customer Service was actually above average. The product the poor people were selling was the issue. The network was abysmal in the places I spend most of my time.

Yup, that was my experience too. The reps couldn't/wouldn't help me though. We didn't have LTE in Denver(I think we still don't!) and I would usually get like 25Kb down in the city. Occasionally I would be in a good 3g area and get .5-1Mb down. Their voice network was OK, but data was horrible. I tried to get them to drop the premium data charge and they wouldn't, so I dropped them. Now I pay a ton less on Aio and get much better coverage and fast data everywhere. Their $45 plan seems unbeatable.

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"Another 1550 jobs will be cut from customer service positions, roughly 1000 of which were call center jobs in Texas and Florida." You mean outsource those jobs, there will still be a need for customer service reps.

Am I the only one that thinks a MANAGEMENT change is due? I mean... seriously.. how many more promises of better network do we have to hear.

I still do not have the latest of Google Play Store on my Sprint HTC One and 2012 Nexus 7, is this unusual?

This is Softbank's beginning of restructuring the company... to make Sprint more efficient and get rid of the underperforming extra weight.
By that I mean.. No. It's the opposite.

They are losing because they Suck in every way possible.
I used to sell cell phones in a store that had, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile (later they added Verizon)
I would be trying to GET customers for the company and their asshole reps would hang up on us when we had to call in.
They constantly screwed customers over by "extending" their contract because the customer wanted to change their text or data package.
The absolute worst customer support of any company EVER.
I straight up told the Sprint rep, I would spend the rest of my days talking people out of sprint.
Not to mention their coverage straight up sucks in the Southeast.
Worst company ever. They could offer me 5 FREE lines with 5 free smart phones of my choice and I would tell them to kiss my ass

I've never heard of someone having their contract extended because they were changing something small like that on their plan. The only carrier I can think of that would ever do that would be ATT and I still can't imagine that.

I don't know what you think you saw happen in this rare situation, but you obviously have no clue what you are talking about.

"Service and repair times not expected to change dramatically"..... if that's the best spin they can put on it they're in real trouble.

I've said it before and I'll say it again! "I have great service with Sprint". I just took a trip out to California. Didn't have any issues with service. Maybe I'm just the lucky one.

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I do live in Southeast Michigan State, had bad luck with their service until last year. Now in my area their service is one of the best. I average 23 Maps download and 100 bus upload.

They need to lay off the customer service based in the middle east and bring those jobs back to the US.

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The repair centers in my area are so stupid that they deserved to be shut down! They actually told me that they could remove the back of a Moto X and the GS4 had 32gb of memory.

I don't mean to burst your bubble. ......the moto x back does come off and there are 32 GB versions of the GS4. It is not on Sprint though

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Columbus, Indiana Sprint 4G. Columbus, Mississippi Sprint 4G, Columbus, Georgia Sprint 4G Columbus,Ohio The 15th most Populated city in The United States. Has no Sprint 4G. Of the 4 major Carrier's in Columbus, Sprint has by far the worst coverage. And all they talk about is the network upgrades that are coming. 18 months later I'm still waiting! Once my contract is up its bye bye.

You know if there was one thing I needed to find out by reading this article and it's comments, it was if you were or were not going to stay with Sprint when your contract is up. Thank you so much for letting us all know. I can continue with my day with an easy mind now. Good day sir.

Lol, if you're allowed to talk up Sprint, then someone else is allowed to complain.

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I have not talked up Sprint one time this entire thread of comments.
Not. Once.
In fact I have agreed with many of the complaints.
The only big points I've made is that not all employees of the company are as stupid as some of the interactions people had mentioned on here.
I agreed multiple times that there are bad coverage areas, that their expectations on Network Vision has taken longer than they percieved.
But for you to come into an article about a company improving itself by letting go nonessential stores and saying MY SERVICE SUCKS IM LEAVING WHEN MY CONTRACT IS UP is nonrelevant and is just adding to the pile of crap that these comments sections become. It adds nothing of value to the conversation.

Fair enough, brother. Geez, you don't have to yell at me, lol. I understand, those comments do get old.

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Not yelling at you mi hombre :) You're one of my favorite fellow followers on the site. No hard feelings whatsoever.

I also live in Columbus, OH and noticed this same trend. However, I do have 4G. Check out the maps at Sensorly and you'll see some 4G coverage. Also, I just checked s4gru and see that as of March 4th, they are 47% complete with their LTE rollout for the city.

Practically everywhere outside the outerbelt is lit up with LTE now. They are very quickly updating the towers within the city. It's painful now while they're building and testing, but I would expect a full rollout city-wide within 2-3 months. Speeds at my home and at work are REALLY fast, but I'm outside 270.

Never do I like to see people lose their jobs, but unfortunately this is necessary to rebuild the company. Softbank is definitely not screwing around.

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The stores that were shut down (many in my area, including good friends of mine) were underperforming stores with very low numbers.

Yeah, it's never fun to hear about people losing their jobs...

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The way you wrote this story is that sprint is closing 205 locations. That is incorrect information only 55 stores are closing. The other 150 are just losing service and repair. But are still open. please fix.

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Figures. Just started working at sprint and I can tell ppl genuinely hate the service in this area. I'm on T-Mobile and haven't had nearly the same issues of dropped calls, slow data speeds, and generally poor service as these folks have had.

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SPRINT and Repair Technician shouldn't even be put in the same sentence. 99% of these "repair techs" don't know anything and I could get better info on an XDA forum.

Everytime I've had a repair issue, I've been turned down due to water damage. Water damage on phones that I never once exposed to water. Apparently humidity can set off the water seal by the charging port every single time.

I seem to be averaging about 6mbps on LTE over the last month, but a good majority of the tests where done at home (on a weak LTE signal) and there's actually very few outliers... It's mostly a couple 1mbps 3G results keeping the average in check against the occasional 12mbps result. I've used 4.5GB over the last three weeks...

I need to get out and do some more testing, maybe borrow my mother's AT&T phone or get a GoPhone SIM to test with for a while... Somehow I don't think her average speeds are much better, AT&T is pretty saturated here since there no Verizon, they probably do have better coverage and speeds in borderline zones (Puerto Rico is tiny so coverage isn't as big a deal in general).

Other than the somewhat average data performance I'm rather happy with Sprint their service, there were never all that many stores in PR to begin with so I'd be surprised if any are closing. I'm really just weighing whether it's worth giving up unlimited data for better speeds (maybe). It'd actually cost me less in the immediate future (I could jump the family's AT&T Mobile Share for $15), possibly even in long run ($15 + $30 to jump to 15GB is still less than the $64 Sprint costs me).

Driving 45 minutes to the next closest store if I need a repair doesn't sound fun

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I really can't see driving 45 minutes nor can I see Sprint telling you to drive 45 minutes. That's just not part of customer service. My Sprint contract is up in July...say goodbye to four lines. I know four lines won't shut them down but if more people think like myself, Sprint will definitely be pushed to the #4 network.

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Agreed, completely.

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Mmm, this is not a good thing. More people loosing their jobs and share-holders and key chair people get to keep their jobs !?!?!

Not cool ...

Man, having once been in the shoes of those employees who depend on those jobs (I'm a former TSR), I really feel bad for them. Most of these jobs lost are pretty good paying jobs at stores that are in low-wage communities. Really hurts to get that news... I've been there...

Sprint = Still Cheapest Carier. Look at everyone and T-Mobile is more expensive if you include the cheapest phone.

I grandfathered into my old contract and got my phone for $100 (LG G2)
When is someone going to just offer $35 a month for everything period. Buy your own phone.
Instead it is $75+ and buy your own phone.