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Following some rumors of a new prepaid option, Sprint has confirmed today with FierceWireless that it will be launching the new service under its own brand name on January 25th. Cleverly named "Sprint As You Go" will offer unlimited talk, text and data for $70 per month on smartphones or $50 on featurephones, with no annual contract required. The prepaid service will not throttle data, unlike its subsidiaries Boost and Virgin which have set plans to throttle data usage after 2.5GB.

Also unlike its other prepaid carriers, Sprint will only be selling these new Sprint As You Go plans in its own retail stores rather than with third party partners. The carrier is positioning these plans as a higher-end option that offers users most of the same features of the postpaid plans, but without a contract.

Sprint will unfortunately be limiting these new plans to just four phones right now, two of which are smartphones. The LG Optimus Elite for $150 and Samsung Victory for $250 are the smartphone options, the latter having LTE data connectivity. It's understandable that the new plans should launch with a limited selection of lower end devices, but we surely hope that this opens up quickly. Sprint is going to have to do something special to compete with other prepaid GSM carriers that offer similar (or lower) prices and a vastly wider selection of devices.

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Sprint confirms own-branded prepaid service launching Jan 25


These Sprint-as-you-go plans may not seem as competitive as the T-Mobile prepaid plans, but they beat out Verizon's prepaid plans for sure. At least Sprint is giving you the option of using an LTE phone: Verizon prepaid is strictly limited to 3G, whether you go through them directly, or through Pageplus.

So, theoretically, if I took the sim card out of the Galaxy Victory, I could use it in any other Sprint LTE phone, right? Or is the sim locked to the phone?

Still CDMA and onlg limited to Sprint phones which cost way more off contrsct if you want a higher model phone. Ill stick with t-mobile prepaid.

And Sprint has a MUCH larger cover area than T-Mobile. Plus there is no disadvantage to using CDMA.

The big question would be: "is roaming included"? Because that is primarily why prepaid plans are so much cheaper. One needs to ask T-Mobile that, too...

Sprint really doesn't have any larger 3G coverage area than T-Mobile does, and T-Mo's speeds in the same areas are much higher.

The Sprint As You Go plans have roaming, but only 1xRTT, not EVDO or LTE. which basically means call/text only for any practical purpose.

>"Sprint really doesn't have any larger 3G coverage area than T-Mobile does"

That is not what any of my research as shown (both native 3G coverage and roam), however, I will admit that some of the info might be wrong.

I was not aware the Sprint-as-you-go would include roaming... that is surprising since that is usually what ends up pushing up the price of prepaid plans and is hardly ever included in such plans. Of course Sprint's "as-you-go" plan is considerably higher priced than the other prepaids I have seen, which I *know* have no roaming at all, so that might explain it.

A whole lot of people have been sucked into prepaid plans to try and save money and then suddenly discover that anytime they travel even a little distance from any major area they suddenly have no way to call anyone. It infuriates me that consumers are not told this except in micro-font print buried somewhere.

If Sprint's new plan includes no subsidy, then why would they limit which handsets are available for purchase on the plan? I don't quite understand that at all. Is it because they are trying to hide the ACTUAL market-rate unsubsidized prices of their high-end models???

I never really had coverage problems on Boost, and I venture around quite a bit. I had speed problems but that's another issue entirely.

I could pop my Sprint phone into Home CDMA only and it wouldn't hurt much coverage-wise.

What kind of sucks is I'm paying about $70 now but only getting a shared 1500 minutes while on a family plan and paid about the same by myself for 450 minutes. These guys are getting unlimited all for the same money. They don't get the hot phones yet (GS3 here) but that'll come.

Sprint pay as pretty comical to say the least. Poor phones, poor coverage slow network and useless cdma technology just like Verizon. Tmobile post and prepaid shits all over Sprint and Verizon all day long. Great devices to use on a wonderful hspa plus 42mpbs network. Why would anyone want Sprint prepaid service directly???

Interesting people always defend t-mobile's plans. But then why are they number 3? Because their coverage isn't very good... It doesn't do anyone any good if the service is unusable.

Ah, Richardyarrell with his standard anti-Sprint rhetoric. Let's correct your misinformation:

1) Sprint has always offered great Android phones, often the best phones.

2) Sprint has coverage that is far, far, far better than T-Mobile.

3) CDMA technology is not "useless", it works just fine. In fact, there isn't all that much wrong with it either. Even in 3G areas, several of the newer Sprint-offered phones can voice and data at the same time. Plus sound quality is really no better elsewhere.

4) Sorry again, but the T-Mobile pricing is not less than Sprint. It is higher. I know, I have compared it several times and did, again, just last weekend.

About the only thing you said that was at least partially accurate was "slow network", and that does apply in many Sprint areas. In other areas, Sprint 3G and 4G speeds are quite fast. Upgrades are continuing. If one is in a poor speed area and great pricing, coverage, terms, phones, and customer service aren't enough, then by all means, jump ship!

So please spend your time doing something productive instead of constantly trying to poison any thread that mentions Sprint.

Thanks for those wonderful words " crxssi ". I couldn't have said it better myself.

And to richarddarrell, I love having a super fast phone that is less likely to be stolen because you can't just pop out the sim card.

Poor phones? The only thing T-Mobile has ever had that was different from the other carriers was the mostly lackluster MyTouch brand. I think you've got that one backwards.
Poor coverage? Go 20 miles or so outside of most major cities on T-Mobile, and you won't get service anymore. Besides, aren't you usually the idiot who goes around saying how "coverage doesn't matter, speed does"?
Useless CDMA technology? Yeah, that explains why I've had only 1 dropped call in the past year. -.-
That "42 mpbs (It's spelled mbps, moron) network"? Trials have shown by impartial 3rd parties that the max download speed ever obtained was only about 1/4 of those speeds.
You make this too easy Dick.
Oh yeah, and I did see your comment here: and your pathetic attempt to bait me. But just to make you look like a fool, I'll never respond there. Congratulations.

I agree the phone selection is poor for the prepaid (two smart phones and 2 feature phones only) but if you're speaking generally of Tmo vs. Sprint and Verizon networks, you're flat out wrong.

This guy was still carrying around a feature phone as of 6/2010 and he now thinks he is the resident expert on everything.

@MERCDROID...Unless I am mistaken...Sprint is CDMA technology which does not use SIM cards. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

+9000 You're actually partially right. Verizon LTE phones use sim cards. However, Sprint's LTE phones do not use sim cards. Both Verizon and Sprint use CDMA technology, so I figured that they would both be using sim cards for LTE. It seems that Sprint LTE phones have the sim card embedded in the phone. Wow, ya learn something new everyday.

Sprint CDMA doesn't use sims but for LTE they do. Depending on the phone it may or may not be accessible.

Yes this will beat Verizon, now lets see if they follow. But for the price HSPA42+ is just as fast as LTE in real life congestion. Advanced LTE will be dif but not here till at least 2014. So Tmo even without LTE will be good at the price.

"Depending on the phone it may or may not be accessible."

I believe that none of their LTE phones released last year (including the S3 and Note 2) have removable sim cards. That answers my question lol. Sprint is promising to release phones this year with removable sim cards.

And I don't see Verizon offering Prepaid LTE until they begin to sunset their 3G networks, which won't be anytime soon.

And I agree, HSPA+ is amazing: you get the fast data speeds without the fast battery drain of LTE.

this is like me saying I have a 23% service discount with Sprint so all the other carriers suck. You plan is not something anyone can get any more so it is irrelevant to everyone.

So even if you have a different model sprint phone but your contract is up you cannot use it on this service? Like, let's say I bought a galaxy s 3 off contract a couple months ago and now my contract is up I still can't switch to this using my GSIII?

Maybe Sprint should focus more on the customers it has now. No 4G or LTE coming anytime soon to most of their areas. Updates for phones are ridiculously slow to get pushed out. Even their 3G towers fail with regularity. The one nearest my house goes down at least twice a month. If they were not the cheapest around here for unlimited data, I would have been able to talk my husband into leaving long ago.

lol. I live in a town where they started the network vision upgrade... The speeds are freaken lovely. 30 MB/s D and 15 MB/S Upload. On there 4G and it's not even fully upgraded. Sprint network vision will ut the #1 before the end of 2013

Problem is they abandoned the 4g (after bailing their contractor out twice and they still went bankrupt) and are starting from scratch with LTE and all the ones they have done have to be redone because of a defect they announced. It's BS, I live two hours from their home office. We are not on the schedule til minimum 2015, according to their home office. But, and Sprint and Verizon are pretty much the two choices here, so we are trapped. Telecommunications center of the country and that is what we get... Ugh.

I left Sprint for their lack of reliable service, lack of 4G wimax AND LTE, horrible 3G and most recently, shitty coverage! All this is San Diego all the way to LA. I was tired of this! I'm now a happy AT&T customer. Not claiming AT&T is perfect but way better than Sprint and better covarage.

$70? Gee, StraightTalk is $35 less and you actually GET data with them. What a laugh this plan is.

I have sprint and T-Mobile, gnex on both and there is no comparison of which one is better, T-Mobile. T-Mobile gnex battery lasts twice as long. With my experience, sprints coverage is fine if your outside or on a highway. If I walk into a building, signal bars drop to one or two if I'm lucky and then the battery starts a rapid drain. As I type this, the sprint phone is in roaming and tmo phone has full coverage. A lot of times, tmo 2g is the same speed as sprints 3g. No joke. Sprint has a lot of work to do. Hope it works out for them.

Look I work for them repairing their cellphpnes.Sprint services are slow in certain areas where I work it quite horrible but where i live wich is kind of outside the city its pretty good its not like att or verizon because of the lte and stuff but its still pretty good and is unlimited after all. Their devices have no sim cards embedded some international devices do but those are a few and some are older sprint devices 97% are non sim card. Its good though cant use a stolen phone so it saves you trouble.

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