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Are you a Sprint customer? Do you live in Baltimore? If the answer to both of those questions, is yes, then we bring exciting news for you this morning. Following on from the outing of the Motorola Photon Q, we've just heard during the carriers Q2 earnings call, that Sprint LTE will be coming to Baltimore by the end of August. Exciting news for sure, and despite no exact date we know that Sprint fans in the area will be looking forward to this. 


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Sprint announces LTE to arrive in Baltimore by the end of August


Yay for Baltimore I guess.

Sadly, I live in the Buffalo area. Armpit of the NE, we get everything LAST. I expect to see LTE sometime around Christmas 2013 or later.

Gee Sprint, Thanks for that pointless update to ICS just to turn on the LTE radio I CAN'T USE!

Meanwhile we still wait for Jellybean.

I'm still waiting for sprint to roll out LTE in Atlanta.

What? You say they rolled it out last month?

Show me someone who is on it in Atlanta currently. Sprint rollout sites ( area plastered with "Nope, still nuttin'" statements hoping that some 4G finally shows up round these parts.

What's tickin' me off is that two weeks before the "rollout" I was pulling 20+meg on 4g from my office desk for two days (obviously when a local tower was being tested), then they blocked the 4G to that tower like they did all the other towers. On rollout day, I expected/hoped/prayed that they would be just flipping the switch and turning on that buttery 4G goodness. Guess what? Rollout day came and went and my plate's still empty.

That said, if you're lucky enough to FIND a 4G connection it can be stellar (presumably because nobody else is on it). I was at a location in Lawrenceville last weekend waiting for my car to be repaired, and was pulling over 30meg/sec over the LTE.

The overall presumption is that the phones are not locking onto the 4G signal - that is if the signal begins to weaken, they automatically turn back to 3G. So much so that there seems to be no 4G around.

Not a good rollout here in the ATL - lucky for Baltimore that they *should* have the bugs (birds?) ironed out by then.

The birds are attracted to all towers. However, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T aren't trying to replace the antennas and cabling on every single tower they own, so the presence of birds that would disturb or be disturbed by workers isn't a problem.

Yes sucks that as big a city as philly is....we never get stuff like this first....georgia???......Really!!, an not even atlanta...smh

Hopefully it is better than Kansas City's rollout on July 15 where downtown still isn't even covered yet.

No doubt about that – after all, Sprint said that it will happen!

So, in a 0.5 mile radius around a couple of big sprint stores in Baltimore, there will be 4G LTE coverage available – just like the other launch cities so far.

In a yet to be determined/disclosed timeframe, Sprint may expand the coverage to other parts of the cites where a larger group of Sprint customers may actually be able to use it (and then, expect speeds to drop dramatically)

- a disappointed Sprint GNex user in Dallas

What's curious to me is that they didn't work to get the bigger WiMax 4G markets (like mine in NY) going first. I gave up 4G on my OG EVO to basically get a WiFi only device. Even 3G wasn't THIS bad on the OG EVO. And since this is summer and we're traveling, it's even more frustrating because not only is the phone useless for uploading pictures to FB or Instagram until hours later when you're on WiFi at home or the hotel, it also makes Foursquare, Yelp or anything else requiring a data connection useless. And all the while, my 11 year old is tooling along on his Galaxy II with 4G. And no offense to the "smaller" markets but to read it goes live in those cities first really tests the loyalty to Sprint and it's Not Now Network.

I was surprised on Tuesday evening when it appeared the switch on Houston's LTE was finally flipped. I'm alongside 610 on the northwest side (well within the LTE coverage map placement) and hadn't yet had LTE for the previous six days (got my GSIII on Wednesday evening).

Now, I'm consistently pulling 15/8 and it's held up mostly in my drive around my neighborhood except for the Heights last night.

Yes finally...sprint had announced Baltimore first and we got delayed. And it's great my contract is up in august...fantastic...I still don't know what phone to get tho... Gnex for just straight up unadulterated android, Evo4g lte good battery life and awesome camera but don't know when jellybean is coming, or sgsIII great screen, camera, and battery but no news on updates.

Just a comment on your comparison... EvoLTE and SIII have almost same camera quality and same battery life. SIII has removable battery and much more RAM. EvoLTE has better screen, better case, kickstand, and camera button.