Carrier focusing on getting teens to use phones safely and responsibly

In a season when many students may be looking to save a little money and get a new phone, Sprint and Best Buy are teaming up to offer one year of free service on the Now Network. The so-called "Best Buy Unlimited, My Way Student Promotion" (yes, really) offers eligible students who purchase a Sprint phone at a student activated price and start a new line of service a full year of free unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data per month.

If the student wants more data, they can bump up to unlimited monthly data during that year of promotional pricing for just $10 per month, which is a pretty darn good deal. The offer is exclusive to Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores across the country, but if you're a student looking to pinch pennies and save on service for a year it may be worth a look.

Continuing on its push to address the younger market, Sprint is also reminding parents of its "4NetSafety" and "Focus on Driving" campaigns, which work to teach teenagers about responsible and safe use of phones. The big one here is Focus on Driving, which Sprint created in 2005 but couldn't be any more relevant than now as distracted driving laws and incidents are at the top of everyone's minds.

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Sprint and Best Buy offering 12 months free service for students


I am not a sprint customer nor am I a student any longer (Still learning, just not at school). But this sounds like a great deal

Ah. Something I missed. The ad claims you are excluded from the taxes and surcharges in the fine print, but after getting off of a chat with their support apparently you will be forking over $7.50 a month ($4.60 in taxes and $2.90 in fees) even if you don't go for the unlimited data. Meaning you lose $90 worth of savings. Utterly ridiculous. False advertising at its best. Tried calling in but my call got dropped (on my stable landline). Starting to wonder if this is really the way to go...

Where the heck was this deal when I was a student?! This is probably the greatest student discount ever. Good job sprint and best buy!

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Im currently a student on t-mobile, might consider taking advantage of this. Only thing is that you have to purchase a phone from them at full retail, and sign up for a 2 year contract. Anyone know how the sprint service is in NYC? I never hear good things about them.

NYC is one of first markets to get tri-band network (800/1900/2500), 800 significantly improves coverage indoors. But you have to get a triband/Spark phone, like Nexus 5 or LG G2 or the newer ones coming soon. Don't bother getting an older phone, they only do 1900LTE, which doesn't work as well indoors.

In queens the service is decent. In Manhattan it depends on where you are. Over by park/Lexington the service is crap.

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The phone is at a discounted price. it's about a hundred off full retail value. and there is no contract. after the one year free service you cam terminate the line or continue on an unlimited myway month to month.

There is no contract. All you do is pay an activation fee of $36, buy the phone (Nexus 5 is the best deal in the bunch in my opinion, even at $450 due to it being a quality phone and you can go to any other carrier in the US other than Verizon), and then verify your student identity. Since there is no contract you can drop out at any point after 90 days without paying anything (before 90 days you are paying them for the time you were on the network). My Best Buy also assured me you can return the phone anytime in their 14 day return policy with no charge from their or Sprint if the service in your area is crap.

Interesting promo, specially with the Nexus 5 going for $50 if you bring your number from a competitor... $50 for a top notch device AND year of cell service (or even $170 for unlimited) is crazy, if that doesn't attract some customers for them I dunno what will.

The irony is two years or an ETF later you could take the Nexus 5 elsewhere, rather risky for Sprint, wonder if there's a larger than usual ETF in the fine print.

I'm still happy with the 23% student discount I get with them (comes out to sixty for unlimited data and mobile to mobile), and with the rate of LTE deployment where I'm at... But I also bought my Nexus 5 off contract from the Play store to keep my options open once my contract ends next summer.

If you are able to buy a unsubsidized phone I'm pretty sure you can afford the service. It sounds like a good deal but not really.

Figures, they gotta curtail their risk somehow... $450-$570, or even that much plus the second year of service ($900-1,000?), is still cheaper than a lot of alternatives... OTOH, a pre paid plan elsewhere and a used phone can beat that total over two years.

Definitely worth reading the fine print tho, think I saw something in that link about video streaming throttling, dunno if it applies to the unlimited option, that'd be unusual for Sprint.

It works out to be about 300-600 cheaper (depends on what phone you buy. A nexus is going to save you more than a Note 3 obviously) than a regular phone purchase and plan payment over the course of 2 years. So if you need service anyway, it's a good option. However, it is NOT "free", even though you don't pay anything on a per month basis.

They say the plan is worth $70 a month, going by that here are some examples:

LG G2 phone with 2 year contract plus 2 years service is $1779
phone at full price plus one of 2 years free service is $1440
you save: $340

Note 3 phone, 2 years service $1930
phone full price 1 year free $1540
you save: $390

Nexus 5 phone, 2 years service $1730
phone full price 1 year free $1290
you save: $440

Yeah Sprint, just focus on your LTE rollout. A robust, reliable LTE network will win you more customers. Just saying...

Yes, because the same people who engineer LTE are the ones working out pricing schedules and ad campaigns...

Must be restrictions. I have a 4 year old who is in school. Would they allow him to sign up with my consent?

"To qualify for this offer, phone must be purchased at Student Activated Price."

I can't find whether or not there is a cancellation fee at the end of that 12 months.

We had a meeting on this on Saturday, and there is no cancellation fee as long as you keep the service for the 12 months, and you are able to cancel any time after 90 days without a fee as well. I mean, you are basically paying full price for the devices. The Student Activated Price is just generally 50 - 100 below full retail.

It's an excellent deal.. Hell I would love to have that here in the Uk..Although I do pay 38 quid for my Z1 4G LTE each month on a 24 month contract and get unlimited mins,text and 10GB data..

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Yeah, it definitely depends on location. Some people can use gobs of data because they live in the a location Sprint decided should have LTE several years before another location. Now, someone like me, who suffers on the NON-upgraded 3G I am lucky to get maybe 200mb in a month. I am on wifi whenever possible otherwise it is extremely slow. It is a chore to download a 3MB app from the play store without getting a 927 error which I can only assume is an error given to an extremely slow network.

I pay full price for the phone and I get 10 dollars a month for 12 months, and then their 70-80 for the rest.

Versus if I have good credit buying it for nothing in some cases, if I got say an iPhone which many students will no doubt get because peer pressure, that's 800 up front with 120 piled on, now if I went over and got a free device(since the iPhone is not free no matter what) I'd pay a minimum of 840.

This plan only works for cheaper tech, it seems, I can't see how this is good for anyone if they buy a higher end device, much like the "Go" upgrade programs this smells of a scam.

I keep reading in the comments that this is a 2 year contract with a year free. But in the article it does not mention that you have to remain a customer after the first year. It seems to me, this is a one year trial for students. Sprint must feel pretty confident about its LTE coverage and wants people to try.

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Its just one year. After 90 days with the service, you can cancel without any fees. And if you hit the 12-month mark, you can cancel with no fees or sign a two-year agreement with Sprint to continue with their service.

That's good by sprint, great idea to male loyal customers. Wish something similar occurred here.

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There really isn't any huge differences between the "student pricing" and Best Buy's normal full retail pricing. Most phones aren't affected with pricing. Some examples are the S3 is $150 cheaper, and the Note 3 and S4 are $50 cheaper.

Please explain how this is a Ponzi scheme.

I don't think you actually know what a Ponzi scheme is, so this should be entertaining.

Aww, u have to pay full price for the devices! (Or more!) Nexus 5 is 449!

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My posts in this thing got deleted it seems... they were posts with solid math and facts in them clearing up some gray area...

Except according to TheVerge, you don't even have to sign a contract. So buying a full retail price phone with mostly free service is a damn good deal for someone like me who's looking to save money.

Looks like they are screwing with students. The iPhone 5S 64gb is $849 from Apple but will cost the student $899! That's a lot of cash for a student. Then add in the $100 for the protection of Apple Care.....might be cheaper after a year but the up front cost is expensive.

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You can sign for a bestbuy card and you get no interest financing for 18 months. This is a better deal than the carriers no contract installment plans. With a single referral, one can save almost $1000.

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