Sprint today announced that another 40 cities have joined the ranks of its LTE networks. The additions give Sprint a total of 340 LTE markets in the United States.

The newly added locales are:

  • Anderson, S.C.
  • Camden, N.J.
  • Cape Girardeau-Jackson, Mo.-Ill.
  • Carson City, Nev.
  • Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • Concord, N.H.
  • Eugene-Springfield, Ore.
  • Evansville, Ind.-Ky.
  • Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, Ark.
  • Georgetown, S.C.
  • Glasgow, Ky.
  • Greenville, Ohio
  • Hilton Head Island-Beaufort, S.C.
  • Hudson, N.Y.
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Jackson, Miss.
  • Laconia, N.H.
  • Marion, Ohio
  • McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas
  • Midland, Mich.
  • Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, Wis.
  • Mobile, Ala.
  • Monroe, La.
  • New Castle, Pa.
  • New Philadelphia-Dover, Ohio
  • Olean, N.Y.
  • Olympia, Wash.
  • Owensboro, Ky.
  • Owosso, Mich.
  • Paducah, Ky.-Ill.
  • Parkersburg-Marietta-Vienna, W.V.-Ohio
  • Point Pleasant, W.V.-Ohio
  • Providence, R.I.
  • Reno-Sparks, Nev.
  • Rockingham County-Strafford County, N.H.
  • Salt Lake City
  • Spartanburg, S.C.
  • Springfield, Ohio
  • Tacoma, Wash.
  • Yuma, Ariz.

Check out Sprint's coverage map to see the coverage where you live.

Source: Sprint


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Sprint adds another 40 cities to its LTE roster


The lack of Cleveland on this list makes me not regret leaving Sprint at all. I'm enjoying my fast-as-get-out LTE on T-Mobile.

Also, first?

I wish the fcc would make it mandatory for carriers to give rural areas the same Coverage that cities get....LTE.

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Yeah.. at the rate they're going it's the rural areas that win with Sprint.

In cities with actual people there's 0 coverage, but go 30 minutes outside downtown and you're looking at a solid 20mbps LTE signal.

At least Columbus's rollout SHOULD be done in a few months, it's getting bigger and bigger each week.

Exact opposite in NC. I get great LTE in the city limits but 1 minute out and it's nothing. That being said, It's technically not live here yet (Winston Salem market) so I'm hoping the signal gets better out of the city.

Same here. I'm on Sprint and once I'm go into the country I average 23mbps. In town about 8mbps.

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They need to up & utilize their spectrum more.

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So... you want government to intrude EVEN MORE into the way businesses conduct their business?

Haven't you learned your lesson yet?

Columbus is the same thing, we got WiMAX fairly early on, but they've left it at that. I think they've forgotten they don't sell WiMAX devices anymore.

I left a couple years ago, and have settled on T-Mobile...even they have excellent HSPA+ in places like Chillicothe/Athens. Sprint just has incredibly slow 3G (I never got over 1mbit).

You don't know how to use the website then... There are 2 seperate graphs for each LTE and Wimax.. You just need to look

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It's LTE. Sensorly has a different map labeled Sprint Wimax (you can see that one by choosing the option from the pull-down menu).

It's LTE. I noticed my 4GLTE notification light up about a week ago in a suburb of Columbus, OH. LTE is sporadic at best but at least they are finally in the process. Also, if you use the dropdown menu on the site, there is a separate category for Sprint WiMax-4G.

Consider me impressed. Looks like their LTE is showing up lots of places I spend time.

I can't see giving up my $30/month plan though. Too late Sprint.

In Ohio, I get 4G on my Note 2 in Louisville, Canton, Akron, and Wooster... I am sure there is more... Just not officially yet...

I'm betting that the Columbus market will be listed in next month's official LTE roll out list. There has been a lot of work on the towers recently and LTE is slowly turning on across the city. A lot of people around Columbus have received a text message from Sprint saying improvements will be done in about a month.

Never received a message, but I have seen LTE pop up in plenty of places. Except near my work, where I still get 50Kbps (small b, as in 0.05mb)

This exactly....

They had told me that they had 4g in northern Indiana 4 years ago. (Salesman actually showed me a map with highlighter stating the areas would have 4g) A few days into my contract when I got no 4g anywhere and I had checked online maps and spoken to many reps online I was promised that 4g was rolling out in my area and would be here within 6 months but likely just in 3.

I screwed myself into believing them and foolishly stuck around for almost the 2 full year contract all the while having not only no 4g but also dealing with towers near my home that quit functioning around the 18 month point. Now they still have 0 4g coverage anywhere around my area and I'm back with Verizon again (for nearly 2 years and about to sign on for another 2 when GS5 is released)

Also, sprints 4g is a joke... Their site says averages are just 3-6 Mbps and peaks are 10+. With verizon I'm usually hitting 50Mbps, and even out at my grandfathers property out in the middle of nowhere with the closest town being a 20 min drive I still had 4g (while sitting in a treestand there and joking with my cousin who had 0 bars of coverage with sprint i pulled 35Mbps)

That is sad. I mean, you already live in Northern Indiana... Why should you be punished any more than THAT? (And yeah, my wife's from Valpo, so I know the area) :D

Oddly omitted from the list is Marietta, OH and Parkersburg, WV. We have strong LTE here on Sprint and have for a few months now. Plus faster 3G and stronger signal on the outskirts.

No it's not:

Paducah, Ky.-Ill.
Parkersburg-Marietta-Vienna, W.V.-Ohio
Point Pleasant, W.V.-Ohio

It's here and there in the Cleveland Area. I know Brunswick and Medina are ok for it. Brookpark has it and the speeds were awesome when I tested it. Westpark area is up... And I know more of Cleveland has been expanding in the last couple weeks. Now Lakewood oddly it's nowhere to be found.

The most annoying to me is the highways... I work off 71, past Medina Rt 18 exit, but live in Lakewood. The up and down 71, I can see it drop from LTE to 3G, and if on the phone, there are dead zones. It's a main highway... I shouldn't drop calls!

Who the hell wants to live in Cleveland? There's no more expansion going on in that craphole.

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

same for Minneapolis, Minnesota. although other cities in the state have it...ridiculous.

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It's not on the list because Cleveland has HAD 4g/LTE for some time now. It was there in the summer when I was working at the Convention Center. If we could post pics I would show you a screen shot of my 20mb DL speed and 9mb UL speed. We even have it now here in parts of Toledo (not on the list either).

LMFAO @ T-Mobile. Good luck with THAT!

Look up T-Mobile on Google Maps! Problem solved!

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Of all the places in NJ sprint goes with camden. A smart move since all the people in camden probably have sprint

I agree im couple of miles away from camden and I get really good reception should see a lot more of NJ in the next rollout

I've got a friend that is a sprint network engineer. It's pretty cool to hear what they're doing from his perspective. What they're doing to improve service and get SPARK going is pretty impressive. From what I've been told Spark will roll out faster than the LTE rollout. This is because the equipment they've been using to upgrade their towers to LTE (which is a major overhaul for them) will allow them to turn on that 2.5 Ghz spectrum faster (which is the SPARK frequency)...

Yea I just saw the map my house in south jersey is under Spark already also they have it in Philly now which is still unannounced. Im just waiting on sprint and google to update the Nexus 5 to enable the spark bands.

Been seeing LTE in Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Greensboro for a few weeks now. They sent a text message a few days ago they should be finished soon. Good news.

My mom got the same text also. I think the text is just a preemptive strike so people don't jump ship. I have had lte in my town for over almost a year and my phone rarely got it. In a building it would lose it immediately. On 3g which supposedly was improved I got dial up speeds. Ended up switching to T-Mobile after testing then out for about 4 months.

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Yea I got the text like a week ago and woke up today connected to LTE and saw they announced my city. Been on LTE all day driving around and its pretty fast and reliable so far. Also out of no where Im in the Spark coverage according to the sprint coverage maps.

LTE is great but when your phone drops to 3g and speeds are close to dial up speeds it frustrates you. Reason I took 2 lines to T-Mobile. If somehow they improve I will come back. Even on hspa on T-Mobile I'm getting 8mbps or higher. On edge my speed just as fast as Sprint 3g. So no loss there.

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Part of the LTE updates with Sprint is an upgrade to their 3G as well. Sure it isn't blazing fast but once your area is fully updated it is likely to expect 1-2Mbps on 3G which is pretty good compared the the 200Kbps we have been used to with them.

With lte comes network vision meaning I call bs on you. 3G is excellent when lte is not around where I live.

The toughest thing is finding a non lte spot...

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Well Sprint you need to be announcing these things about once a week this year.

Time for all the work to bare some fruit.

Especially when they are announcing cities... How many thousands of cities are in the US?

Every carrier does that. My comment was more that they spent last year building the stuff, this year they need to finish some of it.

As a resident of a city that got LTE over a year ago... Yea right. Still do not have LTE in at least 50% of the town.

I'm on Verizon wireless. And although I hate the company I can't bring myself to leave them. I live on a 180 acre farm 15 minutes from any kind of stores and I get 4 bars of LTE. You can't beat that with any carrier. There isn't anywhere I go on a daily basis where I don't get great LTE coverage. Like I said I hate the company. If there were another provider just as good I'd switch in a heartbeat.

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I agree. My parents use Verizon and live a good 10-15 miles outside of a town with 50,000 people and they get a strong LTE connection. If Verizon could do with the Nexus what Sprint has done I would switch to them and not care about the additional cost. Everyplace my parents have gone with me they get a strong LTE signal while I get pretty abysmal 3G... And I live in a large city (near Minneapolis).

I just refuse to use carrier phones anymore though.

"I just refuse to use carrier phones anymore though."

Yeah, I've realized the silliness in purchasing a phone directly through them and I'm buying nexus devices from here on out. For the price/performance it's just hard to beat.

Nice to see Colorado Springs got LTE for Colorado in addition to... Durango... just waiting for the Denver Metro Area to get it, like it was promised to be in the works when my (now almost up) 2 year contract first started.

Here is my 2 cents on this, and my opinion may be skewed since I do live rural.

I don't care how many cities you cover, its also how much you cover in between those cities. As much as I dislike Verizon, for my part of the country no other carrier can touch the coverage that they offer. When I can't use my phone 10 minutes outside of the city limits then it doesn't do me any good. Verizon is the only one that doesn't do that.

That's what I just commented about a few minutes ago. I'm on Verizon and I live on a farm in rural country with perfect LTE coverage. Can't beat it.

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The funny thing is that Sprint started almost exclusively w/ rural areas because they're easier and quicker to complete . And everybody bitched and complained about it. Seriously, go back to some of the old Sprint announcement articles and read those comments. It's comical now to see how everybody talks about poor rural coverage.

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I'm in Modesto, Ca and 4g is rolling out. I'm impressed with it. Can't wait for the official announcement.

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I did this around two weeks ago. I love having LTE 99% of the time everywhere I go. Even my in-laws, where Verizon can't make voice calls without the repeater he had to install, I get HSPA+ (around 5 to 8 Mbps). They barely get data there at all.

Consider me happy.

Oh, and my bill is lower.

Actually, if Legere stands his ground, Sprint will become T-Mob...So it's more like they are buying their way IN to T-Mob. T-Mob gained customers while Sprint lost a bunch last year. No worries Sprint faithful, (I used to be one) T-Mob can turn it around for you.

you keep dreaming that. T mo doesnt have the money.

Legere has no say in this, he runs the ship, he doesnt own any of it (outside of options).

He might be able to stick around as a marketing guy, but that is about it.

It's funny that you guys consider T-Mobile better than Sprint but that's inaccurate otherwise T-Mobile would be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd... not 4th

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Guess what? Third and fourth place are still behind first and second place. Bragging about Sprint being third is kind of sad. I wouldn't brag about T-Mobile being third; they're both at the bottom, in regards to subscribers and coverage.

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Actually, let me correct you, Sprint is in a much better position than TMO when it comes to coverage. They are very close to AT&T but behind Verizon. TMO is a distant fourth in coverage. Speed wise, TMO may be faster in some areas but with Spark, all of that changes. I have both Verizon and Sprint and the speeds are comparable now that VZ is congested. In some areas, Verizon LTE is unusable. EVERY carrier has issues.

Like it or not, T-Mobile will probably not be its own company, by the end of 2014.

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And, as NoNexus said, Legere wouldn't have any kind of power in a buyout. Remember, T-Mobile's the company being bought out, not the other way around.

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The operative word being tossed around by sprit, tmob, and the banks is merger, not buyout.

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Your data is severely outdated, or someone is screwing with you. You're missing the entire NoCo area with Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley...and ALL of Denver on your T-Mob listed sites, and ALL of them have outstanding LTE coverage through T-Mob with speeds between 25 and 50 Mbps. Las Vegas, NV, and all of SoCal are officially LTE also.

Awesome! Still no Flagstaff AZ where every other major carrier has had LTE/4G for ages now.
Moot for me at this point. After almost 20 years as a Sprint customer I'm happily switching to TMo and unlocked GSM phones next month.

Wow...they added Colorado Springs on there? That means "No longer in testing, complete", right? That coverage has more holes in it than a block of Swiss Cheese. I know this because my girlfriend kept saying "damnit" as we were driving through and around there last Wednesday. T-Mob has it covered though...I was streaming music and using my Nav while looking for a property that is hidden pretty good.

Still no Hawaii coverage...glad I left Sprint over a year ago for much faster, better LTE on T-Mo.

4G or no 4G sprint will always suck! I got tricked into going with them because of a discount plan they gave with my job. What I saved in money cost me in frustration and aggravation.

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Des Moines, Omaha, Council Bluffs and Lincoln are getting pretty good LTE coverage now too, probably will officially launch next month.

Switched two lines to a $25 framily plan this morning which is hard to beat.

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I have Boost Mobile owned by Sprint. ... I will have full bars and have missed calls... I live in a populated city of many....

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You get what you pay for. You're a prepaid customer paying a fraction of what postpaid subscribers pay each month: you shouldn't expect the exact same level of service.

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Just be grateful that you could even afford phone service.

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Sigh, Tacoma and Olympia but not Seattle officially. Amazing. I left sprint just over a year ago for t mobile and I assumed I would miss their LTE on my evo 4g lte. Still NO LTE! Amazing. A friend mentioned getting some LTE around downtown seattle but nothing official I guess. T-mobile generally has been very good coverage and 3g/4g/lte speed is amazing compared to sprint.

What's up with foul-mouthed double-posting halfwits that don't know that WV has been a state since 1863? They're making the folks in VA who DID manage to get past sixth grade look bad, lol.

Slowly but surely... By the time they have a full rollout 5G will be out... lol

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and they will be the first to be able to do it. They are not simply upgrading equipment, they are putting in all new stuff.

When all is done, they will have the newest, most advanced around.

Still no Oxnard, CA. All other carriers (even tmo) has LTE here, sprint is still on 3G

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I was in L.A. during the week and the LTE coverage was adequate. The speeds were all under 10 Mbit/s in both directions with a few exceptions. Then I was in Des Moines over the weekend and the coverage was pretty good throughout the city. I even hit 25 Mbit/s a few times for a download speed. When I arrived home in Denver, I was greeted by the 1 Samsung cell site with speeds less than a T1. Once I drove passed it, it was back to EV-DOh! My only satisfaction is that AT&T's LTE rarely hits above 3 Mbit/s here. What does Sprint have against Colorado?

Left Sprint 2 years ago because of no LTE in Phoenix. I see that still hasn't changed. At least LTE is active in Yuma. I guess Phoenix must be coming sometime soon. Maybe?

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Still don't understand how Myrtle Beach does not have LTE for sprint yet. It is one of the major tourist stops on the East Coast and golf capital USA

One thing about sprint is that even their LTE is slow. It doesn't even compare to my HSPA+. would never go to a carrier with data speeds that slow, even for unlimited data.

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