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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4


Yes, I LOVE Nexus 4's, love the update capability, and everything else about them! I would absolutely cherish this phone! Thanks for the opportunity!

Let me clear my singing voice... cough... cough...

Ok, Pick "Me... Me... Me... Me..."

It would be nice to enjoy a Nexus experience for the first time. Plus, my current phone is dying. :-)

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Oh how I would love to have this phone. Would make a great Birthday present since my birthday is Friday.

Where is my comment? :) Maybe it wasn't approved because it contained a link?
Well, here I go again! I wanted to win this device because I've heard Chasmodo from XDA has lots and lots of apples and other delicious fruits to feed this little one and he would definitely make good use of it then the entire community will benefit from it.

Have I convinced you?

Would love to surprise my wife with this little guy. She loves the Nexus 4!

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I need a new phone bad and would love to give it a good home. Still using a HTC Inc (in really good condition).

It would be so awesome to get a new Nexus 4!!! My Galaxy Nexus is starting to get a little long in the tooth.

Holoyolo indeed. I maintain a interest in free Nexii.

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Sweet, a chance to win a N4. I heard the battery life on them is excellent and pure android, can't beat that!

I will feed him so well Jerry! i'll give him granny smith apples with the skin cut off :). And if he's really good, i'll even let him dip them in caramel! i'd be so good to him.

I will feed it TWO apples every day!

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i will gladly take that extra Nexus off your hands. My fiance seems jealous of my Nexus 4 whenever he sees it.....hehehehe

My stepdaughter has a Nexus 4, I'm still using my Nexus One. I can't help but think there's something wrong with this picture, which would be fixed by adding another Nexus 4 to the household. :)


I've been rocking a GNex since release day. Used my upgrade on my wife. Would love to be able to at least *try* T-MO in my area, but kinda don't have any money to buy a phone to try it. This would be perfect.

I am looking to get into app development as a career. Can't think of a better device to have for development and testing.

I'm sixteen and I have been a huge android fan for a about a year now. I do a technology podcast and every time we have android discussions, I feel bad because my current phone is a samsung galaxy ace running 2.3 (I'm sure you have never heard of that phone) as opposed to a Nexus 4 running the latest version of stock Android. I currently can't afford to get a Nexus 4 as I am not working at the moment. I really hope I win this phone as it would be my daily driver for many years to come and make an Android enthusiast very happy!

Thanks and best of luck to everyone else who has entered :)

I've been looking to adopt one of these little guys for so long. So much so I have gone days without sleep, food or social interaction. Just staring at the Play Store ordering screen until this give away peaked my attention.

So awesome a prize! My Galaxy Nexus has a broken screen and probæems with the USB jack that makes it hard to charge. But I love the Nexus series, so my next phone is definitely going to be a Nexus one.

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Yes please! There are fresh apples in the market. I'll get some to feed my new nexi!

It can live at my father's house where everything digital is Apple.
I would care for it and there would be plenty to eat ;)

I would love one please! I'm still rocking my old InFuse 4G with CyanogenMod. Would love to upgrade!

I'd love one for my wife. She's using my old Nexus S since I got the white N4. She deserves a new phone.

Never had a Nexus device until getting a N7 last week. Now I'm in on Nexus all the way. Would love to move into a Nexus phone with this contest.

Save me from Sprint! I'd pay an etf to get off sprint with a free nexus 4 :)

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I am (it seems) last man without an Android device. Bribe me with N4, and I'll join you ;)

Jerry, help out an Android developer! My GSIII got dropped in the lake and I don't have a dev device anymore.

I have an apple right here waiting for him... Plus all the android love he will need.

Would love to have it. I will feed it apple and blackberry everyday and throw my old phone out of the window ;)

Would love to be able to replace my old phone, and with a nexus to boot

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I don't HAVE to have a new phone........ actually the few extra $$$ I have scraped together I am getting my step daughter a laptop that she needs very badly....... $300 to $400 is far better spent on her educational needs. However one of your Nexus phones would be welcomed as my HTC Nexus One is a bit long in the tooth but again to be honest it is working fine (running 2.3.7 via cyanogenMod) *grin* ....... it would be nice to able to load a few more programs and find out what Google Now is all about ....... thanks to everyone androidcentral.... love the site......

There is no better place for that Nexus 4 than under my care. I've had my Galaxy Nexus since release and the only damage to it is one tiny (only i see it cuz we're like that) scratch on the bottom of the screen. GNexus needs to be replaced, and this is the perfect chance for that. PLEASE HELP !!

I would love one so badly. Please please please please please pick me.... I am currently using an Alcatel Sparq... please

Thanks Jerry...ohh what I didn't win yet, darn...well unlike everyone else here I really need to win this.

My wife would love to have a Nexus 4. She thinks mine is a little big but I have no doubt if she got her own she would fall in love with it like I did. I promise she will take good care of it and give it a great home.

I need to get my 9-year old son to know the ways of the force and not the dark side (mom's old iPhone).

I need this N4 in my life. I love that she loves Apples. Probably has a taste for Blackberrys too!

So so so tired of my iPhone. I'm planning on switching to android anyway, but doing it for free would sweeten the deal for sure.

There is no limit to the amount of love I would give this phone. It's my dream phone. It would go perfectly with my Nexus 7.

By the way, I also love apples. jacks...apples and peanut butter... apple juice. We're a match made it heaven.

Jerry i must have this phone. I'm trying to teach my son the value of fluid interfaces, minimalistic design and functionality. I need this phone. All other efforts have failed. A young developer will be either saved or lost by the choice you make.... This is David, signing off.

Caring owner searching for a new smartphone to love, charge and protect in case of falls!! Nexus 4 fits the bill!!

No matter if this is a white Nexus or black Nexus, it is going to be a good Nexus. :)

I want a nexus 4 so bad! Just a poor college student and can't afford one, this would be perfect.

i just smashed my note2 screen this weekend. this nexus 4 will help the grieving process if i get it.

I need it to show my Apple worshipping friends that Nexus is king :-)

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Well I love to have one as I own a galaxy nexus..would love to upgrade to nexus a pure nexus user I would love it everyday as I do with galaxy nexus( but I might show more love to nexus 4 :) )

I need to return to stock Android. HTC G1 and G2 were great. My Samsung Galaxy Relay 4G is killing me :-(

Jerry I need this phone. I am trying to teach my son the benefit of a fluid UI, minimalistic design and functionality, all other efforts have failed. The fate of a young developer will be decided by what you choose to do, in this moment... This is David, signing off.

Pick me! I'll buy a Ringke Fusion Premium Hybrid Hard Case and a MIME Ghost Glass screen protector to keep this baby super safe.

I'll take this off of your hands.... I would gladly give up my S3 for this!

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@jerryhildenbrand. "Fascinated by things that go beep."!!! I love this!

Anyways, that nexus 4 would be great. I'm still rockin' an Epic 4G Touch, and Touchwiz has managed to get on my nerves.

Not only would I feed it Apples, I would chop up the Apples into little bits to make them easy to digest. It would be the most spoiled device in my humble non-fruit arsenal.

Can't promise to feed him apples, but have plenty of cookies ready and waiting for that guy!!!

I would love to be the new proud dad to the "N4-boy" :-)
I promise to take good care of him :-)

Holy cow, i like your spring cleaning events. Hopefully one day i will win something, but now i really want this beast :)

Nexus 4 me-- and my wallpaper, which will be stroked ever so gently when I swipe, shall be dedicated to your beard. Oh, and I am saying that in the creepiest way possible . . .

I was a iphone user all my life but im in need of change and freedom!! NXS IV is what i need to break this apple chain i have going on !!! nXs IV = freedom, inovation, creativity, change, personality, and a killer piece of hardware!! #HOLOYOLO babyy

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