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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4



This is just what I need to kick me in the rear to dump Verizon! I'd take good care of Smapple (I've already named it. A combination of Smack and Apple).

I would give it a great home where it would have an endless supply of food and I would make sure to download a bunch of apps to keep it busy

I would love this nexus 4, I would give it to my wonderful wife and we could move away from sprint and live happily ever after, the end

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Jerry you are the best I NEED A NEXUS 4 Brother
Androidcentral for life

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Jerry he will be fed daily a steady stream of hangout messages emails map look ups Google search requests and most importantly many refreshes of android central app

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This would be perfect. There is a special someone in my life who does not believe in the ways of Android. I'm sure I could persuade them with the help of this little guy. Thank you!

I would love to win, in fact was looking at the Nexus 4 in the Play Store just now.

Oh snap! I never win these luck of the draw contests (heck I never win any of these give-a-way contests) but here's hoping I can get some Nexus love! Go ahead, make my day!

Hi guys, thanks for the opportunity to win a great phone.

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Jerry, you're my favorite writer on Android Central...and I mean that. Pick me, please...I beg you.

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I've been terribly unlucky this month with general life things, but this is worth a shot. My Galaxy Nexus is showing its age quickly.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Come on Mr. Hildenbrand, pick me as your random winner. I just helped my wife and mother-in-law purchase and get started using a Galaxy S4, and I am still on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. This will be the motivator to jump ship and leave Verizon and move to T-Mobile. Verizon keeps trying to get me to give up my unlimited data plan anyways. Well I know it all ends up as dumb luck, but I would love to own the latest Nexus phone.


I would give this Nexus a very loving home and would allow it to nibble on my son's Apple WHENEVER it felt the need.

A Home is Not a Home Without a Nexus,


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I would love to get my own Nexus 4. Bought one for my girlfriend on release day and I want my own to replace this dying phone I have now. Plus she is getting tired of me borrowing hers!

Home is where the heart is and a heart should be pure like stock Android! Nexus baby, our chemistry will be next only to Sherlock and John.

I have an Apple tree in my backyard that is waiting to picked! This Nexus 4 will be having an all-you-can-eat buffet once it comes to my house!

My wife is returning from 10 months in Ethiopia and will need a new smartphone. It would be really cool to meet her at the airport with a Nexus 4!

always wanted to buy one but never bought it because never had extra 300 to buy one. 300 can buy a lot of different things for my family. Therefore I would love to have one as a gift and finally get my Nexus experience. Thanks.

I will give him a great user to be with, and great apps. Because with a great phone, comes great responsibility!

Aw, my poor old Nexus S could be sent to the mobile farm, able to run around and enjoy its final days :)

I'd love to play host to this Nexus 4. I'd give it a nice home next to my DNA and it would probably facilitate my switch to T-mobile once I'm done with Verizon. :3

I would be the perfect carer for this nexus 4. I promise i'll feed it and take really great care of it I will introduce it to its older bro nexus 7 :-)

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Maybe posting something annoying might get your attention... Would love this BTW!!!!!

I need a Nexus. I'm in the AF and deployed to England. Its boring here for a geek such as myself. I'm low on the rank totem pole so I can't afford jack. Getting to go home stateside in a few weeks. I would do a handstand on nails with a grin on my face if I won this crim della criim Android flagship phone. Just sayin.

I would love a Nexus 4...on a side note - I must be getting old because I have no idea what HOLOYOLO means.

Please please pick me!!! I very much want to be like Brangelna and adopt a child from Cambodia or Zair but i think i should start with something smaller but equally adorable, such as Nexus4.
I will love it and cherish it like my own child. I will give it a name. I will take pictures of it and send it to Androidcentral with little letter just so you guys can follow development of little Nexus4.
Good Home is in my pocket.
With Love.

I converted my two boys away from apples. They are in need of a new Google phone. As a result they will have apples to feed their new Nexus:)

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Hell yeah!
I would love to win it!
Looking forward to try a new experience!
I'm using my blackberry bold 9780 a little while too long now :D
In need of some change!

I would love a nexus 4, I got myself an iPhone 12 months ago and miss the freedom of android!

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I promise to always love, care and feed it many Iphones

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Should I win this LG device, I will maintain a journal, which I shall entitle "The Care and Feeding of the Nexus 4, in the Wild."

He would love to come home with me and play with my nexus s g- nex and nexus 7 and an apple tree out back

If I win... is it wrong for me to sell the Nexus 4 so I can buy some groceries?
Need the money so I won't be hungry next week. :(

Well, I have the original Galaxy S vibrant, and while it's still got some spunk left its best days are behind it. This Nexus 4 would live a long happy life if Jerry happens to pick this post, which I really hope he does!

***psssst, Jerry, over here!***

"One Nexus 4 too many"....???

Please let me be of some assistance (really....please?)

Would love to have a nexus device been using aosp ROMs all the time want a chance at the real deal and instead of apples I'll be feeding it iphones !

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My galaxy S2 died in a tragic bathroom accident and I would be so grateful to take care of your precious Nexus 4

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If i win I Promise take one picture every month and post it on instagram and tag your page. I will never abuse it nor will I ever take it for granted.

This would be Knight & Shinning Armor Lol....I plan to stick it to VZW big time @ the end of this month & switch to T-Mobile(Get good HSPA+) but can't quite find a reasonable phone out there to service my needs that has Vanilla Flavoring. Please Jerry #YoloSwag Me Hahaha

I'll take him hone, feed him, take him on long walks on the beach, oh the places we'll go!

I eat an APPLE everyday... so i can feed the Nexus one too!
Pick me up to be its new owner!

I have many apple trees were he can run and play and eat as many apples as he pleases! :-) haha

I would love to win a Nexus 4. I am counting the days till I cancel my Sprint account and switch!! This would motivate me to bump that time up to right now.

Thanks for the wonderful contest Android Central!!

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My wife's Nexus S broke and now she's stuck using a Samsung Vibrant :( A Nexus 4 would be a huge upgrade. I hope it likes RSS feeds and tumblrs, though!

I would adopt him and raise him as if he was flesh from my flesh and blood from my blood. I would be a father to him and look after him even in the darkest of nights. Of course I would feed him apples all day so that he will become a proud and happy representative of our family and bring honour to us all.

I'd like to own some of the extra stuff to give away that you do. Nexus 4? Yeah, I'd relieve your burden.

A new young developer could use one of these. Wait, that's me!

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I could use this for work. They want me to use an iPhone since my older htc Incredible is kind of done for. Since it burns my hands when I touch it, I can't really use the iPhone. Right now I'm "evaluating" an htc Phone 8X. I bet I can talk them into putting my number on a Nexus 4!

I need one. There is no Google store in my country yet!
All hail Nexus 4 - the best vanilla android there is!

I'm trying to switch from Sprint to T-Mobile, it's time to retire my Nexus S 4g, and a new Nexus 4 would definitely help.

I'd love the N4! It would get tons of usage and the best of care. Just don't tell my dying Nexus S (that's endured years of flashing and mucking around)!! :)

I would love to experience a REAL smartphone. Stuck with this boring iPhone too long. I would love and appreciate it like my own children :)

Seriously. My Sprint 3VO sucks now. Horrible signal. Atrocious battery even with the extended battery. My contract is up on July 5, which also happens to be my birthday, and all I want is to jump ship to AT&T, who actually has coverage at my house in the country. Only you, android, has the power to make this a great birthday for me!

TL;DR: Give me the Nexus!

Would love this bad boy sooooo much! Root+cm10=one happy nexus 4 user (that's me by the way!) :)

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My Dad was right I am a looser! I have NEVER won anything in my loose life!
In the off, and mean off chance, I can get my poor looser hands on this Awesome NEXUS, not only will I love it and feed it Apples, I will shove it in my Dad's face and show him that I'm not a looser anymore!
And that would be a dream come true from a Sweet little Nexus that needs a new home.

I've been killing myself trying to figure out what phone I want to ditch my iPhone 5 for. I've been really in love with the HTC One for a while now, because of the build and camera, but I also like the Samsung GS4, but I keep wondering if the Google experience versions will be a huge waste of money. I've been really into the Nexus as well, because I have been thinking about moving from ATT to Tmob. Now comes the GS4 Active, but it's locked and won't be stock android.

Drama. Wanna help solve it?

Would love to finally upgrade my phone!! I have a great home here for it! It's a dry, clean, and electronics friendly home. :-P

You say a radioactive spider, I IMAGINE more along the lines of DRAGONS who are RADIOACTIVE.

I will take great care of your little baby. Welcome to the new age!

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Another fantastic drawing! This will make a nice back up, and little brother for my N2. Thanks Jerry! :-)

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Yes please..... Let one of Mr Dobie's fellow countrymen enjoy and cherish the little fellow

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I could provide a great home for this Nexus 4. I also have a Nexus 7 at home who's been asking me if she'll ever get a little brother or sister. You don't want to make my Nexus 7 cry, do you?

I would love this phone for my 16yr old son, he now has a ZTE Vivid that is giving him problems and I can't afford a new one at the present time. He would love this phone since he is a DIEHARD GOOGLE GROUPIE

Gimme gimme gimme, please! I will take care of it. I've always kept my mobiles in protective layers. I'm an original G1 owner and proud of it. I'm ready to return to the OS that I started smartphoning with. Thanks!

I will regular feed it McIntosh, Fuji, Granny Smith or any other apples that it would like to feast upon.

I'd love to swap out my Galaxy Nexus/Verizon combo for a Nexus 4/T-Mobile datafest!

I can give it a loving home. I'll feed it plenty of electrons and as many apples as I can get my hands on.

Is it not a bit late for spring cleaning? I will still take it off your hands though.

If he likes Apples I'll feed him my wife's iPad. If being ostracized by my wife isn't enough love, I don't know what is.

0111000001101001011000110110101100100000011011010110010100100001 <- Pick Me!
Beep Beep Jerry!

I would absolutely love this phone forever and give him a great home!

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A Nexus 4 would be fantastic! My GNex has seen better days as far as the screen is concerned. Not sure how much longer the cracked screen will last.

It is nice to see the pure Google experience phones starting to trickle out, but they are still a bit cost prohibitive. The only thing better than a Nexus device is a free Nexus device!

About to leave sprint to go to TMobile never had a nexus device, would be awesome if I did!

I wish I could win a Nexus! I currently have an HTC Hero... Yes I know it's a bad phone.... I want a Nexus 4 and a Matias Duarte t-shirt lol!!!

In the market for my first GSM device, ready to make the jump and the Nexus would be perfect!

I promise to give this beautiful piece of equipment a wonderful, loving home. I will love it and pet it and clean it's screen with a micro-fiber cloth and walk it every morning and afternoon. I promise to get it an unlimited data contract. I promise to never drop it and to always rub it under the noses of every Crapple Iphone user I know. I want them to smell the sweetness of innovation and openness. Oh yeah, and I will train it to lift it's battery cover and urinate on Blackberries and Windows phones also. Please send me this phone, I promise to not enter another drawing for at least a year and kiss Jerry on the lips if I win it!

I have had a Google Galaxy Nexus for over a year. I just got a Galaxy Nexus 10 yesterday. It's in my blood! Gimmie!!!!

Gotta love a Nexus. I'd feed this bad boy all the Paranoid Android and Cyanogen Mod he could possibly dream of.

Well.. If the Nexus 4 likes Apples he'll fit RIGHT IN at my house.. I have a rabbit that LOVES fruits and greens for breakfast/dinner and they will be able to play together and have fun and frolic all over the house.. And if I win, I will take pictures. :)

Pick me! Pick me! Would love to win this for my wife so that she can get rid of her sad excuse for a phone!!!

Apples, Blackberries, it will eat just fine. This is awesome and thanks for the chance

Don't know if my comment posted with this new update previously, but I would like to win!

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If I win, I will use a happy puppy picture as the wallpaper, so that Nexie has a friend.

If I win, I will use a happy puppy picture as the wallpaper, so that Nexie has a friend.

I can take care of it. Firstly i would like to unlock it and root it and then I would customize it my way. :-)

i got an infuse 4G and rooted it when my friends were using blackberries and iphones and loved showing them the wonders of android
what better way to show them the android beauty than with google's own baby, which I would love and cherish and use to continue reading android central on flipboard with lolol
i love you, choose me!!

I may well have passed this by except for your editorial from the other day.

So, what the heck, I'm in.

I desperately need a new phone, my htc my touch 4g slide is on its last legs, please jerry i will take good care of it.

I would love the Nexus 4 instead of my aging Nexus S. I could only feed it chopped apples though.

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I would LOVE to have this Nexus! Stock Jellybean in all of its glory! :) Thanks for all the awesome opportunities too!

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