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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4


I have a nice home for this Nexus 4 here in Mexico,with a lot of apples and tacos.


I NEED this phone ! Aaahhhh nexus you are so beautiful

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I'm already on the verge of buying one, but this would be an awesome treat from my favorite site!

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hi, I currently have an xperia U, and while its a decent phone, its nothing close to the mighty nexus 4. 100s of competetions, giveaways I participated with no luck yet, can this be my first time winner??! Fingers crossed

Looking for a replacement to my Galaxy Nexus. Its beat up and slowing down and would love to stick with the nexus line. Also had the nexus one which was a hell of a phone.

I would love to have a Nexus phone. I am really getting tired of skinned manufacturer experiences and not being up to date with what Google is doing.

I'll take uber good care of him. I'll feed him, love him, and take him out on long walks.

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Please pick me! I'm a huge fan of Nexus devices. This phone would be great for me. Thanks. :-)

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can i have this?
i recently broke my galaxy nexus :(
i can't afford a new phone right now!

broke college student here! lol

nexus has facinated from the day it was first launched, its my dream buddy, I will shurely love him, take are of him, and he and I will do some great things together (am a developer, beginner lvl) and I will shurely feed him apples..

I would love it but my mom needs it more. She has my old Samsung Captivate the she loaded CM10 on (with a little help). She is way due for an update.

Premium hardware, great specs and some good old vanilla sweetness. Now that's called a phone.
Jerry you don't need to go any further coz I am the perfect candidate
1. I got the nexus 7 and 10 so you can be sure it won't get bored
2. My family has a lot of apples. Shiny 'metally' pieces of crap. So it will never go hungry
And most importantly i am a huge fan. I will be wholeheartedly thankful if you give me this phone.
Yours truly,

I would love him, and pet him, and name him George.

Seriously though, as someone still using a Nexus S 4G, this is right up my alley.

AC is awesome, thanks for sharing your Nexus goodies, bumper be sweet too ;-)

I would definitely love to enjoy one of these phones when my contract is up and i can get away from Verizon for good :-)

If i were to win this i might need some help assigning him a nickname (yes is a him). Thought about: Mr. N, Nexunator, Nexfourth, BlackN, Nexiom... the list keeps going.

I love nexus. I can definitely use it. If what you want is for it to go to a good home then I'm definitely the person.

Hopefully the next nexus winner will be me. My iPhone is okay but I would definitely go back to Android for the pure Nexus experience.

I would love to win this! I don't have a smartphone and have been wanting the Nexus 4 since its announcement.

If you pick me I would photosphere the hell out of my country (Colombia), me and the N4 would travel a lot and be happy together... I would, for the first time win something absolutely awesome. Not to many of those phones here.. :-D

I need it. Drowned my evo on my first father's day, then today I bricked an old virgin mobile phone I had lying around. I'm phoneless.....but feeling lucky!

Oh please I need this soooo bad. Just dropped my phone in the toilet tonight.

I would like to replace my old child Galaxy Nexus with a better behaved one like the Nexus 4.

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I definitely want one of your Nexus 4 devices. I'll be sure to keep him happy and healthy by feeding him an apple a day. That's the only way to keep the doc away...

Although I'm on a CDMA network and can't use it personally, I'd like to gift this to a friend whom I am trying to help her see what Android has to offer than her Iphone.

Jerry, help me out with this please!

Yes I've wanted this phone for a while it was back ordered for months. When it became available I could not afford one this would be a blessing to win thank you for the opportunity to own this awesome phone.

Count me in! Been planning on switching from Sprint to T-mo for a while now (been waiting too long for 4G - can't stands no more!) and this would make the transition VERY smooth, thanks! :-D

Yooooo Jerry, please send me a lonely Nexus that wants some love. I will squeeze it hug it everyday a to show my undying devotion to all things Nexus.

I would be feed him loads of apples and for exercise he can break as many windows as he wishes... I will love him so very much.

Please send him to my home!

Just found out I'm no longer getting aid for school and had been planning getting my gf this phone, so I would love to get this nexus 4 phone for her so she can leave her cracked iPhone 4 behind in the drawer.

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I am a middleaged lady who really wanted a Nexus 4 but was talked into the Samsung s4. I am so sorry I didn't go with my gut. I love learning new things on my android phones. Some old dogs can learn new tricks.

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Never owned a Nexus before. Definitely want too though!

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My landlord doesn't allow pets so this Nexus 4 would be a great substitute. I'd name it Nexie and feed it every day (prob lots of juice). Wherever I go, it'll be sure to follow. My faithful companion, Nexie. Wouldn't even have to hide her from the landlord like I tried to do with that stray cat I took in a few years back. (Landlord saw it one day sitting in the living room window. End of story.) Ah well, such is the life of a solitary bachelor ...

Although it won't be a huge possibility. I'd love to win this, as I'm switching from sprint to tmobile :-)

Please let me win the phone. I really need it for work but because I'm student too I can't afford to buy one. Used to have the Galaxy Nexus but sold it for books. Choose me and I promise I'll take care of it.

Thanks from a daily reader!!

Count me in! Phew just made that deadline! I have to admit. I wish I had all the stuff you guys are giving away just lying around :-P what a spring cleaning! (or as many of my friends have told me as I complain about the non issues, first world problems) ;-)

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I lost my job and this would make my year to own this! I have never won anything so my luck can possibly change! =-)

Android central san Antonio lost tonight. Nexus 4 will sure he nice to cover the wounds. I'll promise I'll feed him all the apples he would like and more.

COMMENTS!! I have a nexus 4 but i always have been curious about rooting and playing with androids more open side, i just havent been able to since the phone i have i use a lot for life and havent wanted to risk it

YES PLEASE!... ah why do you tempt me, Jerry. I can see you there laughing maniacally. Dance for me puppets, dance! mwahahaha

Who needs apples?? You never get satiated with them... LG Nexus 4 would certainly help..

Send the little guy to my home. I'll feed the little guy Apples all day for sure.

I got way too many Blues for any more bad news. . Nexus 4 Pleaseeee.

That would chase the Blues away like gargamel.

I'll feed it all the apples it can eat...i think I have a few glass and metal one's lying around :)

Personally I would prefer nexus 4 vs my note 2,too bad my country doesn't carry nexus 4.

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If I win it, I will give up (as a gift to my neighbor) my iPhone 5 and preach the Gospel of android... (FOR AT LEAST 2 YEARS)

Just left Verizon and went to T-Mobile. Unfortunately, it has left my Galaxy Nexus pretty much debunk on the network. Really missing the Nexus experience. It shall be my baby!

I would LOVE to win one.. my phone (from a few random falls) has seen better days!

It's the Nexus (not apple) of my eye! It'll go great next to my Nexus 7.

It's the Nexus (not apple) of my eye! It'll go great next to my Nexus 7.

One time I stumbled through the forest and I found a groovy disco ball, but it was actually a Nexus 4. Imagine that. I don't even know.

I've got a Jelly Bean Lenovo and love it. My iPhone 4s is long in the tooth and I'm on the edge...go android or bust for a vanilla 5. This would definitely put an end to that dilemma.

But,hey, thanks for throwing it out to a reader. Classy.

Would love one...the nexus 4 sold in India by lg is a little expensive than one on the us play store.

The nexus is amazing! It would go so well with my nexus 7 :)

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I'm my Happy Gilmore voice.... This is your home over here. Time to come home Nexus.

well nexus is the best way to experience android (no offence my dear tab) will love to have it have a dead and a live apple to feed depending on its taste and a quick question would u rather like a xperia z nexus

I hope I can win this awesome phone. I've never owned Nexus device before.

There's always a reason to have 3 Nexus phones however, if you want to give one away my Note is ready to become a toy for my 8 year old. I'll give it a good home.

Since you have an extra, you should donate it to me so I can give my awesome One X to my mom who's had a bad experience with android and has now moved to an iPhone 4. I need her back on our side lol

Yes yes yes please please please! I'm still using an iPhone 4 and I'm ready to replace iPhone with Nexus. I'll root him and ROM him and call him George.

i've just terminated my contract with at&t and i'm switching to t-mobile. winning this phone will give me a fresh start.

The Nexus poem

Nexus you and I. Me and you were meant for each other when your screen lite up to catch me my eye. People looking at me strange because I didn't choose the iphone. And I'm like why? Free apps, removable battery, universal chargers, micro sd cards. Feels better to to get my moneys worth out of a phone, then to be hustle in this tough economic crisis because times are hard. Androids rise up and send the iphones to the universal void. How many times can put the same product? Oh boy!! Please try some thing new. And look at the world different view. Oh my nexus I love you.

This would be a great addition to the family plan and make us a nexus-only household.

I need this phone for my daughter. After her nexus s died, she's been dying for the new breed of nexus

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Ill be shur to feed him an apple a day probably a macintosh ill be shur to cut it up with a big knife for him throw some salt on it for him 2. Ill put him in a nice Worm strong out fit and try to knit him a cozy sweater (rom) have been rlly wanting to explore my creativity and technique this may b a way to put my knowledge to the test ;P . P.s i dont plan on using it as my daily driver it will b used so i can try to expand my knowledge on how to create a truely custom rom :) Id b shur that u r the first to know if i succeed #HOLOYOLO

Just like the phone needs a new home, i need a new phone! Match made in heaven. Come home Nexus 4!

Whoa, good thing I just checked androidcentral 5 min before midnight and saw this post! Good luck to all!

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