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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4



I will name him Nexus Plexus Erectus and he will be my best friend.

Edit: Jerry I will also throw in a subscription to the next big thing. Subscription models hooker rentals.

I been wanting to get my hands on a Nexus 4 but sadly life (and LG) got in the way. My GSM Galaxy Nexus has been a trooper, and hopefully it's still supported even after 4.3 is released. I would take care of that gorgeous Nexus 4 like it's my first born child, so pick me!

Dear Future Nexus 4 of mine,

Just to let you know, if I get lucky enough to win you. I will make sure you sleep in my wife's panty drawer. Wwwoooooohoooooooooooooo !!!!!

I've recently started Android development and would love a real device to test on. My Nexus S just isn't a good indicator of good app performance anymore. Thanks!

I love bacon. You love bacon. Let's bacon together. Can I haz that nexus plz.

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Soon to be software engineer, starting senior year of college, with a Samsung intensity 2 that has a screen that doesn't work when slid out, broken earpiece, randomly dials, texts, and accesses the internet. Oh and my nexus 7 is looking for a friend.

Sign me up. I'd love to have a nexus phone. I would cherish it for years to come.

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Pick me, pick me!

Your Nexus 4 will be at home with me.
Plus, he'll be thrilled to flew halfway across the globe.

You sir Mr. Hildenbrand are a lucky day dude to have 3 of these. I would be honored to win one.

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I have a large assortment of golden delicious, granny smith, red delicious, galas, and pink ladies to keep your nexus 4 feeling comfortable. And if those don't cut it maybe a Macintosh or a red Rome will do the trick. You and your nexus 4 will not be sorry!

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i would like to try the nexus phone. Would like to see how 4g is around my area with out LTE.

I love this phone. Would love to give one to my wife who is limping along on a Blaze because of contract restrictions.

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Can I please win something for once!? My wife just got a new iPhone 5 for mothers day from me. Know what I got for fathers day? NOTHING!

Oh wow,I can't wait to get my hands on this Nexus 4 so i can finally get rid of my seriously slow Nexus S!!!!!

Will be an excellent upgrade for my broken galaxy nexus!

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I would love a nexus 4 to compliment my nexus 7!

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Ok, I'm going to be real honest here: It's going to get love, but it's going to be tough love. no mollycoddling here. lots and lots of use, lots and lots of testing and lots of pushing it to it's limits. It's the only way to raise them to be self-reliant productive members of our tech society!

My daughter is using a craptastic LG from Straight Talk. My wife and I both have a Nexus 4, but can't afford to get her a better phone. We think she needs this one and I will steal her bumper case, if it comes with, and get her nice little ballistic case so she won't hurt the little fellow. I need to get her onto android as soon as possible so she doesn't turn into a sheepple.

Sitting here watching the NBA Finals and cheering on the Spurs. This would be a nice phone to go with my Nexus 7.

Nexus 4 would be awesome, I've been told it would be a step down from my GSiii but having the latest OS straight from Google would be nice, plus the phone looks awesome!

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After using the same knock off phone for 4 years now, i'm itching for something that has more than a 2 hour battery life, and the best mobile os in the world.


(I have an iPhone 3GS with a dysfunctional mute toggle and a working-20-percent-of-the-time home button that I can feed it with :P)

I would love to give this to my wife as a surprise gift. Her Android phone on Sprint is on its last legs -- and their service is getting worse and worse here. Switching her to an unlocked GSM phone would be such a huge improvement! Thank you.

I would slap someone's mother for a NEXUS! Pick me

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I have been with my loving girlfriend for 5 great years. This little guy would be our first child.

We'll treat the little guy like a son, educate it, spoil it and won't root him until he's old enough. He's going into a case and plastic covers.

Can't wait for the "Where do ROMs come from?" talk. :-)

I just have to win this. After all the amazing descriptions, coupled with the fact that it's a nexus, I just need to win it! I'll take good care of it. I'll feed it apples every day!
Choose me!

Hey Jerry, if you pick someone else first, I'll gladly take the seond one if you wish to part with it. Thank you very much for this amazing offer!

Please pick me this custom ROM is not doing it for me.

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Please! Oh, please! Oh, please! I broke my galaxy note and now to resort back to my iPhone for the next year and a half until my contract expires.

I will feed him, bathe him..... well not really, but he will be well socialized.

I think he'll have a great home with me and the girlfriend

Here's hoping that you can post into the future; to Melbourne, Australia...
See what i did there?

Posted on Jun 19 2013 | 12:57 pm

Would love the Nexus. I'll keep entering until I win one contest. I don't need the phone I just want it but I'll take care of it like I do with all my phones. Treat it like a newborn baby

This IS the free pass to join the much coveted Nexus community. +20 to tech goodness. Knowing "nods" from other phone slingers who also wield the Apple slayer.


I will take a good care of him, like a baby. Will feed him fresh fruits and vegetables. Will keep his heart running smoothly. Will welcome him with a party, in my house. He will be my first smartphone. I will take good care of him like my nokia N97mini. Thank you.

Yes please. I will plant an apple tree and feed it every single day. My gnex needs an sibling.

Winning would be the tipping point for me to leave Sprint (along with my Galaxy Nexus).

What a perfect transition it would be. I'm currently using a dying Nexus S 4G, the Nexus 4 is the natural next step.

Have T-Mobile family plan and wife wants a smart phone.
It's her birthday next month and I'm broke! Save my marriage please!

Ironically enough, I am actually considering buying one soon to leave Verizon and switch to T-Mobile! So this would really be great! Thanks, Jerry!

my incredible 2 died 5 weeks ago, i just got back from the vzn store to suspend my # because i haven't decided on a phone...i haven't rooted a phone yet, but i might have to get a used one and root it while i wait for the MotoX, unless i can get my hands on a shiny Nexus4. Oh, and my nexus 7 just croaked! it wont accept a charge from any of my 3 chargers. what a pain. sans phone, cant last much longer. have a good one.

Please, please Jerry! I HAVE to get my wife off her iPhone 3 to a Nexus 4!!!! PLEASE :) She wants mine, but she can't have it..hehe... C'mon, let's get her to the RIGHT side of the force!!!

I would love this. Something to finally set me free in to the world of Android and leave the fruit company behind.

I just happen to have an apple sat right here next to me! It never really was of much use to me as it turns out I can't stand the things! It's always been a little rotten but I'm sure if I mashed it up really well then the little guy would love it (I trust he enjoys the 2008 3G variety)! And fear not!.. I'll be sure to keep you updated with pics of him devouring his favourite snack! Ps. He'll be in good hands and played with everyday for sure!

so a mushroom walks into a bar, the bartender says "i'm sorry we don't serve your kind here"
the mushroom in response says "why not? i'm a fungi
wait a minute... not all android nerds are biology nerds... and this isn't even relevant to the nexus 4... well this is awkward...
#HOLOYOLO anybody?

Please, please, please let this be open to people not in the US (such as this Aussie reader). Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

My dream is Always to have a nexus 4....its the best phone ever.i will feed it with apples,apples and apples.i have participated on many contests but i didn't won.but its alright.thanks if i won congrats to the winner if i didn't.

Who wouldn't want to win this amazing phone? please, can i have? Im in love with the nexus!

Make my nextus android phone a new nexus 4 for the bextus android experience!

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Please Please Me!
Please choose me since getting the Nexus 4 where I live isn't easy nor the prices are logical (I'll have to pay a lot of tax for that), so a free one would be really awesome!!

Honestly, I haven't even remotely considered the option of buying other phones outside the Nexus line (I'm currently on the Sprint Galaxy Nexus) - not even the Google edition HTC One. I'm just hanging out until a new Nexus phone running Key Lime Pie/5.0 drops. A Nexus 4 would be wonderful in the interim, however.

Dear Jerry,

I am writing to you today to apply for the 'Nexus Carer' position that you currently have listed available on the 'Android Central' news website. I am a university student with a great deal of knowledge in all android devices, and know exactly what makes each one 'ring' so to speak. I feel that the skills I possess will make me an excellent candidate for this role.

My previous role as a mobile carer ended abruptly when the device sadly took it's own life (not at all related to me being the carer) and since then I have been eager to get back into the caring business.

I am excited to hear your reply!
Thank you for your time,

I would love a new phone. Hate having to use this mytouch 3g for the last 4 years.

This would be an awesome gift for my older brother. His son dropped his phone in a sewer grate a week ago. It would be the ultimate fathers day gift

Just switched to tmo would love to have this phone for the next couple of years. #contractfree

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Still a great phone and you can't beat that pure android experience, I'll take one!

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I am an aspiring app developer and can really use a Nexus 4. I will with out a doubt put it to good use.

I have wanted a nexus since forever but can't afford the off-contract price, and don't worry he will feel right at home.

Winning a nexus 4 is a million times better than winning an iPhone... If it wasn't for android and my G1 I'd be brainwashed by the"ultimate chick phone iPhone".... pick me dying for a nexus 4

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Entering not for myself but for a family member who is stuck on Froyo and I'd like to gift the Jelly Bean experience. :)

Can I have the nexus? It's to expensive here in Indonesia. It's about $550 here. You can be sure that I'll feed him alright, as long as wifey don't complain lol.


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Cant wait to get my hands on one of these and shove it in face of my iPhone 5 fanboy Boss and go "How do you like them APPLEs? ;)

So, you know in StarCraft how the Protoss get their power from Nexuses? Well, I'm like a Protoss that feels powerless. A Nexus 4 would make me awesome.

There couldn't be a better time for me to win this. I've been monitoring the price of nexus 4 at local shops in my city at least 4 freaking times DAILY for the past 1 month. Please (I know i seem to be using pity and desperation) but PLEASSEEE let me win it!!!

I could use it, as my nexus 4 was destroyed after falling out of my running arm band. Sucks to be me.

Been a fan since google announced nexus way back when. Wish I could have afford it. This has been the phone I've wanted since forever.

Please let me win. I am solo sick of the horrid battery life of my cmda galaxy nexus. Will be honored to have the nexus 4 and switch to a gem carrier.

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Why wouldn't anyone want this phone? I certainly would 100%. Premium hardware, great specs, clean user experience, awesome screen/keyboard, fast, reliable, unbeatable off contract price, great sufficient connectivity speeds, first in line to get software update/optimizations, tons and tons of people still raving about it, and most definitely integrated with google's services.

I would whole heartedly love to win a Nexus 4!

End of story. Thanks for your consideration Jerry and staff!



finally a contest that I was looking for. I need an android phone to replace my HTC Radar. Please pick me. I will take good care of that fellow and keep him clean and shiny forever. Oh yeah I'll feed him apples too. Please pick me :)

Would love it and care for it in Australia , I will get it a kangaroo so that it has a pouch :-) I hear nexus loves apples and blackberries and Aus has both :-D

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I want him! Ill give him a good home and take great care of him. He will get fed every night.

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Would be great to see that phone in my daughters hand instead of the broken glass screen on her galaxy s blaze and save me some gray hairs when she cries for a new one when the screen finally blacks out.

Though I d don't have an apple grove, I'd be content to feed it many apples. I'd love to have a Nexus. 4

That's awesome!! Would love to have it with the bumper :p

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I would love a replacement for my device, which has a single core, 1 gHz processor and 512 mb of ram

Oh ... Pick me ... I'd like to bring my mother to the new age of smartphones and free her from the dangers of possible Apple invation ...

This could awesome. I will feed him(like you said) with custom roms/kernels. In conclusion the phone will be used in developing purposes.

Still rocking the Moto Atrix 4G, didn't get the upgrade to Jelly Bean...but running an unofficial CM 10..unfortunately can't get 4.1.2. Have tak'n great care of this outdated hardware, hoping for the upgrade!!

I loved mine unfortunately he met a fiery death putting out someone's burn pile that about burned their house down.

This would be the perfect replacement for my aging phone.
Plus this being vanilla android, it will definitely help me with testing my apps.

Wow I'm so hopelessly late to these things. Well here's to hoping one of these days my luck will change.

Oh I love apples but I hate apples. I will give a good home with plenty of food and I think I will skip the water. You know what it does to our little babies.

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