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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4



To have the pure stock experience???????
To finally have a phone I can use on a new carrier?????

I might actually get to switch away from sprint and the long list of crap they've put me through.

Godspeed Spiderman

I love winning free stuff, but AC hasn't given me the pleasure yet. Maybe today is the day.

gimme gimme gimme! (please please please?)
Unfortunately, I'll have to find another source of nourishment for this little guy as there is no iFruit permitted in this house.

I'm switching carriers soon and a Nexus 4 would be perfect!

I promise I will feed him lots of apples, and take him for walks, and clean up after him and play with him everyday!

I am in DESPERATE need of a new phone, and pure google would definitely do the job!

I had to switch back to my iPhone after my precious GSIII broke, a Nexus 4 would make my life so much easier.

I want me some Android!

If I am chosen to adopt your Nexus. I promise to feed him Apples everyday.


The N4 is so gorgeous! I would make sure it never saw a scratch in its life.

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I'll take care of him. We both love apple, the fruit.

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I want this really bad. Please let me win. I have never won anything from Android central. Thanks

Please let me give the little nexus 4 a new home cause he'll be really happy with me and his bigger bro nexus 7.

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My wife needs to replace her old iPhone with some wonderful Android-goodness!

I would love a new nexus 4 since my original one shattered to pieces after the first two months of owning it... :-(

Its my birthday this week and this would be the best birthday gift! I promise to give it a good home!

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Oh yes - my HTC Sensation has seen much better days!

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Sí por favor. If you give me the nexus, I won't tell anyone...and if I do...ill tell them not to tell anyone......PERFECT *horton voice* .....please tell me you get the reference

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Hello Phil may I please have the Nexus 4? I will feed it Apples! Also I need a new phone because my power button is broken on my LG E739. #Viva_La_Android!

Just what I always wanted. My own little Nexus 4. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him...

:-) While I could not honestly promise to love it forever, I would love it until one of us dies...

Please let me give the nexus 4 a loving new home he will be really happy with his big bro nexus 7 :-)

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I'll love it more than any other technological device I've ever had, plus my galaxy nexus needs to be replaced and my nexus 7 is lonely :( #HOLOYOLO

Is this an international giveaway?? Because if it is... i would love to have a nexus 4 in my hands. I have owned a nexus S for years and i still love it so much... but since nexus 4 went out it has been my dream, just that it has been almost imposible for me to get one... keep dreaming... jejeje

I would love to have a Nexus 4. It would be my first nexus device, and I have always wanted to try them out!

I would love it and pet it, SMS I would call it 'George' and stroke it's fur...

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If I don't get a free phone soon, I am going to be forced to buy a Nexus 5 (When they are announced) and then my wife will kick me out of the house and both me and my new Nexus will be homeless and than I will lose my job and won't be able to afford apples for myself or my Nexus.

So please, give me a Nexus 4 and save me from myself.

Thus far my plan is working perfectly. I continue not to win anything, ever and I believe this time will be no exception!

I will give little Nexie a good home, with plenty of apples and blackberries to go around ;)

This is a great phone. Would love to win. And who doesn't love a pure android experience.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

I've been an iPhone user for 5 years and am so bored with it I'm desperately EAGER to switch to Android. I've been eying this phone for a while, now. After a crappy year, it would be fantastic to win something. :)

My phone is dying and promised my daughter the next upgrade...this would help immeasurably!

My G-nex is getting a little long in the tooth. Pay it forward brother, pay it forward.

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My Nexus 7 needs a friend! We don't won't a lonely Nexus device now do we? ;)

Now you really have my attention. Please please please let me win this contest. I could use a new phone so bad

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Gnex failing... Need... Nexus... Must use... Shatner voice...

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I'd buy that for a dollar. But free is always better. Who wouldnt provide a loving home for a Nexus?

That Nexus 4 needs to accompany me and shine bright here in the Sunshine State!

Let me start off by telling that dear Nexus: "I feel ya, brah." As the 3rd and final child in my family, I know exactly what this little guy is going through. He is the redundant product of a non-protected transaction. We'll sit at awkward, inappropriate gadget-filled family gatherings typing away for hours, menacing through uncharted territories of internet porn galore and deleting newsletters and accidentally subscribed to websites we know nothing about, off our Gmail Inbox. We'll blast [on headphones of course - it's still considered blasting] Pink Floyd tracks whilst catching up on Android Central news, rechecking the comments on this post and laughing away at all others who thought they understood what being a last child meant. Muhahaha. We'll bite into Apples and discard them, until the brown-coloured oxidisation takes over whilst we watch others clean up the mess. Soon my baby Nexus, soon. #HOLOYOLO

I dropped my Note 2 in water Sunday and has been acting up. Pick me please, I never win anything...

I want to get the nexus 4, theme it with an iOS 7 look-a-like, and tell everyone it is the new iPhone. And then when they say how awesome it is compared to android...drop the bomb!

I read this to my wife. Her response: "You are such a geek!"

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Would love to own this! In india I followed the trend of getting a blackberry but after 5 yrs the time has come to get android. And I hate bloatware after seeing it on my friends phones... Only pure android for me! Pick me me me! :)

I have an apple orchard ready for feeding time. Send him my way and I'll make sure he gets fat and gets lots of exercise!

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Sign me up. I need a new phone now that us cellular is turning off towers in the st Louis area.

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I promise to love him and honor it in the good and the bad times, not to cheat on him for the next 2 years feed him with games apps and to Care I promise not to look or touch any other os for the rest of our life
With these comment I show my love to android and the nexus

I'll try even though I have never won anything here ever ever ever

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I've always wanted a Nexus! It will have a loving and caring home with me.

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I will take very good care of her. Feed her daily and walk her all the time. Age will be so clean and happy with me!

Would love to win this, my HTC One X is in pretty bad shape and I need a new phone....and there is nothing better than a Nexus to enjoy Android :)

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I would love to give this little guy a wonderful, new home. I'm sure my Nexus 7 would be a great big brother to him. Can't wait to put it to use!

My brother has been reluctant to let go of his iPhone until very recently. This would be the perfect opportunity to give the platform a chance.

To be honest, he likes the CRT effect on AOSP more than anything else really. Please, provide this device so my own N4 can be left alone!


I'm in the Navy so I can't exactly afford to buy new phones every time I've made a purchasing mistake. PLEASE help me atone by helping me to replace my Nokia Lumia 920. Its for your country! Lol.

...but seriously

If I win I will spoil this Nexus with plenty of Silver Apples obtained from the Cupertino fortress!!!

I'd love this Nexus. My mum has been obsessing over mine ever since I got it and it be the best surprise for her

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It might be a bit expensive to keep him on an all-Apple diet. Those things can get pretty pricey without offering much (nutritional) substance. -ZING-

Anyway, I just wanna win it.

My Nexus is already living up to it's LG name, and the power button is going kaput! Too bad I bought it from a Chinese site instead of Google Play in Australia when it had no release date.

I really need my power button back. May I please have a Nexus that works :)

Why would he like Apples? I would never give such a wonderful device such degrading food. He would probably like Peaches? I would love one to see if he does? #HOLOYOLO

I promise to take good care of it.It will get a case and screen protector.And i will sing it to sleep every night


Beloved Nexus,

If you were mine...
I'll tend to your every single whim.
I'll charge you every time you need,
I'll dress you up in a brand new theme.
I'll brag to my friends about your speed.

I'll take you out when I need some snaps,
And I'll share all of them on Google Plus,
When I'm lost I'll be using Google Maps,
No matter where I am, bike, train, or bus.

Sad but true, you aren't still mine.
So Androidcentral, please be kind.
Let me have this Nexus 4
Coz, without it, my life would be a bore.

I dont have many apples, the fruit or the product but i guarantee the nexus 4 will still have a nice lifestyle with a brand new shirt (case) instead of being butt-naked

I know one young lady that would love to have this as her first smart phone to show friends why apples only good to be eaten and not tinkered with.

Would definitely help me look like s good dad to my daughter!

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I will feed and love this baby Nexus everyday.
Please pick me!

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My GNexus has been fantastic but it's time to bounce on off of my Big Red plan and check out TMobile. This N4 would make my day.

I have a Galaxy Nexus that needs replacing and I will only do NEXUS from now on! Please pick me, oh wise one!

Contract is up soon, so winning this would be better than the cake from Portal! The cake is a lie...

My girlfriend lives in London, Ontario, and I'm in Detroit. Despite being a 2.5 hour drive away, neither of us can use our phones at each other's house, resulting in major communication issues. Having an unlocked device (coupled with a local sim card) would allow us to actually coordinate and talk to our families and jobs when we're away.

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