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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4


Please? :-) I would feed him and carry him in my arms and treat him better than my dog.... :-D I want it!


Just broke mine a week ago so this would be a great replacement.

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I hope I win soooo bad I love the nexus devices and this would be a great upgrade for my phone!

I MUST have a Nexus for development and testing! I can finally start making apps if I get it!

This would be a great addition to the family. I would be able to give my mother my phone, and use this phone for most of my foreseeable future.

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So I'm at a crossroads. I gave Windows Phone my best try but I've given up and am not sure if I'm headed to iOS or Android. This would make my decision so much easier. I'm actually leaning Android and would have a Nexus 5 already (if it existed)...but it doesn't.

Please oh please oh please oh PLEASE let me win this awesome juggernaut of an Android device. I'd love it & pet it & hug it & squeeze it & swipe it & happily show it off to all!!

Get me out of Verizon. I can drop this galaxy nexus for a unlocked nexus. Damn I want a white nexus 4

I'd love a Nexus 4. Please help me get rid of this laggy GS1 (CM 10.1 is SLOOOOOOOOW on this phone)!

Hello, you sexy beast.
I've got a place reserved for you, right next to my Nexus 7.

I was planning to get a Nexus 4 for my sis and myself soon. This would be awesome

I'd like to enter, please! I've not owned an Android device before so this would be the best way to learn and enjoy Android.

Thanks so much!

Awesome!!!! Me me me me!! Would LOVE to have this little baby on my house and feed him not only Apples, but LOTS of customs roms, kernels and mods, that I KNOW he likes. :D

I have had my Galaxy Nexus for a year and LOVE IT!!! Then when the I heard about the Nexus 7 coming i had to have it. But i waited tell the 32 gig was released. I Got it THAT day it came out to stores. I Have to have a Nexus 4. Its a must. I hope i get this baby so i can retire the GNex to my wall of Androids past.

My Nexus could use a twin sister, or I could just give it to one of my daughters, just not the one that wants an iphone ;)

I would love to win this nexus, I've wanting to ditch my iPhone for quite some time.

Please give me an upgrade to my Gnex....I will treat him well and devour apples on a daily basis. So shall it be shall it be done!

This would be the perfect thing to help me switch to prepaid. I need to save some money with my upcoming 20% pay cut.

Please pick me! I miss the nexus experience so much!

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You guys are so generous, thanks! My mom could really use one, she has a low end smartphone years old.

Posted from my Android device rocking version 4.2.2 via Android Central App

Get me off of Verizon! This would finally allow me to. Well, without having to spend a few hundred on a new phone.

Man I really could use this... Been looking to leave sprint and would need a gsm device to do so

Nice I'd love to win this. could give my dad my current phone and keep the nexus 4 myself.

Comment left. I would like the chance to give the nexus a loving home where it can feed on apples all day long.

My wife keeps complaining to me about her Galaxy Nexus! This would make her super happy if I won this Nexus 4 to give to her!!

Don't worry, I'll treat it right. I'll make sure it is well charged, free of fingerprints, and I'll tuck it in at night.

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Thanks andoid central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks andoid central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks andoid central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks andoid central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks andoid central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks andoid central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks andoid central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Man I would love that phone. I have a S2 right now looking into getting something different. The Nexus 4 is on my list. Help me out jerry.

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I'll love you nexus 4. You'll be my best friend

Posted via Android Central App via a Nexus 4

I have nothing witty to say here... I would to try out and use this wonderful phone!! Thanks AC!!

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My friend needs a new contract free phone, and a free Nexus would be the best way to tempt him away from his iPhone.

Great device that I just haven't had the funds to get my hands on...would love to win this!

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Please I have a nice home to offer that Nexus 4...I promise to treat it like my own.

My Gnex headphone jack just upped and stopped working today. Had to dig through my old garbage for an iPod. Save me from this pain!

This would not be for me but my girlfriend. Shes wanted a better phone for ages. She can't even web browse on hers. So I call on Mr Android Central. Please pick me. For her :)

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I want to say I own JERRY HILDENBRAND's old Nexus 4! I mean c'mon! How freaking cool is that???

I would love a Nexus 4! My screen is crunch on my Galaxy Nexus and it is my only device.

id love this, it would go great with my other nexus 4, this one would be for rooting or to use with the stock bumper and show off the sexy back at special events :)

I don't have some big long winded story to convince you. I simply would love to have the nexus.


Oh Sir, I beg you please, your humble servant would be greatly appreciative should you bestow this little wonder upon her.

I would sell a baby for a new Nexus, probably not my own baby, but somebody's baby for sure.

I would love one, I switched to WP8 a few months ago and regret the decision, and would really love to come back home to Android :).

Why I'm deserving of such a phone- I've needed an excuse to ditch Verizon for years, this could be it. Also I was busted checking out your site during work. I may soon be unemployed and in need a dependable phone.

Man, all these apples all around my house might actually do good for once.

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Thanks Android central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks Android central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks Android central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks Android central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks Android central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks Android central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

Thanks Android central for these giveaways this will be perfect for my birthday! ;-)

If you read all these You should notice A typo Good luck!

Give up there was no typo. I would really love to win this for my birthday science it's the 22nd of this month. Have a nice Day!

Made the mistake of getting an HTC One X+ and there's no good ROM for stock android. I'm unfortunately stuck with it. I'd love to have a nexus 4 with the pure Google experience.

I'd love a Nexus 4. I'd take good care of her, she'd have a great time with my retired Droid X, Little Jonny! Since I left the iPhone for Android I've got plenty of 'Apples' she can eat! ;-)

I have some apples to feed that nexus. Then possibly I can switch my wife over to Android. :)

Woot Woot! My Wife and I are trying to escape the Verizon dungeon and this would be the first step to freedom!

Can't get my kid a pet because of allergies, but she can play with her nexus. She can tell it to "Sit Nexus", "Charge Nexus" and "Eat your mom's iphone Nexus"...Just never tell it to play dead.

As luck would have it, I've started a rescue centre for orphaned Nexuses (Nexi?) and would be happy to take this one in. It just needs a nurturing environment.

I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy.
Come here squishy.
Come here little squishy.

Have been wanting a Nexus 4 since day one. would love to have a brilliant phone with so many great features and lightning fast Android updates!!!
Been a Nexus fan since I ditched Apple two years ago!!!!!!

I will feed this baby low voltage to ensure a long and fruitful life. Will also dress her in the sexiest looking bumper while showing off her sexy back. I'll be good to her I promise!

Papa want's a nice new/used tablet. Had to send back my Transformer Prime. Asus had it more time than I did.

With this Nexus you will see,
That your 'mother' is not too old to be
A developer - yes, you're not crazy,
I said developer, studied computers since '73.
Through Coursera and a MOOC - yowzer,
Forever peace, love and flower power!

I've always wanted a 'baby' (!) Nexus from day 1 when all their stock ran out in a matter of hours!! Still haven't got one - still would LOVE one!!

Jerry, you would make me the happiest man alive if somehow this comment was chosen at random of course

I'm a galaxy nexus owner and i'll be more than happy to upgrade to the latest one.

He'd have a great home! He wouldn't have to feel "out of place" because he lacks a physical menu button. In fact, he will be embraced by my galaxy nexus who will show him why he should feel pride for his software buttons! I live adjacent to an Apple farm--so there's heaven right there for the guy.

In all seriousness, I only buy stock Android phones. And there aren't that many options. Like the Nexus 4 is the only option.

Side note: I think it's a shame that companies put anything BUT stock Android on the phones. It's honestly why Android is losing customers to the iPhone. I hear my friends say that there GS3 is cluttered and freezes often. No problems over here on my galaxy nexus! Not to mention I got a notification that I needed to leave for the airport to be an hour early. How awesome is that?! And it got it all passively from my standpoint from my email.

I'm a Sprint customer, so have mercy on me. I'm dying to leave and go on one of TMo's prepaid plans but need a phone. This would be PERFECT! :D

Android Central FTW! Thank you for the opportunity!

Please let me have some kind of luck today! Pet I bought for my anniversary present died today and I need a pick me up :/

The Nexus 4 is all my husband talks about. I assure you, if I win and give it to him, it will be well taken care of. Also, it will give him plenty more ammo in his "discussions" with my iPhone owning friends.

Would really like to replace my cracked galaxy s3 with this awesome phone
I hope I get picked
Android 4 life

Hi I'm a loving and caring of lg nexus 4 because I have 2 at home for my self and for my mom so I will be taking best possible care out there :)) thank you

Will Apple Juice do? We have our own Orchard.
Would seriously love to look after him. He'll be happy here.
Will promise to feed, love and cherish him. But he'll earn his keep here too.

Hook a brother up! Please.

Loving your work regardless.

I need a new phone. Been dealing with medical issue with my mom across in Texas and I'm in Georgia with no way to reach her other than her water damaged, out of warranty samsung feature flip phone. This would save my life right now.

Would love to get my hands on the reigning best way to experience Android! Pick me!

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Holly crap that's a lot of comments amazing how people come out of the wood work when there is free stuff :) but count me in

My wife and I are both miserable on our aging Vibrants. Hook a brother up so he can be the hero and make a happy lady?

Nexus is the way to go! Still give love to my N1 and nexus s. GNex still my daily driver and would love to upgrade to the N4!

I would love a Nexus 4 like it was my own child. Been trying to squeeze everything out of my nexus s for the last year but it's not cutting it anymore. Sprint contract is up in a month and I couldn't be happier. Ready to move on and I need me some unlocked gsm goodness.

Been thinking the past few days of switching to T Mobile. If I win this I would do it in a second etf and all!

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I'd like one and will take care of it like my own child (although I have no children). And yes I'll feed him Apples, for real.

Nexus 4 is a scarce phone in Indonesia, in my city there are only 8 of them on sale. And it's 200% more expensive. I really wanted a full and pure Android Experience from the hardware to the software, without need to search the whole country just for it.

Also, it's already holiday season. And I'd like to learn how to make an Android Apps, with the best Android smartphone that ever existed on Earth.

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Nexus should be the only way to experience android. Please allow to be to date with the android versions !!
Thanks you !

3 nexus 4 phones?! may I have one please! I will ROM it to be the ultimate apple eater, farewell to all the apple trees in the world mwuahahaha

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