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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4


Oh how I would love to get rid of my iPhone for an Android. I promise to use it everyday way too much.


Would love to give him a new home. I have 2 kids with iPhones and one of them hates it and wants a phone like ours (wife and I have Nexus 4's) He tells me "Dad your phone is so much cooler than the iPhone, if I save my money can I get one?" So this will make a young budding Android fan very happy.

My Mom (graciously) donated her phone upgrade to me to get a Nexus 4 so she is rocking my old Galaxy S Vibrant (on Gingerbread). I would love to win this Nexus 4 and give it to my Mom to have a modern phone!

"Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO."

I promise to love him and feed him and kiss him, and call him George. He will come to a good home if you send him here, promise. I have a special cradle for him to sleep in and he will never be put in a corner. (and we all know why that is)

VICTORY over LAG! Time to lay down the Galaxy Nexus and herald a new age of blazing PERFORMANCE!
I sacrifice my years old iPhone 3G in your honor!

(In my best Arnold Horshack voice) "ooh ooh, pick me, pick me.." Seriously if I win I'll be able to replace my wife's old Blackberry 9700 and move her over to Android.

And in my best Mr. Kotter voice, "That reminds me of a joke about my Uncle Charlie..." Can't wait to get Jerry's extra phone here!

Lots of apps, music and photos are looking for a new hom... Oh, look. A brand new flagship Android Phone. Please, come with me and live within this Nexus forever and ever and ever....

Here's a warmy beautiful home waiting for this baby. Send it, make it happy. Make me happier.

Regards: A future Nexus 4 Owner.


My almost 3 years old sgs needs to be replaced. The nexus 4 would be excellent for me, for at least another 3 years.

Always wanted to play with one, but have yet to see one in person even living in the bay area....WTF?

My wife is jealous of my N4, I'm worried that of I don't get another one soon I may be in trouble and with out a phone

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The office at my work is a feeding station for the Nexus. I will make sure the Nexus will stay on a well balance diet. Pick me!

I had a Nexus 4 for four GLORIOUS months. Then I had to sell her in order to pay my electric bill. Return to me oh Nexus!!

I need one! My phone on my att account got stolen and now I'm running on one of my families sprint lines. I would love the nexus! Also I have lots and lots of apples...but not the rotten kind ;)

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Getting that beautiful device might just be the push I need to sit down and try to write the apps I have been thinking about for so long!

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I'd love to have a Nexus 4 to call my own. All my friends have iPhones so feeding the little guy won't be a problem at all. ;)

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I broken my phone and my company is offering to give me an Iphone as the replacement. Help!!!

I have been itching to become a part of the Nexus (phone) world for quite some time now. After playing with many friend's Nexus devices, I considered picking one up for myself, but shortly after I realized that I couldn't justify the price tag considering everything else I had going on IRL. In any event, I would be very very excited and grateful if I was chosen as a winner of the contest. Good luck to the rest of you!

As someone who is having twins in a few months, this would be amazing. I've been planning on buying one and switching to a pre-paid plan to save some money for all those diapers!

I would love it like it was my own child. And make it my daily driver of course! Please me!

Let me take care of this sweet glass baby like I take care of my fat cat! Pleaseeeee.......

Wow...I would sure love to wind up with this phone. I currently have a Galaxy Nexus that cracked a few weeks ago (first time in my life I've ever dropped a phone). Now, half the time I get phone calls, the phone immediately hangs up on the person calling.

Considering I'm out of work and desperately trying to secure new work, the fact that hiring managers can't consistently get a hold of me is quite a problem! Eventually I'll probably try to find a cheap replacement, but I love stock Android above all else, and haven't been able to bring myself to replace it with something inferior.

That little Nexus 4 would be well loved by me...I can guarantee you that much. :)

The Nexus 4 and me go together like... Every great relationship known to man! Bless me! :-P

We need to replace one of the office mobiles and are a poor non-profit so getting this would be very useful!

I have a warm, smoke free home, perfect living conditions for such a gentle creature. Humidity is at around 70% so that he is at home with his natural habitat, I also throw in some iPhone's in there, so he can be feed and capture his prey whenever he is hungry!


Nexus device. Yes please. That would be sweet making it my first nexus.

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Not sure why I always enter these knowing the odds of winning are so slim, but here goes nothing.

I have been considering adopting but I know I am not ready. This would help with my need to nurture.

Hi...Though I don't have an android phone yet, (still own a good old Sony Ericsson-Walkman), I'd certainly appreciate this phone for my beautiful sister (She still owns a Nokia) as her wedding gift (2 weeks away.. :) )...!!!

Wow talk about a great step up from my gnex. Would love this.

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jerry i promise to self compile aosp on a weekly to keep him update to date. and keep a apple supply handy. he will be loved don't you worry :)

Since Verizon does not have it as a option I'd love to try it on another service and see how it compares to my wife's S3 and my Moto Razr Maxx.

Looks like more than a few anxious people in the contest. I'd like to toss my name in the hat, too. Good luck to all!

I want one passport to android real world with nexus! I want one N4! I want a new N4 light saber!

It would definitely beat my current Nokia 6681...
And I would buy a fully covering case to it, I promise :)

It would be an absolute pleasure to provide a welcoming home to an unwanted Nexus, maybe he would eat my Wife's Apple iP5!

I would definitely and most likely enjoy it with excess. Feed it love, and as a former Apple-heavy user, I would most definitely serve him Apples for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I do not know anyone who would enjoy a stock-Android experience more than me. :)

This is an epic coincidence. I was just doing my spring cleaning as well a while ago. Putting up an old Nokia 6630 for sale.

Please gimme the Nexus 4!

I would love to replace my Galaxy Nexus with a Nexus 4! Just like how I replace my Nexus S with the Galaxy Nexus.

Okay Look no farther, I am the right person for this Nexus 4. I will treat it like the son I never had.

Help me get outta this cruel, self-inflicted torture known as a Verizon contract!!! A Nexus 4 is the jump start I need! #HOLOYOLO

I have been fantasizing about a Nexus 4 for weeks now. I can imagine us running through a field of lavender, photosphereing everything we saw! Plus my rooted galaxy nexus is really lonely (And it too is on an all Apple diet preferably Macintosh not granny smith!)

Its my birthday today I would like to get this for my birthday and my wife is expecting a baby girl in the next day or so, so this will be an extra addition to a family (I like to eat apples as well).

I'd definitely like to have it. I played with one that my friend bought. The stock android experience is so much better than the TouchWiz experience that Samsung pushes on their phones.

Pleeeeaaase pick me!! I'm dying to leave Verizon! I need to switch to a more affordable service :-/
Either way, good luck to all!

With all the stuff your spring cleanign is getting rid of you must have some really awesome stuff left! Can always use a good phone.

My Galaxy Note is starting to act funky. A stock Android replacement would be awesome.

I could definitely use a Nexus 4. It feels so great in the hand and the display is quite enjoyable.

My son is growing up and its time, he needs a phone. A freebie would be real nice to Dad's wallet and I could bribe him to cut the grass for me for the summer. ;)


I could always find a home for another Nexus 4 in the Noo household!

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This would be awesome to have to replace my first gen Sammy Tab 7 as its finally bit the ground hard.

Jerry! Pick me, my Galaxy S2 is getting a bit long in the teeth, and a Nexus 4 would be a welcome replacement!

I want it!

I'm probably the only Ecuadorian (or few) to checkout the site on a daily basis, refreshing and sharing all of the info with local friends to avoid them paying a lot to business ($40 per request)

Pure Google experience, yeah baby that's what I'm talking about and that's what Nexus 4 is all about and that's what i want :D

I would love the chance for this. I would love to experience the real google/nexus experience. I just graduated and am looking for a new phone. One lucky person will get this.

Oh I'll take very good care of him! I'll make sure he has a nice place to charge, plenty of apps to entertain, and maybe even root him so he can be truly free! :-)

I would LOVE to win a Nexus 4. This was what I wanted when it launched, I am so tired of carrier bloatware and bad roms! Im sure he would love to run some oldschool zelda and FF games for me!!

Please sign me up!!!!!

I wish to adopt this orphaned Nexus 4, I will hold it, feed it, and take it for frequent walks to the park!

Have had a Galaxy S2 for a while. Tinkered with it and my heart still isn't content (mainly due to the Exynos 4 debacle, but also the physical home button which I am slowly starting to dislike). I have admired the Nexus 4 for a while now and, rest assured, I would most definitely make the full open-sauce (sic) use of it! Starting with some #HOLOYOLO love with PA (currently experimenting with Cyanogenmod, seeing how PA isn't officially available on i9100) and some #HALOYOLO ;). My sister wants to inherit my S2, so that will make a good early b'day present!!!one!1

I'll take a future Key Lime Pie Nexus 4 to replace my Jelly Bean Galaxy Nexus. It would be better than having an Ice Cream Sandwich in the morning with a bowl of Honey Comb cereal. Or having some Gingerbread cookies with some Froyo yogurt for dessert. Even better than picking between an Eclair, Donut, or a Cupcake as a sweet snack.

From OG DROID, to Galaxy Nexus. A Nexus 4 would be a formidable step. Ready to leave Verizon. Just need a little help. Wanna help the kid out?

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thanks in advance ! ,
i know the baby will come to me to feed him apples and soonish key lime cause as monty pythons said i always look on the bright side of life !!!

I have lots of apples(real apples) to feed him! I put my old phone to sleep!

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So I finally moved to Android with an HTC One X from the iPhone a few months back. I don't have regrets, but the battery life on this thing abysmal, to the point where I've considered going back (okay, not really) and I'm actively looking to upgrade. The S4 looks great, but all the whiz bang is a bit over the top for me. I like the HTC One but how could I ever trust HTC again (besides crappy battery life HTC has proven that they'll take forever with updates)? I can't go back to iPhone, Android is just plain superior. The clean Android experience on Nexus 4 would be an absolute dream. So please, send that N4 my way knowing that you've ensured a great home with an Android convert. And lastly, PLEASE.

I promise to love it and care for it as much I love and care for my children. Maybe more!

I'll probably take best care of it than the rest of you!! Also feed it apples and stuff. Also would make a sweet replacement for my carrier locked, CID locked HTC One S.

oh my goodness please please send me the nexus 4, i've been wanting one, i think i want it more than the new htc one!

I've used my T-Mobile G2 for 2.75 years, took great care of it, but it simply does not work anymore (crashes and doesn't make calls)...a new phone would be great

I love feeding my current device Apples, but it's getting old and doesn't eat as much. Would love a new Nexus to spoil.

I would love him forever and make sure he is feed only the best apples money can buy!!!

I would take care of it like a baby... feed him tons of apples and teach him how to toss a baseball thru a window.

OH please please pick me! This would be perfect to upgrade my tired mytouch 4g slide (Still a great phone by the way).

I would love to take that phone off your hands... There's always room for a Nexus in my Family... Hell Loyd is more than welcome to come too... :)

This is still my favorite phone just couldn't afford it.
Would love to win this baby!!! :)

Spring Cleaning? Well clean that nexus right on this way. It will put a much needes spring in my step

The radioactive spider should be avoided at any cost, therefore, I will be more than happy to put my original now "long in the tooth" RazrMaxx into retirement and use the LG Nexus 4 you so desperately need to give me enabling you to save your multitasking talents for more than juggling phones...PALEEZE...YEAH!

This past Father's day was lonely for me, I would take care of the Nexus 4 as if it were one of my own.

I would really like the N4 and am enjoying the Mobile discussions on this site. I have a nice, warm home and will even buy a pin er case for it! My GS2 is starting to die and I need a new phone, preferably one directly from Google.

My HTC One just broke....(fell out of my pocket). Maybe there's a chance I could win this contest and get back on android...(either that or back to my old iPhone 4...

My Nexus 4 recently suffered water damage and isn't working for me anymore. Here's to hoping that I don't have to spend another 400 bucks on a new phone!

I would love nothing more than to upgrade my Galaxy Nexus to an LG Nexus 4. Count me in on this contest. I will give that LG Nexus 4 a good home.


My Nexus 10 needs a Nexus 4 to make up for that pain in the ass Galaxy Nexus!

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Please let me get this. I want to switch to a GSM carrier. I will take care of this phone lovingly. Thanks.

thank you for the opportunity to win the phone. I hope i win this one. Never won anything for all the contests I have participate so far (CB, iMore, and AC)

I have a daughter that constantly stalls my nexus. Please take pity and let me at least have one device I can call my own ;)

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A Nexus 4 would make a lovely companion to my wife's N7. Then maybe *I* could actually get to use a Nexus device for more than a few seconds.

Imma name him Squishy and he will be my Squishy. Come here little squishy!!!

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Knowing I wouldn't be picked, but still can't help to comment for the 1st time...

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