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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4



I'll be frank, I have started to make my own apps and such with no android or coding experience. The Nexus would be amazing for me so I can test out apps properly for once rather than looking to strangers online in hopes they don't pirate it.

It will be happy here and will never be more than a meter away. :) PLUS my whole family has apples (yuck!) so he'll gobble that right up!

I would love your nexus, charge him daily and feed him power. He would be used daily!

I would love to win a great phone for my girlfriend... she's on a LG Optimus L9 right now (the gimped T-Mobile version, not the good international version).

Yeah, my GNex is getting a little sluggish these I'm game for a Nexus 4. Been holding off to see if they announce the next iteration in the Nexus line...getting tired of waiting. :)

I'd sure love to give my sweet Nexus a twin girlfriend could finally have a smartphone of her own as well.

Ive been coming up with a ton of reasons to replace my iphone 4 and the one that always gets me is me being stingy with my money. If I won this, I would smash my iphone 4, maybe run it over and hit it with the lawnmower. I would record it with the Nexus and would upload it for you guys :) Ive been dying to get into the Android community and this would be the perfect chance.

Thank you for the consideration.

I would so love a Nexus. My S2 is dented, slow and covered in that disgusting thing called Touchwiz!

Pure Android Nexus goodness would be ever so good!

I like apples too, so I believe this "little" nexus "4" belongs with me! I know the "big" nexus "10" likes pomegranates which I really don't like and the "middling" nexus "7" likes chocolate - but everybody loves chocolate. I would like to have a chance to help this little nexus grow into an intelligent and well mannered adolescent who hopefully will become part of the great nexus community. I can provide this little guy enough love to mature into a well rounded next generation nexus to spread love and understanding throughout the world. I have high expectations for the future nexus generations or as I call them "nexusations". -robjay

I'm still using a Sprint Nexus S 4G. Been wanting to switch over to a Nexus 4, and my contract just ended a few days ago.

I don't NEED two Nexus 4's, but I have a good friend who needs one for some proper Ingress.

Oh please can I have it. It will go great with my Nexus 7 and Chromebook Pixel ;) Thank you so much!

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I would love a Nexus 4. I will give him a very good home and lots of attention.

I give my galaxy s3 lots of love, and i promise to fill my new nexus with lots of love, and apps and Google play all access

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I would love nothing more than to take care of and appreciate this phone for as long as it will have me!!

Good thing I always keep the fridge stocked with apples. And don't worry, I'd try to expand his horizons to enjoying other foods as well. I think I picked up a box of blackberries recently that he might find tasty...Trust me, he'll have a good home !

Perfect timing, getting out of my Verizon contract and hello month to month in AT&T

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I am a loving parent who would feed it as many apples it wanted every single day!

I would love a Nexus 4!! My old LG Optimus V is not ideal for development.

And of course, HOLOYOLO

Jerry, I have a good home for this Nexus. Filled with love and beer.

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Ohhhh I will take VERY good care of him and love him and feed him every day :)

My Amaze 4G seems to be starting its death throes. This would be a great replacement.

I am no stranger to taking in stray phones. I have a great little ranch where he can run wild and free with other devices. I will unconditionally love the little guy and keep him well fed on a variety of Apples. #HOLOYOLO

I will love and cherish the little guy, and when his little heart os needs an upgrade, I'll be there to push the install button. You have no idea how bad I want one. Thanks for the chance.

Oh Nexus 4, I would give you a home, complete with sweet sweet ROM nectar and all of the ADB, AOKP, and tweaking you could possibly ask for.

Come home with me Nexus 4, and we can rule the Android galaxy together!

My S3 screen got cracked within a month of me owning it (4 year old son dropped it - joys of being a father), so after nearly a year with a cracked screen (no $ to repair a phone - more joys of being a father) I would love to own a Nexus!

My Evo 4g may be running JellyBean already, but I'd love a phone that was meant to.

There's a dying G2 in my immediate family, who needs an heir. #Nexus4 is the only worthy champion to step forward. :D

I have sprint so when i travel out of the country it would be nice to have a GSM phone to buy prepaid cards for! thanks!

Oh my... What a wonderful gift my wife would get. It would be an awesome surprise!

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I can help you with your situation. I will gladly take one from your hands and your world will be in peace. :-)

Considering the fact I live in Apple-filled environment, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to feed him apples. :P

Jerry, you're the nicest guy in the whole world.

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Damn JH, I do love it when you clean out the Android lair. Nex4 is still a killer phone, even all these months later. I'm in. Good luck geeks. AOSP*4*life. Oh, and if you're not first, you're last.

Sweet! I could sure go for an N4. #YouOughtaLookOut

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Oh, what a cute little Android phone! Just what I always wanted. My own little Nexus 4. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and pat him and pet him and rub him and caress him and...


Blast you!!!!!! I was apparently third in line for this reference!!!! And here I thought I was clever.

Oh, woe is me. Only the sweet, sweet feel of a Nexus pressed to my cheek will relieve my pain (hint hint there, Jerry.......).

Would love to care for this amazing young droid! He could spend play time with my Floyd the Droid shirt and figures during the few random nanoseconds I wouldn't be using him for Nexus fun and goodness.

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I have been torn between getting a nexus 4 or waiting the few months till the elusive nexus 5 is revealed. I have a nexus s and while he does his job well, he is nearing retirement age. NEXUS FOR LIFE!!!

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My GNex was stolen May 8. Been using a BB Tour 9630... doesnt even have wifi...I need this phone in the worst way

I currently have a Nexus S - which is basically end of life. A new Nexus 4 would be a huge upgrade!!!

I'm trying to convince my wife to ditch Sprint and iPhone. A free, gently used N4 would be a great selling point.

Pick me please! I could use another Android device because I haven't had a great one since the original Evo on Sprint and it has been too long!

I would love to win the Nexus4 and give it to a friend, chasmodo, who develops Asylum Rom for Galaxy Note and Nexus4, but unfortunately bricked his device, the Nexus4. Not repairable.
Of course I would love to use it myself, but I would prefer to win and donate it to him!

I would LOVE a Nexus 4! It would accompany my Nexus 7 wonderfully! Plus, I just love the way that this phone looks.

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I would love a Nexus 4, its the only way to really appreciate Android in its purest form.

I'm gonna definitely take good care of HER, just look how good her FRONT and BACK side look!

Never had a Nexus phone, but I have wanted one since they came out! I'll take very good care of it!

This would be great practice because I am about to get married. I need to take care of something.

I'd love it forever. My Gnex is still going, but it would love a new brother/sister.

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I already have a Nexus 4, but my brother has been using some horrid $10 Kyocera phone for years. I'd love to get him into the world of smartphones! I figure a Nexus 4 on a T-Mo prepaid plan would be the perfect way to introduce him to the world of Android.

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