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< >

Spotify has updated its app (think kind of like Pandora, only peer-to-peer) to version 0.3.24, which is really cool except that you can't use Spotify in the United States. And don't think we're not stewing over that.

Anyhoo, here's what's new:

  • URI support - Open/Share Spotify URI’s to or from SMS, email, the Facebook or Twitter apps, etc.
  • Updated player with cover art swipe support (similar to the iPhone version).
  • Android 2.0/Eclair support. Spotify now runs on the popular Motorola Droid phone.
  • Home screen widget - control Spotify from the home screen!

Worthy updates, all. Now excuse me while I go kick something.

[Spotify via Intomobile]


Reader comments

Spotify gets an update, still MIA in USA


yeah, the only problem is that it doesn't work on my moto droid.

I have a premium subscription... but the damn thing says that I'm offline and therefore the search function is unavailable....

still waiting for a solution...

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