While the news of Spotify teaming up with Sprint was big, unless you're a Sprint customer or planning on soon being one, it likely didn't matter all that much to you. What may matter to you though is the fact that there's a new Spotify app update rolling out through the Google Play Store right now and it's a bit of a departure from the app as you know it now. The new update includes a new darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography and a few other changes as noted on the Spotify blog.

We're not only improving our interface though. We know how much you love playlists, but that you've been looking for more ways to organise your favourite songs, albums and playlists. So over the past weeks we've rolled out Your Music: a feature that will help you save, organise and browse your favourite tunes. We're also improving our Browse feature. Regardless of whether you're looking for something to fall asleep to, or the perfect playlist to get you geared up for your big night out, we got you covered.

You might have to wait a while before you actually see the update though as it seems for whatever reason, this one is being staggered out to Spotify users. As noted by Spotify, the update will start rolling out today and reach all Android users over the coming weeks.


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Spotify for Android update brings new darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography


I tried Spotify for all of thirty seconds. Once I installed it and saw it looked like iTunes I immediately deleted it. That was years ago. So glad Google Music has come around. I'm not tied to my computer to use a program.

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What the hell are you rambling on about? Looks like iTunes? Huh tied to your computer huh

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Perhaps it's changed. Years ago the Spotify program on Windows looked like iTunes. You also need to use the program (on a PC) to modify playlists then sync to a device. Like I said, years ago might have changed.

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Still true AFAIK - you need to use the desktop to edit playlists.. Mobile is just a player.

I left because they kept removing things I listened to from their catalogue, and ongoing Bluetooth issues with their app (it would go silent and require a restart.. Difficult to do when you're driving).

Now google music exists I don't see anything that could drag me back TBH.

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That's the reason I switched from Google Music, didn't offer some stuff I wanted to listen too. All platforms lose the rights to music.

I can add and remove songs from Playlists on the fly from the mobile app - not sure what you all are talking about. It's certainly easier to create playlists on the desktop, but it's very possible to add and delete and I'm sure other things I've not tried while on the mobile. Also haven't had any issues with Bluetooth - I listen via my Bluetooth earpiece all day at work, and listen through my car often as well and have had no more problems with Spotify than I've had with any others.

I'm a bit confused as well
I can make a new playlist, edit playlists, search music, radio, add songs from the radio to my playlists on my Z30 (android app)

I've never used Spotify on my computer only mobile. Wtf are you talking about?

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Sadly I had to cancel my Spotify subscription today as they are focused on things like this instead of the Chromecast support that I want and that nearly everyone is offering already.

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I'm sure Chromecast support is coming one day. Look how long it took for landscape support. Should have Chromecast support by 2020.

I wish they'd add the ability to edit playlists on mobile... It's really ridiculous that just the Android version doesn't support this already!

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Used it until AllAccess came to Germany, wasn't too bad, but it missed Chromecast support. Wish Google Play would switch from mp3 to a superior and more efficient format like aac (unlikely) or ogg and maybe even flac.

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