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The Spotify app for Android has always been a let down to what is otherwise a first rate music streaming service. We recently got a preview of their latest efforts in the form of a preview edition, and the difference was staggering. For some people -- myself included -- it rekindled a love affair with the service. Suddenly, Spotify for Android had become beautiful as well as functional, following the Android 4.0 design themes superbly. Today sees the end of the preview, and the general release of the update into the Google Play Store.

But, not content with what we've already seen and played around with, Spotify has gone and added yet more new features. One of which being scrobbling, another being a new widget. 

So, what do we actually get? The answer, quite a lot: 

  • Totally new app with full support for Android 4.0
  • Top-to-bottom redesign
  • All-new slide-out navigation
  • Even more social - check out friends’ profile pages and playlists on the go
  • Artist imagery in high resolution
  • Related artist view - available for the first time on mobile
  • ‘Extreme’ sound quality setting for 320kbps listening
  • So much faster!
  • Play queue
  • scrobbling
  • Crossfade/gapless playback settings
  • Widget – control Spotify from the home screen
  • Folder support

The update now seems to be live in the Play Store, so head on over and grab yourselves a copy. As always though, please remember it does require a Spotify Premium account to use on mobile. But, if you've ever thought about signing up, now is definitely as good a time as any. 

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Reader comments

Spotify for Android officially updated, all new UI and scrobbling on board


Absolutely, completely, 100% inexcusable that an app on a tablet doesn't respect screen orientation. I won't pay for this crap.

Now we're playing around with it, seems theres no landscape on the phone version either - or if there is it isn't working for me!

Will fire them an email and see what they say, you're right, it's pretty inexcusable. The old version had landscape, albeit it was hideously ugly, but it was still there

I've tried already...never got a response. It's amazing to me that something so obvious is missing, especially after a "complete redesign". Does anyone at their company actually use the app on a phone in the car??

I, almost exclusively, use this in my car to replace my radio. If they don't put an update for this soon, then I'll be dropping Spotify. Suffered through the "Beta" testing and it is ridiculous for no landscape.

I don't mind a whole lot on the phone but I have an Asus Transformer that sits next to me on the dock which I play music on at work. It's a deal breaker if apps don't do landscape mode. Even if they do it poorly, (I'm looking at YOU, Facebook,) at least it's usable.

No tablet support is pretty sad. But on my phone this seems great so far. Glad to see folder support finally made it to Android.

Ooooohh, Scrobbling! Like there is actually another individual any where on the face of the Earth who actually cares what you are currently listening to.

That's not all scrobbling is for there smarty pants. I've had it since it was beta and I have never added a single friend - I use it for the reason it was created in the first place - that is to keep track of my listening trends and then (once you amass a large sample size) comparing/contrasting the results against recommended artists and random strangers that like the same styles of music and finding new artists. Then checking these artists out, and possibly adding them to my collection...then repeat again over the next few months.

I lost all respect for Spotify after they allowed the Android app to languish since they didn't update it since November 2011, and it never supported Android 4.0 until today.

But what really pissed me off was the fact that hundreds, maybe thousands, of people were constantly posting about the lack of 4.0 support in their official forums and e-mailing them about it. From what I saw, not a single Spotify employee deemed it important enough to at least post information about when 4.0 would be supported etc. This is how little Spotify thinks of their U.S./Non-iPhone customers.

Now they release an app that doesn't even support Landscape orientation or tablet support? Rhapsody has supported tablets for months, and looks quite gorgeous on tablets.

Spotify is a joke on Android. You're better off trying Rhapsody or Rdio.

It did work on Android 4.0...just wasn't a nice experience. For us in the UK though for just about forever it's all we've had. Rdio only showed up to the party about a month ago

Huh...I just sent them an e-mail via the Contact the Developer link in the market, and I got an e-mail back saying that that "isn't a current active support channel."

With all the negative comments about landscape mode (yes, that sucks), overall, the app is a vast improvement. It's now possible to queue a song rather than play it. It's possible to view your queue, remove tracks, tap a track to move it to the top. Still doesn't match MOG's play queue functionality, but it works well enough that Spotify's other strengths finally take the crown from MOG for me.

In addition to the play queue, the sound quality is vastly improved. Also, starting playback is crazy fast. Most times, it's indistinguishable from hitting "play" on a local file. I'm used to MOG, which takes several seconds to start a song and leaves a several-second gap while it buffers between each track. Spotify's new gapless playback is spectacular by comparison. An album actually sounds like an album.

The app is really beautiful to look at. The widget is simple, functional, and clean.

Most importantly, the app seems to be in active development mode. From beta to release, a LOT was added and fixed. I would not be surprised to see landscape mode added very soon.

The app does have some issues. Landscape, obviously. The fact that the play queue is persistent until a reboot and cannot be cleared. Tracks you don't want have to be removed one-by-one. It quickly turns into a bloated mess, and I just don't quite understand Spotify's odd logic on managing a play queue. Would it be so hard to add an "Add to end of queue" option? And what's with the weird deal where some tracks are white and some yellow? I know the ones I queue are yellow, where the ones that get auto-added are white, but I don't really see the point.

Still, a huge improvement overall, and enough to convince me to switch back to Spotify.

I've been using the preview since you guys told me about it, have never even noticed that there's no landscape mode - HA!

I love Spotify & have had very few issues in my time as a subscriber. I definitely agree that it would be nice if the artist radio feature was in the mobile app.

For you guys who I have tried it, what has been taken away?

I gather that storage on SDcard is gone now, correct? If so, that is almost a deal killer for me!

Can you sort on artist, album and track now? That has aways been one big mess for me.

Anything else of note? I am trying to decide if I should update or not?

Thanks in advance.