If you're looking for a unique gift this holiday season for the tech geeks on your list, and our seal of approval wasn't enough to open your wallet, this might do it: Sphero, the robotic ball controlled by your Android device, made a cameo on the silver screen last week, appearing in American Horror Story, my pick for the best show on television right now. Keep in mind that Sphero doesn't always act as ominously as it does in the Harmons' haunted house; rather, it uses your device's bluetooth connection to move as you direct it to, with built-in apps allowing you to play golf, drive, and even take photos remotely. Hit the source link below to check out the clip (if you're not too scared), and if you've got $129 to spend on a remote control ball, preorders are open now, with delivery in time for Christmas.

Source: Sphero


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Sphero makes a spooky cameo in FX's American Horror Story


Ha, I remember when I watched that last week thinking, hey, is that a Sphero or just some camera trickery? Interesting about the comment that preorders have "...delivery in time for Christmas"; when I ordered mine last month I believe it said all the December shipments were already sold out and I'd get mine sometime in 2012. Be nice if it showed up sooner!

Woah, demand for Sphero has been overwhelming.

Pre-order now to be among the first to receive Sphero in January 2012.