Speed X

Speed X is a 3D accelerometer-controlled game where you fly through tunnels and a futuristic grid landscape, dodging obstacles and collecting points.  It has amazingly smooth graphics, great music, and is a fast-paced action game that is easy to play and loads of fun. By tilting your phone (or tablet -- Speed X works great on the Xoom or Galaxy Tab) you steer your ship past blocks and towers, dodging land traps and fighting against gravity wells and blackouts.  On the surface, it seems simple, but trust me it gets very addicting, and will keep you coming back for more.  Add in 3D glasses support (red/cyan worked great and the wife says I look hot in them) and you have a game that's a hell of a lot of fun. And after almost a year in the top 20 paid apps list, HyperBees has made it free.

It gets even better.  I spoke with Tom Mleko from HyperBees Ltd. (check out their developer forum here at Android Central) and he tells me that very soon we will be seeing in-app purchases for things like tougher shields, Godmode, and other power ups to make Speed X even more fun.  We've seen that free ad-supported model is great for both the publisher and the consumer, and as long as HyperBees keeps cranking out games like Speed X, they will see success with it I'm sure. 

To celebrate the launch of the new Speed X, HyperBees is giving away a Zeemote controller (which works great with Speed X!) to a lucky Android Central reader.  Hit the contest thread for the details right here, and we have some screenshots of gameplay and the download link after the break.  Thanks Tom!

Speed X 1

Speed X 2

Speed X 3

Speed X 4

Speed X 5


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BrandonEnr7 says:

Just downloaded and tried this out. Fun and addictive game, couldn't put the phone down and forgot I was supposed to be getting work done.

lol. Tell me about it. Try it with a cheap pair of paper 3D glasses, headphones, and the lights in the room down low.


chaloney says:

does it work on the nook color, 2.1?

chaloney says:

yes, yes it does. :)

Kin#AC says:

Awesome on my Optimus One!

Sawerin says:

Works great on my Xperia x8 with Android 2.1.

PGleo86 says:

Works perfectly on Droid Incredible, CM7 RC2

Love it with the 3D glasses lol

Hi all, I'm really glad you like the game :)
We'll give away not one, but three Zeemotes

trophyking says:

Great Game on my Droid X, love it!!!!!!! Try it in a dark room WOW, feels like your in the game.