We're only just beginning with our HTC One coverage, folks. There's a whole lot to go through, between BlinkFeed and BoomSound and Ultrapixels and Zoes and everything in between. And we've got a podcast all ready to go to walk you through the finer points of the HTC One.

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And with that, have a listen to our special-edition podcast, featuring the HTC One.

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Special-edition podcast: The HTC One walkthrough


Hey Phil, I don't see anything about wireless charging like the DNA. I would hope it would have the same Qi charging capabilities?

Really interested in hearing how the S4 new display compares with the Ones 1080 display in brightness, contrast, blacks colors and clarity. I bet the 1080 LCD3 display is nothing short of stunning!

Could you please ask HTC why they decided to go with hardware Home/Back buttons? This killed it for many customers IMO (since you can't fix it with CM10).
Basically, why does HTC feel that they have to ruin the pure Android experience? Consistency between devices is the key

I'm not going to say that etched on Home/Back buttons have "killed" it for me.
That would be horribly short sighted. Yes, I realize that developers who are trying to go for the stock ONLY Android experience/UI may have issues with this, but this is STILL a very beautiful piece of hardware.

I would say HTC has ZERO interest in "killing the Android experience" and more in making the experience of THAT device BETTER with their UI tweeks.
I happen to like Sense and YES I have used Vanilla Android.

I want to get my hands on one and PLAY with it a bit before I pass judgement against it. I would be quite curious to know if, like the iPhone, they are all the "Same" inside and not separate CDMA/GSM variations. i.e. I could buy one UNLOCKED and take it to ANY carrier here in the US.

If I didn't have any other Android devices, sure, it wouldn't be a problem for me.
But I already have N7/N10 and CM10 GS3. They all behave identical and I got very used to this.... muscle memory is the key to being efficient.

At least on GS3 you can disable the capasitive buttons and you can't even see them. Not the case here.

To me the user experience is more important than the shell of a phone.

And I still would love to hear HTC's (or Samsung, LG, etc) explanation on why they have to mess with stock Android. They actually SPEND money to "fix" the perfectly fine OS.

uhhhhhhh, as people have previously told you there not trying to "fix" anything in stock Android. Sure you think everything would be great if every device ran stock Android, but your wrong. Hardware alone isn't enough to differentiate the devices these manufactures make. (This is why we see "crapware" from manufactures in Windows. Believe me if they could change Windows itself they would). Moreover competition is good (Yay Capitalism!). You better believe that even Google has learned things from Sense/touchwiz, ect (for instance the "new" toggle in the notification tray in 4.2). Different people have different preferences, if they didn't a market for non-nexus devices wouldn't exist right? Completion and forks of the Android OS are not "fixing" anything wrong w/ AOSP, they've created a thriving Android submarket of the smartphone market.

moreover, watch this video:

LOL. I am wrong for wanting to have a consistent user experience?
This is the main reason I buy Nexus when possible.

Lastly, HTC isn't doing so well financially. In fact very badly. Perhaps it's time to do something different. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insane. It's not like their phone HW was terrible before HTC One. They make probably the best Android HW available in USA (at least on how it looks/feels).

Phil - maybe it's just me, but I don't see a file to download or listen to... This is all I see - type="audio/mpeg">.

Edit - I think it may be my browser, b/c I was able to pull it up on my N10.

Is it a beautifully designed phone, yes. is it powerful enough for my needs, absolutely. Do I like the new Sence, not sure. Am I terribly disappointed in the new capacative key layout, the lack of SD storage, lack of dedicated camera button, and integrated battery....yes, yes, yes, and yes....
Will I consider it for my next phone? Not a chance in hell. Why? Not because of the reasons I have listed above, but because HTC has burned me too many times with faulty hardware, their desire to lock the device with ridiculous methods, and last but not least....HTC's terrible record of updates and support including their continual violation of GPL kernel code which legally must be released at the same time (or before as Samsung normally does) of update release or initial release of the phone. Enough said.