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Sound Search (affectionately known as Google Ear to the Android faithful) has landed in Google Play, ready for downloading on devices running 4.0 or higher. In case you're unaware of exactly what this is, it's pretty much like Shazam -- let it listen to a song that is playing, and it will identify what song it is, and in the case of Sound Search, link you to Google Play Music where you can buy a copy. 

It's nifty, and can be useful at times. I'd not know who Nicki Minaj is without it, so there's that. But what most people will be interested in is how this works with devices that already have Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean, but didn't have access to Google Sound Search before (looking right at you HTC). The good news is that most anyone in the US with ICS or higher can go grab it from Google Play at the link above, slap the widget on their home screen, and have some fun with it.

The bad news is that it is not showing up during an on-device search from the UK or the rest of the world. You can find it via a direct link, but the only device we've found that is compatible with a UK network location is the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX, a Verizon phone. This mimics a lot of the services and goods that Google offers, and something needs done to get a handle on the situation. Google wants your pound notes and Euros and Won as much as they want my dollars and cents, so hopefully they are doing something about it.

Of course, getting it installed on just about any phone will be easy enough once the files get into the right hands, but that's not the solution. Come on Google, #FIXIT

Source: Official Android blog


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Ry says:

The Motorola RAZR MAXX isn't a Verizon phone. The Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX is a Verizon phone.

I'm pretty sure the Motorola RAZR MAXX was available in the UK. :)

This one is the Verizon version. Edited it to clarify.

Ry says:


jskevis says:

Tried the direct link..... says it is not available for my galaxy nexus in Canada

Jezz_X says:

Yep Same for Australia guess it only works in counties that have play store music

Naruvam says:

Market enabler to install. Works like a charm :D

NelsonTitua says:

Ive had this widget since july when i got my evo lte its cool that its now on the play store.. the apk. i had didnt have the ability to do history search nice.

icebike says:

Is it still limited to only those songs Google sells in the Play Store?

NelsonTitua says:

It never was limited.. ive used this to search for spanish songs that i thought would never be recognized and they were on itunes..

piizzadude says:

Can't you do this with Google now? I thought it was a feature there...

still1 says:

Google now wont work without this app(outside US and some HTC phones). few days ago people reported in some htc phones it didnt work because this app was not present. now anyone can use this feature in google now.

still1 says:

ok if i install this will it be a new widget or replace my old widget on my nexus 4??
I am in US so i already have this. I am more interested in future updates to this app.

ISS2 says:

Is there a way to view your tags later like Shazam?

s3c7i0ns3v3n says:

You should be able to click the little clock icon on the right of the widget and it will bring up the tags you've made.

s3c7i0ns3v3n says:

In the US, on Verizon (ouch, my wallet!), HTC Rezound not rooted, ICS, was not able to find using on-device search. Had to use the direct link, just a heads up for other Rezound owners out there. Thanks for posting the direct link, Jerry! =]

Vito2000 says:

On the Rezound, were you able to get the widget to show up on your phone? After I installed the app from the Play Store I couldn't see it on my phone as a widget or an app.

Vito2000 says:

Never mind. I restarted my phone and can see it now.

Vito2000 says:

Double post. :-(

glazedfaith says:

Is this "officially available through google play" version any different from/better than the APK I sideloaded on my Verizon S3 months ago?

Sorry. Been using SoundHound for the last 2.5 years. Why would I swap?