Sony Xperia ZL

HSPA+ Xperia Z available in all three colors; ZL price cut by $130

Sony doesn't have a very long track record for selling unlocked devices to the U.S., but it certainly seems to be giving it a better shot with the release of the Xperia Z and ZL. Starting today, the HSPA+ model (C6602) of the Xperia Z is on sale direct to the U.S. for a cool $629 -- the North American LTE capable device is still missing, however. The Xperia ZL, which has been on sale direct to the U.S. for a little while now has taken a steep price cut as well, to $629 down from a previously ridiculous $759. Unlike the Z, the ZL currently shipping from Sony does support both AT&T and T-Mobile on HSPA+ and LTE, which makes this a good bang for your buck in terms of carrier portability.

XperiaBlog points out that the Z and ZL are both slightly cheaper ($599 and $609, respectively) from other retailers such as Newegg and Amazon, but it's good to see Sony drop its prices to more realistic levels. Some people just like the reassurance of buying directly from the manufacturer as well, and they shouldn't be punished with a severely higher price. If you're interested in one of these, all three colors of the Z and the red version of the ZL are now shipping from the source links below.

Source: Sony (Z); Sony (ZL); Via: XperiaBlog


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Sony Xperia Z now for sale in the US, Xperia ZL receives large price cut


What is Sony smoking? Originally at 750??!!!?? And now 629? About the same price as the S3 and 50 bucks cheaper than the HTC One dev edition. Phuck outta here Sony.

$759 was indeed too steep for an unlocked device nowadays. But at $629 it's going to be cheaper than the Galaxy S4 off contract from any carrier, and much cheaper than an S4 unlocked. The HTC One is well priced at $579, I'll give you that, but it doesn't make the $629 ZL overpriced because its $50 more. Also keep in mind the ZL is pentaband HSPA+ 42 and supports LTE on AT&T and T-Mobile.

I'm sure everyone would like to see unlocked prices come down, but you can't take out your frustration about the overall price of unlocked devices on the Sony phone. Sony coming down to "normal" unlocked prices is a big improvement over its previous devices.

Isn't it still too steep? I mean it's using an outdated processor right? The HTC one is using a newer processor, built out of metal and also has an excellent screen, why would anyone look at this phone? I played with one in a Sony store and it looked alright. Though the screen is 1080p I actually didn't think it looked that much better than my Optimus G while the HTC one and S4 showed significant improvements. I'm sorry but all common sense points to this being a bad deal.

Oh I didn't know it was pentaband HSPA+, ill give them lots of credit for that. But still, 629USD? You cant be serious. This phone cant compete with the One and S4 in terms of brand recognition and sales here in the US, why price it this high?

And its not like im considering buying this phone anyways, I just cant think that someone would buy a ZL for 629$ when they can add 30 bucks and get an S4 from a carrier or again, the One for 579$.

A delayed Xperia Z release and it still doesn't have LTE capabilities? And no carrier subsidies? Not sure where Sony was going with a $630 no LTE 'Flagship' phone. At least the Nexus 4 was $350 with no LTE.

629 is not bad, it is a premium device with nice specs but I wouldn't pay 750 either. If you don't remember the Treo era however, an unlocked Sony Ericsson k790a had costed 800$ on release date, I got it for nice 500ish a couple months later. If you don't like 629, you just have to wait for newer phones to price it out

I don't see any need for carrier subsidies. $199 + $100 x 24 is a very expensive deal and here people complain about price tags of $599-629 that can be combined with $30-49 monthly bills to bring in a total savings of around $1000. So no, subsidies are NOT a money saver. You are still paying for the device. There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

And then we have this moaning about no LTE? What is the usefulness of LTE on a 2 GB plan? Streaming ONE HD movie and then pay overages? Give me 10 GB of LTE data for $50 and we can talk seriously - or give me unlimited. To me, LTE is of no use until there are decent data plans that allows for HD streaming. T-Mobile is the closest but I would like to see VoLTE too.

I don't get why people complain about device prices when they seem to deal with the fact that a new computer or TV are sold at full retail price. Perhaps it is time for subsidized computers and TV sets too?;)

I bought it for over $700 on release and the Z is a fantastic device. I used an S4 as well recently and in terms of performance you wont see a difference. I'm sure they have better power management etc new features but the S4 processer works great. I have never been so happy with a phone before and I also abuse the water proof capabilities to the point that I don't think I would be able go back to a another phone without the feature.. I would dunk it on accident lol.
As far as the ZL I don't really find the need for LTE but for those that do go ahead. I been using H only on ATT for the past 3 months or so with the Z with excellent data speed. I even got throttled at one point for using so much data so couldn't imagine with LTE.
$600ish off contract is not a bad deal at all and if its not for you buy what is but off contract is about same on any device released in past 4 months. Phones just age extremely quick.

I don't think Sony has ever been to fond of how US carriers work which is why very few devices make it over here. They are also always released later than the rest of the world. Supposedly T Mobile is getting the Z now though.
Which is randomly late but im sure it will sell some devices since not many handsets over here have waterproof features.
Depends how much they price it on contract.

I'D like to see full retail price. it would have to under cut the ONES $579 by $50 but doubt it will. if they sold for $500 they would have a hit on their hands.