Sony updates SmartWatch 2 to display custom wallpapers

Sony has rolled out a new firmware update to its SmartWatch 2 to bring custom wallpapers to your wrist. The firmware update also brings support for more languages.

The update brings the firmware build to 1.0.B.5.28/1.0.A.4.11. You can update the app from the Google Play store on your Android phone, and from within the app you can update the firmware on the SmartWatch 2.

Without an Android Wear wrist wear of its own, it looks like Sony is hard at work improving the SmartWatch 2, which competes in the same space as Samsung's Galaxy Gear 2, the Pebble, and Android Wear devices like the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, and the Moto 360 among other wearables.

Is the ability to further customize your SmartWatch 2 with custom wallpapers a noteworthy update for you? Does Sony's latest update make it a bit more competitive with other offerings on the market?

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Sony updates SmartWatch 2 to display custom wallpapers


I actually bought this watch two days ago and to be honest I really do like it as of right now I'm still on the fence if I'm going to keep it but it seems to offer a lot for just a watch that it is right now. Between this screen and the Toq they offer the best direct daylight color screen plus always on.
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I have 1 and actually like it a lot. At the time I purchased it IMO it was perfect for my needs. No unnecessary gimmicks like the Gear 1. I have no use for a mic, camera and such on my wrist. Solid battery performance and lots of apps available + Sony has been doing a good job of keeping the firmware up to date. I plan on selling it once the 360 arrives but I'm more than satisfied for the $125 bnib on Craigslist that I paid for it.

I might keep it just for the design. If Sony makes a SW3 with android wear and the same screen and design, it'll beat it out for the 360 for me.

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IMO I feel like this is Sony being Sony when it comes to Android products. They go on their own for a couple of years then realize their mistake and start looking at what everyone else is doing to make great products. I think we need to wait for the 4th generation of their smartwatch to fail before they create an Android wear watch that is amazing.

Agreed, look at the first xperia phones, the xperia play, s and so on which were just awful, then they started the amazing z range. Im positive the next sony watch will be Android Wear if the first generation of AW takes of like I think it will.

The new update seems to be draining the battery fast. Not even an hour and its drained down to 94%.

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I love my SW2 and I think you'll see most SW2 users are very happy with it. It has great battery life, always on screen, color touch screen, water resistant, swappable bands, it works on most Android phones, a ton of apps, and continued support from Sony.........all at a great price.
While I agree AndroidWear is the future, this watch is hard to beat in the present.
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A lot of people also forget this watch was available pre-Android Wear. Although I don't agree with Sony not going all in with Wear since then. They have a very good start for a non-Wear device. Would I be interested in a Sony Android Wear device? After owning this watch, probably so. Depends on the styling versus the 360.

Not to forget:
In my country availability is a factor:
Sony SW2 - no problem to buy.
Android Wear - not for sale and no release date...

Just wish Google and partners would recognise more countries when new products are released.

Best product is one you can buy :-)!

I had this waterborne a few months. Awesome display in daylight and it's design was great for work and play. Plus most wristbands I bought for it didn't look ridiculous like in other smartwatches. It was ahead of its time in some areas but way behind in others. Color display on it was pretty meh. I hope the SW3 addresses that. For a hundred bucks though, awesome buy.

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