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While Sony continues to struggle to get its Xperia phones directly into U.S. carrier stores, there's good news for American Sony fans wanting to pick up GSM unlocked versions of the company's latest Xperia Z2. Engadget reports that the Japanese firm has confirmed its intention to sell the Z2 on its online store in the U.S. at some point "in the near future."

The move would be a continuation of Sony's existing strategy which has seen unlocked versions of Xperias Z and Z1 going on sale in the U.S., though buyers can probably expect a fairly hefty price tag when the unlocked Z2 arrives. With reports of Xperia Z2 delays in many countries, though, it's not too surprising that we don't have a precise U.S. launch date just yet — but at least we know it's on its way.

The news isn't so great for fans of the smaller Xperia Z1 Compact, however, with Sony reportedly having no plans to bring the 4.3-incher to American shores.

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Sony: Unlocked Xperia Z2 headed to U.S. online store


I was hoping after Sony dumped their awesome laptop line that they would have had a much bigger push with their smartphones but they seem to be struggling.

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Their flagship isn't available on all carriers like HTC, LG, and Samsung are.

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Still, I'm tired of seeing the idiotic "world is bigger than 'murica" posts. We fuckin get it, bro. This post is about Sony selling their devices in the US. Also, I saw no mention of country in his post. You chose to make it about country.

True! But he is still accurate with his comment Sony struggling lately with the Xperia line Sony has been having some problems getting device out there compared to Samsung, HTC, and Apple and presently with the current Z2 they are running into what some could call major issues with it overheating when taking 4K and etc. Sony reminds me of a reverse HTC they have all the money to market there devices everywhere but seem to have a problem getting there devices launched out to the masses and HTC can get there device launched but there marketing still sucks to no end.

Sony has been nothing but a disappointment since the Z came out. They could give a shit about the US market and they make that very clear in their actions. When the time comes and they try to hit US carriers again, I won't be helping them out no matter how nice I think their new devices are.

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Well I'm glad they could give a shit, because if they COULDN'T, which is what you meant to say, then America wouldn't be too high in their priorities.

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Does anyone know why the US Carriers won't offer them? I mean Sony is a good name... They carry all that Samsung Crap but won't take Sony? I don't get it.

Carriers actually hate carrying iPhones but do so because the demand for them is so high.

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They don't carry them because years ago Sony had an image problem. (Sony-Ericson)

They got rid of the bad name, but the stigma is still there.

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Yup, for a much better price too. That "hefty price tag" is guaranteed to be twice the cost of the one which has almost identical specs, besting the z2 in some areas...

For the price, it's hard to beat the OnePlus One based on early reviews. I'll wait for production model reviews before making a final decision. That said, at least for me personally, the design of the Z2 is vastly superior to the OnePlus One. Worth the price difference? That remains to be seen.

Only for 100 people though. For the rest "in the near future" might be much nearer.

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I'm glad to see they will offer it in their online store. Hopefully they'll have one with AT&T LTE. I plan to get one of they do.

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Yes thank it's available unlocked from Sony direct compatible with gsm AT&T and T-Mobile.

Good crappy carriers are not carrying the modified ugly versions with logos and carrier bloat.

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I loved my Sony Walkman phones when I had them. Never gave me a problem and allowed me to sell my mp3 players. If this came out as an upgrade at AT&T which it probably never will, I would sell my S4 for it.
I fell in love with the purple one when I seen it. Sorry to say, 10 minutes later, I found out it wasn't coming to US for an upgrade price....and I can't afford an all out price.

If sony didn't keep doing this and worked wit carriers to get their phones in stores, in pretty sure they would have a far larger market share in the us than they currently do.

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If only people stop buying crappy crippled devices from useless carriers like rest of the the world.

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You really should consider something other than sand to put there

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I'm happy to see this, but am in no regretting going to eBay to get my Z2.
This might just be my favorite device I've owned.

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The reason why Sony prefer to sell unlocked, unmodified devices in the US is obvious: otherwise, each carrier will insist on their own version. It would mean a Z2a AT&T, Z2s Sprint (CDMA), Z2t T-Mobile and finally Z2v for Verizon. It is also probable that even if the AT&T and T-Mobile versions would be compatible, one of the carriers will insist on disabling LTE bands for the competitor. It is also obvious that the Sprint and Verizon versions would be incompatible as well. It would mean FOUR different versions of the Z2, each requiring modified ROMs and basebands.

Then it is the question of carrier push etc - is it worth the cost for doing those modifications?

It is also worth to mention that they are a company that want to be in control, i.e. a Sony should be a Sony and not a Carrier Sony.

I am sure that the day US carriers begin to accept unmolested, standardized devices - that will be the day of Sony making a more prominent inroad.

I must also mention that people who complains that they can't afford paying full retail price for a device can get Sony Financing of their purchase (or use a credit card etc). Paying up to $299 down and the rest through Financing while moving from postpaid to prepaid is a perfectly good option.

The z1s is a disappointment so many problems with weak screen and updates still no 4.4 I will jump but for a nether Sony device

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FYI, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is now being offered direct from Sony via their online store and it supports both AT&T and T-Mobile networks.