Previously rumored for release on February 10th, it looks like the highly anticipated Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 could beat that launch date by nearly a month. is pegging the release date of the Xperia X10 for January 18th 2010. is a UK-based retailer so it's still unclear when (or if ever) the Xperia X10 will hit the States. Only our friends across the pond are guaranteed to enjoy.

However, for those interested in getting one of these puppies, it'll run you nearly $863. Even though the Xperia X10 packs Snapdragon and a 8 megapixel camera it's still insanely priced but hey, when you buy unlocked phones you have to deal with ridiculousness. On the bright side, your good money buys you a great color option, 'Sensuous Black'.

[via androidcommunity]


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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Releasing January 18th ?


Hahahahahaha!! I was so excited about this phone... Then I saw the price. Dear SE, WAKE UP!!! The days of your overpriced $900 devices are gone. Your running a FREE and Open Source operating system. The Acer Liquid is cheaper. The Nexus One will be as well.
I guess they like building devices and not selling them. X1 anyone?

An unlocked iPhone 3G would cost you about the same. But no one ever buys these expensive phones unlocked, it's all about the price you get when it's subsidised, which is why contracts run to 18 or 24 months nowadays.

if something like this came to the us with att 3g i would be very interested... if it ever does...