Sony Ericsson has been relatively quiet regarding their development of Android Phones but we've known for quite some time that they've planned to release a high-end Android device in 2009. Our previous thought was that they'll continue to use the beautiful XPERIA line to release their first Android effort and it looks like it may be true. Internal documents gathered by Mobil have pointed that the phone above, the 'Rachael', will be the first Sony Ericsson device to run Android and boy does it look 'high-end'.

The specs, if true, are stunning: it's supposedly using the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1 GHz, has an 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and 7.2 megabytes HSDPA. We're hoping that this is all true because it'll certainly make for one heck of an Android device. It's supposed to be announced later in the year, so we just might hold off on that myTouch 3G purchase...


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Sony Ericsson 'Rachael' Android XPERIA Phone Leaked ?


I just might be in love. Stress on the "just might". I've been excited to see what SE would produce ever since they joined the OHA. My first phone was a Sony, and I loved it. And if this handset ends up being the real deal I'll either be saving my upgrade on T-Mobile for it, or switching carriers if it really impresses me. I'm not crazy about the apparent lack of a physical keyboard, but again if ends up being as great as it looks I may be able to forgive that. Either way I am officially going to be scouring the interwebs for anything I can find until it comes out and I can make my decision.

SE are the best phone (hardware related), now with Android for sure will be the best ones.. however I hope to see a keyboard.. then will be The Smartphone!

HW keyboards will not survive considering they add costs and bulk to a smartphone. With the bigger screen, the on-screen keyboard should be better than most Android phones.