Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash, the endless runner featuring everyone's favorite hedgehog, has received a small update today with a nifty new character. Andronic — a Sonic / Android mashup — is an unlockable character that can be yours for keeps should you desire. All you need to do is play 50 times with the standard Android character, and Andronic will then be yours forever.

Andronic joins in the fun with Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Knuckles. Nothing else worth mentioning is in tow for this update, but if you're a Sonic Dash fan, having an exclusive Android character is quite the treat.

Sonic Dash is available as a free download from Google Play.


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Sonic Dash adds exclusive unlockable 'Andronic' character


A good way to get curious about why sonic is shaped that way. Which in turn will be good for promoting the Android brand.


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I played this a few months ago and don't remember there being a Lloyd character at all. I'm more interested in him than that "andronic" abomination.

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Omg get hype. First badlands and now this. This game is actually really fun used to play it all the time on my nexus (2013). I never did in app. Gives me a reason to play again.
Now get blue android for subway surfers and we have skateboard Andy :)
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