President Bill Clinton

Maybe you've heard of him?

Former president Bill Clinton is scheduled to give the Day 3 keynote at CTIA in New Orleans in May. He'll "share his unique perspective on preparing leaders to meet the challenges of global interdependence and implementing innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues."

And, no, they're not talking about bootloaders.

The CEOs of Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are doing a roundtable discussion on Day 1. We'll be on the ground in NOLA to bring it all to you in just a couple short months.

Source: CTIA

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balthuszar says:

the correct way to refer to him is "President Bill Clinton" as president is not a title they relinquish upon leaving much as it hurts with some of the guys we've put in the white house...

AP style has always been horrible when it comes to that. I put up with it for 11 years. As I now have the luxury ignoring any rules I see fit, I'm doing what makes sense in regards to former presidents. (And I'm pretty sure this is the only time it's coming up in my two-plus years in this gig.)

And I'm very excited about going to this one, actually. :p

balthuszar says:

whatever floats your goat phil...but, we expect tons of updates :)

While I agree it's commonly held out of respect for the office, I'm fine with former President Bill Clinton, but the P should be capitalized above.

Rob White says:

And you are quite wrong actually. He is no longer 'President Bill Clinton' just as George W is no longer 'President Bush'. Barack Obama holds that title now until he either is beaten this yr, or he serves another term. Giving respect is one thing, but to annoint a life long title to a 'former' occupant of any elected office is not only incorrect, it's one of the very things our founders were steadfast opposed to.

mclifford82 says:

No, he was right, you are wrong.

agnoses says:

Once President of the United States - always hold the title President. President Bill Clinton is correct.

moosc says:

Its Phil's sight he can post type so what ever likes. All this grsmer policing is insane.

izzyncade says:

Ugh... no thank you...

Gekko says:

keep all the hot little young AC Interns away from him!

birdman_38 says:

It was only a matter of time before a smart-ass comment like this came up. That was 17 years ago. Get over it.

orlanka says:

17 years doesn't erase the fact that it happened.

So true. The guy is a scumbag.

"Scumbag"? Really? I guess that's because upstanding Christian,family-men like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh were too busy.

KahneFan says:

Neither of the two people you mentioned are currently, nor have they been, president. Why compare these two people? Sure, one of them is running for president (won't get it though). The other is a meaningless radio personality. I listen to Rush now and then, but in all fairness, he simply boils down to a radio personality... not the president of the US of A.

l00natic71 says:

I wish that "conservatives" would just come out and say it. You hate Obama because (say it in a whisper) "he is black." I miss the days when racism was out in the open. At least I could tell where people stood.

ScottColbert says:

Yes, his replacement was SO much better. *eyeroll*

izzyncade says:

Yes, he was... thank you for noticing

The only reason your calling him a scumbag is cuz he got caught... EVERY & I mean EVERY President, Congressman & Rep has had an affair with some young girl all because of one reason, POWER...... The ONLY difference is the others didn't get caught like an idiot..., but I will say besides that stupid drama, he was one of the best Presidents we have had to date.. Well JFK was probably the best.., oh wait, didn't he bang all the hot chicks in his day.. Yup..

Evil Hamster says:


The best president we've had in my lifetime is still Reagan.

Worst: 3 way tie Carter, Bush 2 and Obama.

izzyncade says:

IDK, I think maybe Washington or Jefferson was the best, but for more recent years.. .I would go with Reagan as well.

DWR_31 says:

For real???

Are you a Nazi????

DWR_31 says:

For real???

Are you a Yazi????

Rob White says:

JFK? You have got to be kidding! Get some historical perspective please. Trying to compare these modern occupants of those who truly dealt with pressing emergencies, not inconveniences like people can't afford ipads or luxury cruises, is the height of ridiculous.

Now as to the hot chicks reference...
Can't disagree as they all are quite corrupt in some way or another. The last real gentlemen to occupy elected office in this country were pre 20th century.

And please nobody try to reference all the great women who have served. Modern times dictate that unless your politics are a certain party affiliation (read: liberal/democrat/progressive) you aren't a 'real' woman.

agnoses says:

JFK didn't have to deal with spy camera's at every corner to fine you, the "Patriot" Act (should be called the "Let's F@#$ the Constitution Act"), and a country that has been bought and sold to the 1% for pennies on the dollar. For 250K per year the job is not worth it and I'm sure your hands are tied the day you take office. Not a cool gig. Beside, President Clinton has Altzhimer's and he deserves some respect!

gcims says:

CTIA version: "I...did not...have phone sex...with that woman".

agnoses says:

Yes, sex is ok. His issue is between the three of them. And more sex seems to equal less war, so I'm all for more sex!

IAmSixNine says:

If bootloaders aren't important enough then it must be about roms or hardware.

President Clinton in The Big Easy w/o Hillary? On Noes.....

Nextelian says:

As a Tea Party guy to the right of Rushbo I just want to say one thing.

I MISS YOU BILL!!!!! Damn, you just never know how good you got it until it's GONE! I would step all over MittRickNewt to get Bill's autograph, seriously.

Ok back to non-political Android news :)

As the guy who single-handily invented the Internet, I can see why they would want him to speak. Oh, wait a minute, that was the other guy - his VP... nevermind.

dbattenfl says:

LOL... I was just about to say, at least it is not Al "I invented the internet" Gore doing the speaking.

hmmm says:

It's probably about cyber attacks and keeping the internet open. Probably be nice and politicized this time of year too.

Rob White says:

I hope he won't be speaking from a podium. And if so they make sure to check under it.