SOL Republic Jax Earbuds

Solid sound and lots of style in five colors to match your phone

SOL Republic's Jax Earbuds — those are the optional headphones Motorola is pushing with the Moto X — are now available for anyone to buy directly in the U.K. A modest £34.99 will get you some nice-sounding earbuds in a choice of six different colors (red, blue, black, yellow and white) with ample style no matter which you choose.

The headphones are on sale now and in stock from Amazon, Argos and HMV at the same price. It looks as though you'll be getting free shipping from Amazon and Argos as well, which is nice. You can snag a pair from the link above, if you're so inclined.


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SOL Republic Jax earbuds now on sale in the UK for £34.99


Yeh, or for the same price you could buy SoundMagic E10s, which have won the What Hifi Award for the past 3 or 4 years in a row. Bought my first pair a couple of months back, would never touch anything else. I have no affiliation whatsoever, but recommend as the customer service is superb.

Will the mike and volume work with Samsung phones? I own master tracks and amp hd from sol the sound but use the stock s4 headset for the functions

I have a pair of these I got when I ordered my phone. I have to say the sound quality & isolation are excellent. Quite surprising actually. When talking on the phone with them, its hit/miss depending on what shirt or jacket I'm wearing as some clothing rubs the mic and creates noise. But I bought them to use for music. My son liked them so much he bought a pair too. He's 19 & really is into music.

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