Desire HD on Softbank

Two pieces of news for any readers in the land of the rising sun -- Softbank Mobile announced that they will be selling the Desire HD in mid November, with reservations being taken starting Oct 15; and the Froyo rollout for the original Desire has been halted for devices with OLED screens. 

Last week we reported that users running the HTC Desire on Softbank would soon be seeing some Froyo lovin', and that still stands -- as long as they're sporting a version of the Desire with the TFT LCD display.  While there's no details about exactly why the OLED version was halted, the LCD version is scheduled to roll out as planned starting today.

It's hard to find anything more exciting than a Froyo update, but the news that the Desire HD will be launching just might do it.  We've seen it for Europe, and on Vodaphone specifically, but so far all we've heard or seen for those of us in the states is T-Mobile's MyTouch HD version.  Wouldn't this be a beast on AT&T?  [Softbank Mobile (Japanese)]  Thanks Christopher!


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Softbank Mobile (Japan) to sell Desire HD in Nov; Froyo update for Desire changes


Well this is Japan we're talking about, people generally don't bother to update or reflash their phones in any way - customization is usually reserved for cute stickers and cases lol. Generally 6 months is a long time to own a phone... hence why updates aren't regarded highly.

At least that's what says my Japanese girl.. lol

We could use this on Att, love the captivate but like Andy Rubin said OEMs like Samsung need to update to the latest release period! And HTC does that much more frequently than anyone else plus I like the look of the HD2

What kind of network does Softbank use? Any chance that this version may work on any of the US networks?

I wish I had visited when this post was still on the first page...

I wanted to note that I am running one of the amoled desires in japan, and got the update to froyo on the 8th. It has worked OK, but the current location is frequently wrong now... Where did it say the update was withdrawn?