When it comes to Twitter apps, there is plenty in the Android Market already but when it comes to integrated social apps -- those are not as plentiful. The built-in sharing options for Android are great but having one app to rule them all is arguably better.

So what if you could have Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and more built into one app? That's what Socialscope offers and after having been one of the better made apps on the BlackBerry pletform -- they've now announced their alpha for Android and you can get in on the action:

For the last few months we have been working night and day on something very special for Android users. Something totally new, totally different and totally awesome.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from our Blackberry app and reimagined Socialscope. This is more then just Twitter + Facebook…we’re designing a platform that integrates ALL your services.

So without any further ado, we are delighted to announce that a Alpha version of our Android app!

If you aren’t afraid of crashes are willing to provide constructive feedback and want to help us change the world sign-up to join the Alpha.

If you already have a Socialscope account signup for the Alpha here:

If you don’t have an account request one and don’t forget to select Android as your device:

Socialscope is looking for a wide array of users and devices to test their app on, as you all know -- Android devices are plentiful and come in many form factors and screen resolutions and as such,  Socialscope is looking to ensure compatability for all users. You can hit the source link for more information, just remember -- it's an alpha. Give feedback in order to see improvements, though out of the gates it certainly feels like a beta.

Source: Socialscope


Reader comments

Socialscope for Android - Now looking for alpha testers!


This app is my most favorite on my BlackBerry and having it on Android makes my switch to the platform all but assured.

i have been waiting for this app ever since i jumped ship from BB to droid.can't wait.

I have been testing this for almost 3 weeks now and it's still very alpha. There are many bugs, but the interface looks amazing. I hope they get a lot of the bugs straightened out soon.

This looks pretty awesome, as an aggregator app, but why exactly would I need a SocialScope account? Don't I just need to log into my various accounts from the app?

OMG Socialscope is the bomb. I go back to my Blackberry periodically just so I can use it. Just hope the SS team is more on top of this beta than the original, it took me almost a year after signup to finally get my invite to download. Love it love it love it!

I agree, it took forever to get a beta invite on bb, hope its not the same case trying to get an alpha invite on android. * crosses fingers *

If this is like blackberry expect for them to give only a few spots out. They will say wait a few Weeks for an invite but usually takes months if not a year. And will be in beta for years. lol

I've been using it for two weeks and its great they said they are trying to add tumblr also once they do that its a wrap!

You have to have an account to download or sign into the app, at least that's how the Blackberry version is. No use in sharing the APK when it will be useless anyway and the developers will be angry about it.

I'm not angry LOL my comment is based on a meme.. and yes, I'm quite familiar with how SocialScope works since I've been a BlackBerry user for about 4 years now and I used SocialScope all the time. I do have an account which I'm thinking works no matter what platform you use the app with, and that's why I'm asking for the APK, because I have an account and would like to try the app :)

Today I found the apk, but when I try to log-in it give me this message: "you are not authorize to run this version of the application". Only with the invitation we can taste it :x@

I got my invite for my BB one year after I got my DINC.
Their betas go on for years.
Personally, there are so many social media apps out there that having one integrate them all to me is not worth it.

I really don't want to read on someone's facebook status they just did xyz, then get a tweet about it, a notification in get glue, foursquare, +1, etc. It leads to much redundancy.

Damn....been wanting this on the Android platform for quite some time. when I had my CrackBerry it was the app I used the most....if this ever gets released it will get a lot of use.....

I just got the app today and it is good for a beta! If you have a previous account with socialscope, just download the app and put the old account information in!

I would LOVE to get this app!!! I have been a socialscope user since the very begining and its my most missed blackberry app!!! I really hope I get an invite for android!