Socialmatic is hoping to hop on the Instagram popularity bandwagon by releasing its own camera specifically aimed at taking, sharing and printing Instagram pictures. The idea for this camera has been around for some time, but now the company has some specifics for us to see. The Socialmatic camera will have 16GB of storage with an SDcard slot, both Wifi and 3G connectivity and run Android as its base operating system. Running Android will enable it to share using the Instagram app, naturally, but you won't be constrained to just that network.

Tying into the retro theme, the camera will actually be Polaroid branded, and has a mechanism to print pictures directly in the camera. The design is an uncanny resemblance to the Instagram logo as well, which we doubt is going to help usability at all but certainly gets the point across on what this camera is meant for.

Socialmatic is targeting the first quarter of 2014 for commercial availability of the product, but no specifics are given regarding pricing.

Source: Socialmatic


Reader comments

Socialmatic camera takes and prints Instagram pictures, runs Android


Looks awesome, but I don't think I would want everyone to know I'm a big Instagram fan whenever I'm taking pictures.

2014? I'm just wondering what new social media craze will be more hip and cool by then.

Not to say Instagram won't still be going strong, but something like this would have been more popular last year me thinks.

I was certainly hoping Instragram would be dead by then.

But even if its not, who is going to buy this camera to use instagram when they already have the app in their smartphone?

Getting prints immediately will (maybe) have retain its former attraction, if you can produce a print immediately AND send it to somewhere at the same time. I'm just not sure that place is going to be Instagram.

So it just needs to be around 2MP, and deliberately full of grainy noise.
Like the little Canon camera I bought back in 2002.
I'm feeling retro already.

I would have thought Instagram users are your harder-core phone addicts.
The whole point of it is to use it on your phone, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of a phone camera.

It's designed to take Instagram pictures. Specs don't really matter when you're going to take a hot, steamy dump on the photo quality anyway...

I really don't mind the idea, but I'm a little bit concerned about the ergonomics of that device. How do you hold it steady and not accidentally push something on the touch screen?