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In our inaugural episode of the Smartwatch Fans podcast, Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson and Rene Ritchie join me for a quick podcast to get things started. There's plenty more to come, but for this round we talk about the launch of, our recent visit with Pebble as well as what to expect from CES for smartwatches (LOTS).

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Smartwatch Fans Podcast 00 - Ground Zero!


Same with me too.
Tapped the RSS link, sent it to PocketCast, and press download (Error!)

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Just finished listening.
I'm excited.
I want more.

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Adam, don't do it. This is how they suck you in and turn you mildly insane.

Jerry was once a clean shaven lawyer type... Just sayin

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I am attempting to imagine jerry as a clean shaven lawyer-type.

Its humanly impossible.

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