We continue to inch ever closer to actually seeing the first Android Wear watches, and tonight LG has rolled out a new promo video for its LG G Watch.

"LG defines the smartwatch," the 53-second video says, noting that it's "compatible with Android" while showing it against wireframes of an LG smartphone, and a more generic-looking (we'll assume it's a G Pad) tablet. It's "sleek and light for all-day comfort," the video continues. Other tag lines include "metal body for a timeless look," and "ready for anything, anytime with a single charge." (It's good to know it doesn't take more than one charge, we guess.) Its water resistance is also highlighted,

Still no official word on pricing and availability, but we're still expecting it this summer, probably for around $300.


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Slick new video shows off the LG G Watch once more


They have no excuse to be pricing it expensively . The watch looks cheap and Android Wear costs almost nothing to use for them. I say around $200 is a reasonable price.

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How's the Touchscreen? Oh and the processor? And the Ram. And the storage? Oh your phone doesn't have all that? So that's probably why it's $10

I think the point was that a metal frame doesn't add a whole lot to the cost of manufacture in a watch

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I thought the price was already announced at $299 USD. After looking further into it, that's just been the speculation.
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Gow could it work off a single charge.. solar? But that wouldn't constitute as a single charge..I have gear 2 and love it. This gets my interest as well.

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If I'm understanding the video correctly, then it charges by some kind of magical glitter. That's pretty cool.

I hope these new android watches will have some sort revolutionary screens to see out in the sun, it's the main reason I love my Pebble.

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I don't know why. But. I feel excited for the G Watch. I haven't heard anything recent from motorola regarding the 360.

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Still on the fence with the G watch. The only part I really liked about it is the fact that it is waterproof. The Motorola 360 automatically had me wanting to buy one. Let's hope it is not to expensive. More than $200 and that will automatically want me not to buy it!. The G watch that is.

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I'm with everyone else who has posted, 200$ is the most I would pay. For the moto 360 maybe 250$, maybe. I'd rather have a round watch, but if this is priced reasonably well and the 360 isn't, then I'll be picking this up.

agreed, up to $200 and I'll "think why not?"
Over that and it'd have to be really special to convince me spend half the cost of my phone on a single accessory, or three quarters the price of a reasonable tablet.

Glad to see it will have contact pads, instead of a cord to plug in. That would have been a PITA.

Also, to note, it claims "waterproof" and not just "water resistant" which usually means much more robust seals.


Is looking nice as an option to the 360. Good, this will keep the price on the 360 in check. Should be a fun summer. Can't wait.

Why can't we make these look like a watch?! I would never wear this. I like the Moto concept but it's not looking like it's nearing the production stage... still very much a concept. If you can make it square you can make it round...

i don't understand where the 200-300 dollar price point for a smart watch being too expensive comes from. I have multiple watches that i paid 10x-20x that amount (Tag Heuer, Bell and Ross) that don't do a third of the stuff that this watch and the moto360 will do. I personally would rather pay more money for a better quality watch. You need to remember that these watches wont be heavily subsidized like most smart phones out there today, so we need LG and Moto to make money on these products so they can continue making new and innovated products.

I'm glad your rich and can pay for those expensive watches.

So if this watch runs with your phone in your pocket then it should be less than 150.00 for the masses.

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I want the 360, there is way too much bezel on this thing. Who else agrees? I want the Gwatch to have edge to edge display then they can take my money :-)

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