Slacker Radio announced this morning that they have signed a deal with ESPN that will allow them to stream live sporting events in addition to the ESPN Radio shows already offered.

Back in September, Slacker launched personalized ESPN Radio stations based on your favorite sports and teams. Now, you'll be able to catch the big games right from Slacker with this new deal.

The first game to be featured on Slacker will be the BCS Championship tonight, but it will only be available via the web on An update that will bring the experience to Android devices will be released soon.

The ESPN Radio station is free, but you can upgrade to Slacker Radio Plus ($3.99/month) or Slacker Premium Radio ($9.99/month) for the 'full' ESPN experience.

Slacker Radio will be prevalent at CES, so be sure to check them out if you're in Las Vegas.


Reader comments

Slacker Radio inks new deal with ESPN, will stream live sporting events


Still can't get Mike&Mike, The Herd, SVP or any other "shows" except 24hr SportCenter without upgrading to premium. Same as iheartradio or ESPN app...

Move along

Considering that I listen to Slacker radio to avoid sports, rambling DJs, and commercials, this does absolutely nothing for me.