Yep, another day another Android netbook. The Alpha 680 netbook is made by China-based Skytone and it comes in a very unique tablet-esque form factor. However, as sweet as the convert-ability looks, the Alpha 680 packs a very light punch. Here's the very-underwhelming hardware details: 533 MHz ARM processor, 7 inch 800x600 touchscreen, 128MB ram, 1GB hard drive with SD card expansion, and optional 3G.

Yeah, the hardware ain't so hot but reports have this netbook selling in the $100 range. For $100? A pretty good deal. Anything more? Not so great.

Is anyone interested in an Android netbook? What about one with such weak specs?

[via engadget]


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Skytone Alpha 680 Netbook Running Android


Its specs are pretty close to being able to run XP smoothly. Just a little more RAM and a larger hard drive and its in business. That's all most people expect or want out of a netbook. And for $100 that's a solid deal.

Would anybody be interested in such a lowend netbook?
As an Ebook? yes,
For email - yes ,
Simple wordprocessing ? yes
Maybe satnav with a 7 inch screen? hell yes
With decent connectivity its going to be a must have item the processor and memory are plenty for efficient programs not the PC bloatware we have been fed for so long.
Lets recall it was not very long ago that all the tasks I mention (not sat nav that was a bit later)would fly on a pc with a 200mhz processor and 8 meg of ram. Other uses, in a large factory or site environment a toughbook version could carry mission critical information with realtime updates to the workbench looks pretty good to me where do I buy one?

Pse let us know where we could buy it. Serves the needs of third world university students at prices we could afford.Ship them to us!