Skype for Android

If you're keeping an eye on your storage space and move as many apps as possible to the SD card, note that the Skype Android app has been updated for that very reason. You're not going to save too much space -- its less than 1 megabyte -- but every little bit helps, right? Download link's after the break if you need it. (And, yes, you have to have Froyo to move apps to the SD card. That hasn't changed.) Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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jarobusa says:

Skype on my phone was using 12MB. After moving to the SD card, it is now 4MB. HTC EVO 4G. Huge update.

fantasma4 says:

what is the new version number? I am running and appbrain shows new one as

El Jefe says:

Anyone can say what they want about Motorola phones not being friendly to the hacker community, but I am glad they design their top tier phones with practically unlimited app storage so users don't have to store apps to their SD (if even available).

lonndoggie says:

Which is all the other way 'round for the original DROID, which is extremely hacker friendly, and which has very little onboard memory, making app2sd very valuable.

skunis1 says:

I just did the Skype Mobile update for my Droid Incredible and Apps2SD is not available. Greyed out.

igobytony says:

oh cool. it seems like i'm always getting the low storage warning on my evo.of course, moving google earth to the card helped with that... lol

Johnston212 says:

Yep, lucky us. The most popular Android phone of 2010 and Samsung is dropping the ball already. YAY!

dskwerl says:

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume there's still no support for Galaxy S phones yet, being that it wasn't mentioned?

Edit: I just looked at it in the Market, and saw that you need Froyo on Galaxy S to use it. Now I understand.

struff says:


The title of this article is misleading!

briankurtz79 says:

That's because you have to have froyo to move apps to the SD. All you guys that just had to have that galaxy s phone cause they're the latest and greatest .... yeah right! Evo out!

skunis1 says:

I have froyo on my Droid Incredible and no go for Apps2SD. I have many apps that I have used Apps2SD with and this on is not working at all.

rjc02648 says:

Until they finally allow video calling, I have no intention of installing this on my Evo. Once they allow video calling, bring it on!

D4RkNIKON says:

I agree completely. I have it on my EVO but I never use it. If it had video calling, across all platforms like PC, Android and iOS that would be a major face time killer.

There's no reason to even have Skype unless there's a video-calling component in the application. Too bad they aren't leveraging their best asset. :-/

lonndoggie says:

So, if you've got a Verizon phone, and installed Skype when it first came out (or it came preloaded on your phone), you have "Skype for Verizon" -- which has not been so updated.

Any reason for staying with the Verizon-branded version vs. dumping it and getting this version?

(I suppose I ought to know, but...obviously, I don't)

noszero says:

Very cool keyboard but had no space left on EVO so this is great!

Goodbye "Skype mobile on Verizon" which has no SD support.

Hello "Skype" and all your SD glory.

aviduser says:

So awhile back, when Skype for Android first came out, someone hacked it to allow calls over 3G (bypassing the WiFi only limitation).

I like this option. Anyone see the updated version with the 3G calling ability and this move to SD feature too?



Synbios says:

That must have been really easy, since Skype ONLY ALLOWS calls over 3G.

I wish it worked over WiFi!

gerdami says:

It works perfectly with my WiFi.

gerdami says:

However, donwload size is about 7 MB, not 1.

MagyariBulan says:

Waiting for a hacked version :))

JayCudi says:

Its a step in the right direction...
Until there's video calling support, I'll continue using Skype ONLY on my laptop

aviduser says:

@Synbios the US version only allows 3G Skype calling if you're on Verizon. IF you are on AT&T or any other carrier (as I am), you are limited to WiFi. I want both WiFi and 3G Skype calling. :-)

This update finally fixed it for the Galaxy S (I9000M). I used it for 3 hours today (on HSDPA+ (Bell)) and had no problems whatsoever.