Fresh interface, improved video quality and several under-the-hood improvements

Skype is rolling out an update today that is drastically improving the interface on larger tablet screens. Back in February Skype gave a tablet-optimized layout a try and quickly reversed its actions, and we're happy to say that this time around it seems to have done it the right way. Building on the completely remade Skype 4.0 update that was released for phones in June, the new interface focuses on conversations and people in a much-improved layout that is clearly designed for larger screens.

Version 4.4 brings all of the upgrades in terms of performance that came to phones in version 4.0, and all devices that move to 4.4 will see improved video quality. Skype says that the maximum resolution in the latest version can be up to four times as high as before. A whole grouping of bugfixes are also included in the latest update, including big issues with incoming calls and reboots.

If you install the latest update on your tablet and still see the old interface, you may have to delete and reinstall the app. This was required on our own Nexus 7 — so if you don't see the new interface right away, that could be a quick fix. That extra step is worth it, though, as you'll be greeted with a great new interface.

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Skype updated with a brand new tablet layout


But did they fix the issue with the bluetooth headset i.e. Lg bluetooth headset

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I don't even have to download the new app and I already know the answer to that. Skype? Fix Bluetooth? No, man. That shit doesn't even work on Windows Phone. Over at Skype, the lights are on, but nobody's really home. You can polish manure 'till it shines like a diamond, but at the end of the day, it's still crap.

That's Microsoft's business strategy with Skype.

Too bad it started crashing right away. Once it became stable, I couldn't get messages older than today.

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it gets even lamer. You have to touch the screen to send, but the send button is disappearing... have to tab out and then touch the screen to send. A buncha cack.

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Still an issue with Nexus 4 running 4.3.3. Constantly closes and phone reboots during voice and video calls. Geez Wtf...

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Yeah, I am experiencing the same issue on stock 4.3
However, I believe that to be the hardware fault- insufficient heat dispersal while the WiFi is working to maintain the P2P connection and probably heavy UI implementation, which stresses even more the throttled GPU (need to check that one). Either way, it is the Nexus 4 and not the Skype app that causes the reboots- the Nexus 7 (2012), GS3, Asus TF201 and GS4, which I have access to, do get scorching hot but still continue to run during Skype video calls.

Does it still come complete with its Project Chess backdoor.

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