Skype Video Messaging

Skype is actively testing a new video messaging service with a "group of mobile and mac users" according to its official Twitter account today. The new feature, which doesn't require a new update to the mobile app, enables users to send video messages back and forth up to 3 minutes in length. If you've been selected to be part of this initial test, the option will be found under a contact's name in the "More" category, which now holds options to do video messages and send files. You get a basic video interface where you can press the record button to start, and when you're done hit the record button again to save and send the message.

The menu item clearly says "20 free video messages remaining", so we're going to assume that sending video messages is going to be a premium feature costing Skype credits going forward. Are you seeing the feature show up in the Skype app on your devices? Let us know in the comments.

 Source: Skype (Twitter); Via: iMore


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Skype now beta testing video messaging service with some mobile users


I have this enabled as well but I too didn't know what it was. Thanks for clarifying AC. I will definitely try it out

my sister just bought a Samsung landscape keyboard "galaxy" phone and it had this feature enabled. But yet the Skype app didn't support the front facing camera lol beta fail

mine has it but other says that if I sign up for premium membership I get unlimited video messaging so if you would you this feature alto that's good for the people who use it.

And Google+ hangout is free if you want to talk to your friends face to face. Would be nice to leave video messages like voicemail on G+

Just did a quick test from my Galaxy S2, it was there under "more". There's a timer so you can see how much time left, audio and video was fine. Also an option to add text.
When I went back to my PC there was link to a copy of the message in Skype chat which included a 4 figure code to view the video message. The link goes to
The video will expire in 89 days unless you have a premium account and want to keep it.
Web page also says "Video messaging is available on the latest versions of Skype for Android · iPhone · iPad. Available in certain regions only."

Interesting feature.

I got it as well. Don't think it will be worth paying for, though, if it is only going to be a part of premium

It showed up on my phone yesterday and my Skype has been dysfunctional since. Trouble signing in, trouble getting video feed, hang-ups which require a battery pull...

Explain why I don't get to opt in to a beta test, but instead have non-functional crap foisted on me?

G+, here I come.

How send the video message when record.I dont see any option for sending, and I cant find anywhere recording message on my phone.How send message? Thanks advanced.

I'll have to see if I have this. Would be a nice feature to leave a video / sign language message for my wife or some deaf friends.