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Sky TV's popular mobile service, Sky Go, just got more useful for football fans on the go by adding ITV to its list of supported channels just in time for the Fifa World Cup. Or, if you're just into regular TV, you'll be well taken care of by the other channels since it includes ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV.

In addition, the Sky exclusive ITV Encore channel will also be available when it launches, and customers also get access to a ton of ITV box-sets and on-demand content. The channels should be added to the service today, so go ahead and fire up Sky Go on your phone or tablet and take a look.

Source: Sky

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NoNexus says:

Who did they have to bribe?

Lee Smart says:

4.4.3 breaks this app though... I sideloaded earlier and when I tested Sky Go it said it wasn't compatible with my device. I'm sure there will be more apps that need an update to work with 4.4.3.

(Nexus 5)

steve short says:

Yeah its still broken on 4.4 my note 3 installs it then app store says incompatible device. Typical sky out write not even acknowledging there's an issue. A very pointless app

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richhoops says:

Excellent, now I can watch the world cup on my Nexus 7 while my Mrs dominates the telly with her Vampire drivel :-D

DannyHeard says:

I feel your pain on that one my friend

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Andro10 says:

2.8 rating for their December 2013 abandoned app, nice.
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