SiriusXM Lynx

SiriusXM today unveiled its latest portable satellite radio -- the Lynx -- and wouldn't ya know it, this sucker's running Android. Actually, it's running an unknown version of Android, and if we hadn't told you, chances are you wouldn't even notice. It's being billed as "everything you can imagine," and it's a triple threat as a dockable in-car satellite radio, or you can use it with a home docking kit, or just palm the sucker and play back via 3.5mm headphones -- or Bluetooth. 

It's also a "SiriusXM 2.0" device and connects to the Internet via Wifi (for easy software upgrades). Change channels and hit a song in the middle? No worries, the "Tune Start" feature lets you start over at the beginning of a song. Or you can build a library of 200 hours of programming from your favorite channels. Or pause, rewind and replay. And the "Show finder" feature sound especially promising, with a guide that shows the next week's worth of content. For satellite radio fans, it sounds like a beast. 

For traditional Android fans? Well, we're just going to have to wait and get our hands on this guy. But this is what Android was designed for, folks. An expandable and extendable operating system. And you're going to see more and more of this as time goes on.

We've got a photo barage and video after the break.

Source: SiriusXM


SiriusXM LynxSiriusXM Lynx

SiriusXM Lynx

SiriusXM LynxSiriusXM Lynx

SiriusXM Lynx





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SiriusXM unveils the Android-powered Lynx portable radio


Exactly! They have no problems using Android for their equipment but updating the client is a problem for them. I guess they forgot Android is now on 50% of smartphones in the US.

Uh Oh .. Apple is going to find something wrong with this .. something to get them in court for .. wait, is it rectangular ?

I thought that Pandora and Slacker would have wiped out satellite radio by now. I'm sure there's good talk/news on there, but why pay for their music when you create your own stations for free? Just my opinion.

The thing is, satellite is available pretty much everywhere while internet access is not, especially while traveling. I've been streaming over my phone in the car for many years but only in urban areas and even then, signals degrade and drop all over the place.

Yeah, as far as just listening to music at work or going around town, Pandora is awesome. But as others have said, its not always possible to get full cell signal on a long trip. Also the talk stations you mention are what I subscribe for. Cannot hear unique content like they offer. Jason Ellis, O&A, etc

Pandora, Slacker, and any other streaming service does not carry live sports, but SiriusXM does. You get all of the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, most college football, & most college basketball games plus PGA, NASCAR & Indy races, and some soccer events. Plus you don't worry about using up your data plan on your phone!
I've had XM for many years and I've been waitng for a good portable unit with the combined SiriusXM channels. Now if the price was a bit lower I'd buy today.........

I use Pandora, Slacker, and Sirius. They all have different uses to me.

Pandora is a great way to find "new" music from previous years. I can't even begin to tell you how many great songs I have come to love that was from a short lived genre about 5 years ago. However, when it comes to new music they take way to long to add current hits.

Slacker is great if you have a premium subscription and want to be able to listen to a Pandora-like station without internet access. However, they also seem to take too long to add new music.

Sirius/XM is a great way to hear new music, many times that has not been released and services like Pandora and Slacker don't have access to. For the most part their playlists are second to none. I love, 40's music, 70's classic rock, 90's alternative, and EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I have yet to be able to create a station as good as what I hear on Sirius. Sirius doesn't require an internet connection to work so you don't have to worry about quality degradation as you hop cell towers while driving. But if you have a solid internet connection without a good sky view Sirius works well for that as well if you pay the extra for the online portion.

In other words, the 3 services serve different functions and I have yet to find a way to replace my Sirius account without feeling like I am missing out on content.

you had me at "palm the sucker and play back via 3.5mm headphones". i got the stilleto 100 just as sirius was phasing out their entire portable radio lineup. kinda sucks when you have a lifetime subscription and your radio will never be updated ever again.

i seriously (pun not intended) may take a look at this, especially since i would only be paying for a radio and a subscription transfer fee. i've been listening for free since last friday :).

I was under the impression you could transfer your subscription to a new radio receiver (but only a certain number of times).

I've changed radios a number of times. Just tell them your current radio isn't working. Plus when you call into customer service they usually are pushing a new radio anyway! Sionce you're a current subscrider you'll get some sort of discount, but check Amazon, Newegg, B&H Photo, etc 1st for their prices. Good luck!

Most people are subscribing for the greatest radio personality of all time, and soon too be best judge in the history of stupid talent shows, the king of all media, Howard Stern. Nick Cannon better check his speech!

What year is it 1988? Howard works an average of 2.5 days a week and when he is there its zzzz. Was a fan in the day, but O&A blow him away now.

Sirius XM has some good content, but by far the worst customer service I have ever seen.

>"But this is what Android was designed for, folks. An expandable and extendable operating system."

Let's not forget that it is Linux that powers Android, and Linux that came long before Android, and Linux that is already in *tons* of consumer devices for many years, behind the scenes.

Android is great and all, but let's give a little credit to what really allowed all this stuff to happen... GNU and Linux.