Silent market update

We've got reports coming in that users with some Milestones, Vibrants and Fascinates running Android version 2.1-update 1 are seeing a silent update to the Android Market (version 2007 -- an update from version 1714), and it brings some of the features (including the widget) from Froyo along with.  On the other hand, we've got a  Fascinate in our hands that doesn't have any of those changes in its Market.  After some digging around we're pretty sure that something's going on, so we're enlisting you guys to help get to the bottom of it.  Head into the forums and let's compare, shall we? [Android Central Forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Silent update brings Froyo features to Eclair Android Market


i have it on my vibrant. I assumed it came with the J16 update. Yup, got the built in task manager w/ widget, updated market (didnt even notice till u said something!! lol) and im sure there's more.

definitely got this update! noticed it earlier this morning (samsung vibrant here). i definitely dig the auto updating and the seperate section for comments on each app.

Foreal add the mytouch 3g slide, I made a thread about this in the xda-forums under mytouch 3g slide general, it's called: froyo feature update all apps in download in the market, I just don't know what you mean with froyo widgets

I noticed this yesterday or the day before on my Epic. I love the changes. Now if we could just get Froyo on the Epic and not just Froyo's Market. :/

I got this silent update few weeks ago on samsung galaxy s, India.
I see the auto update, separate comments, paid apps and yes the market widget too....

Seems to be a trailer for froyo update later this month...

Got it on my Epic 4G today. I was using the Market and it froze, then it rebooted itself. Went back into the Market, hey presto, all the new features.

It also brought an update to the doughnut market as well. All of these features are available on my phone. I have a t-mobile G1

My Milestone (UK phone used in Australia) has certainly got the market update and that is probably the cause for all my INSTALLED paid apps disappearing (can no longer be updated). I can still see NON-INSTALLED paid apps. Google/Motorola, please fix ASAP.

fascinate.. nada on my end :( thats one of the things i miss about froyo on my Incredible.. we just need the full Froyo experience on Galaxy phones and it'll be all good.

I have the update on my Samsung Epic 4G. I noticed it a cou0ple days ago. The comment section wasn't where I thought it should be. Lol. I'm running 2.1-update 1 w/ out root.

Got it yesterday on my epic. Pretty cool. Now the market, since it is not tied to os can hopefully change more for the better.

Oddly enough I received the update on my Garminfone running 1.6, at least it's something to look at until 2.1 rolls out though.

How does the update come....whats a silent update. Do I have to do anything or will the new market just appear?

I got the update yesterday or the day before on my Legend. I'm in BC Canada with Bell. I really wish google would 'silently update' my phone with froyo! I can dream.....

I still have not received the update to the market...I'm starting to feel left out, as my husband (same phone, same carrier) got the update two weeks ago :( I am a sad panda.