Sharp Aquos Crystal

Sharp just yesterday unveiled their Sharp Aquos Crystal smartphone with stunningly-slim bezels, and today we're getting official confirmation that the phone is coming to US carrier Sprint and its prepaid Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile brands. We don't yet have an official release date for the phone, though we do now at least have pricing: $239.99, off contract.

With a 5-inch 720p screen bordered by incredibly narrow bezels on the top and sides, the Sharp Aquos Crystal isn't like any other phone we've seen. It also boasts Harman Clari-Fi audio "restoration" tech to compensate for audio compression (though there's only so much the phone's speaker can do, thanks to that pesky thing called physics). There's an 8MP camera on the back with 1.2MP on the front, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB for storage, and an embedded 2040mAh battery. So you get a striking design (in your choice of black or white) with decidedly lower-mid-range specs.

As is par for the course, customers at Sprint will be able to walk out the door with a Sharp Aquos Crystal for zero down and $10/month for the next 24 months. Boost and Virgin Mobile subscribers are looking at $149.99 up front.

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Sharp's stunning new Aquos Crystal with almost no bezel is heading to Sprint for $239


Strange. Is this the first time Sharp Android device has been sold through a major US carrier? First I've seen, unless there was one years ago.

Anyways, I'm excited to play with it, but I can't see us selling many.

Where's the ear speaker? It is hard to tell in renders where they will put it. I suppose there will be an area of that tiny bezel that has holes or a slot we cannot see.

Maybe you are supposed to flip it upside down to make phone calls...

See that little slit on the right of the Aquos logo? Looks like you gotta hold the phone upside down to listen to calls.

It's really using a traditional ear piece? That's disappointing. I'd think this would be a place where that bone conducting technology Kyocera uses in their devices would shine.

Even better. Nice looking device... I wonder how Direct Wave works in a noisy environment since it looks to be on the side of the phone facing away from you.

For $239 off contract? Heck yeah! I mean, I'm not going back to Sprint (let's not get crazy)...but that sounds like a price to move units.

I know. 4 bars everywhere with the fastest LTE blow. Who wants to have signal everywhere? Not this guy. I would rather play signal scavenger hunt. Can you hear me now? ( just poking fun :) )

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I had sprint for awhile. The Samsung nexus. O ly supported 3g and lte not 4g. And I had 3g most of the time and could barely hold a call. Awful experience.

My brother in law has sprint and we drive to a lot of places here in Missouri and he has coverage. Could be his s3 but Yea.

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Unless you consider unlimited data at dial-up speeds to be a problem. The happiest day of my smartphone life was when I dumped Trudge for Straight Talk AT&T.

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This is amazing! I hope this is where everyone is going from a bezel! I think I'd rather have a thicker phone than one with a bigger footprint.

I will keep the bezel on the Note 3. I worry about cracking it with the screen being that close to the edge. Irrational I know but it's me

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The GIANT bezel at the bottom is really distracting from the rest of the phones no bezels.

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The bottom bezel is no bigger than the bezel and wasted black bar on the HTC One M8. I think this looks pretty slick. I'm not interested in a phone with only 1.5 GB of RAM, 8 GB of storage, and a slow processor, but in the mid-range market this could be a hit.

Doesn't mean it doesn't look huge and bad while on a phone with almost no bezel anywhere else.

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Looks really nice. Only issue I see with the design is that anyone you have a video call with will inadvertently also be inspecting your nose hair... :D

the small bezels are nice, however that is somewhat offset by the massive bottom bezel.
It looks unbalanced and while I'm not one to put a lot of stock in a phones looks.
That honestly has to be the ugliest smartphone I've seen in a long time.
Bad choice for your first carrier phone.

I agree. I would actually prefer to have that giant bottom bezel split in half and have it on both the top and bottom so that it looks proportionate and keep the sides without a bezel. I imagine that it is harder to fit the internals in that way, but it would look way better. Some of the phones in the last year are starting to get pretty much no bezel on the sides already though.

No expandable storage? Ugh. Otherwise, price is right and it's certainly stylish.

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The problem with such a small bezel is that if you use a case, you can't properly swipe/tap near the edges of the screen. I have issues with my Note 2 and several TPU cases and it doesn't even have a super-thin bezel.

Ahh I didn't think about that. Good point. An otterbox for this would be impossible if they keep their basic design.

Yea, it would have to be a solid metal body with Sapphire crystal glass to make it worth it. That way you wouldn't need a case. xD

Doubtful. Sharp and Softbank exclusive deals going forward. Not sure what the fine print in the deal is, but Softbank worked this deal pretty well.

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Is it running stock KitKat or do they have a customized UI? That will be the kicker with those specs. Well, that and the issue of expandable storage.

It's a mid-range phone. The specs align with other mid-range phones. It's neither marketed nor priced to compete with premium phones. Those of us on this forum aren't the typical phone buyer.

If only that huge bezel was moved to the top of the device, rather than the bottom. It would make it for a far more intuitive device as our fingers are limited to the top of devices anyways.

It's inexpensive, though, so they can be forgiven for that.

I would imagine that if this sells well, we'll see a higher-end version in the future.

It seems fitting that even their press image for the phone is showing a roaming indicator. That pretty much sums up the 3 long years that I was with Sprint.

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I can't remember the last time I was roaming. In my office, it's the AT&T users who are always roaming. Sprint's network has gotten a lot better.

Can someone tell me what the functional benefits are from having an extremely small bezel. The design has inadvertent screen contact written all over it. That can be very annoying.

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Styling, styling, styling, Habib. If you've read the forums here at all, you should know there's a large segment of the smartphone market that cares more about how a phone looks than how it works.

I would think that they're using the bone conducting technology for the earpiece like those kyocera phones... I'll pass tho... Just seems impractical to me with no bezel and the low spec...

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I love the screen on my G3 but how good of a screen do you need on a cell phone? We need this on a tablet more than a phone.

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I'll get one these for Virgin Mobile. My son has LG Volt with these specs with less ram, non hd display, 3000 mAh battery and Kitkat. That phone is fast and smooth and the battery last for days with normal use.

From my Note 2 to you

Functionality is what determines the smartphone's capabilities and user experience. Not specs!

Innovative design, form factor, build quality, fit and finish, and value proposition contribute to desirability.

Alternatively, there is Samsung.

What are the odds of getting this unlocked to use on T-Mobile? It would make a great back up phone. For 240.00 the specs are passable. Actually better specs than most 2 year old phones.
I could see this making a REALLY nice WiFi media player at worst.

The price is very comparable to an iPod. Just better storage options with the micro SD slot.
Sadly, reading specs, the bands won't work on T-Mobile or any carrier not piggy backing sprint.

I have Sprint right now using an HTC one m7, but I've had it a year and 3 months, a lil too long I need a new phone, who know the release date ? I will buy it with easy pay 0 down and 10$ a month is a good deal. Plus it's only 250$ off contract when ever a better phone that draws my attention comes out I can easily pay this off and get another phone.

The HTC One (M7) remains, to this day, an awesome phone that will also receive timely Android L updates.

Smartphone technology and innovation is evolving at an accelerating rate. There will be a lot of amazing new offerings over the next seven months and many fantastic promotions this holiday season.

Patience will be rewarding. If one had any other 2013 handset, your idea would be compelling.

Yeah I love my HTC one I'm just a former tmobile customer who was used to switching phones when ever I pleased by just popping my SIM card in, now I can't do that so easily so having my m7 over a year is truly a long time for me, plus the advantage is I will get away from my 2year contract and be on pay as yo go free of charge. So when a phone that does Cath my eye with bells and whistles comes out I can buy it a full discount by simply signing a 2 year contract again, its just my way to get a flagship on the next month or 2 at a full upgrade discount, if it makes any sense to you but yeah.

Why do people want such a thin phone? Personally I like having a bezel, and I'm perfectly fine with my Galaxy S5.

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