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Severe, extreme, and amber alerts, Will 8GB suffice on the Nexus 4? [From the Forums]


I have a 16 gig galaxy note and it is 100% full of space, i have an 8 gig card and its also completely full.

just photos from the 8mp camera take about 3.5mb each.

some android games take up 600mb per game and MANY take up 30-50mb.

16 gigs is barely enough.

8 gigs is just a joke.

I have a Galaxy Nexus and I never got full.
Sure that I you wanna carry everything, and more... take and carry with you your lifelong photo with you, maybe you need more a laptop than a phone.
Maybe I'm a fool, but for my the possibility to buy the phone unlocked for such a low price is a real bargain.
And if I can buy for real in Canada(will be a premiere), I'm gonna shut my mouth with the poor quantity of ram and focus on the goods:
Mainly: an Android phone without all the usual crapware from my carrier.

Bravo Google, vive la ligne Nexus...
Nexus, more than a phone, ... a toy for daddy....