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T-Mobile thinks it has made some big moves towards bringing more customers to its network. The only thing left to do, according to the Uncarrier, is send your current carrier a break up letter. With a small Facebook page — found at the link below — you can click a few buttons to make a form letter explaining to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or another carrier why you're done putting up with their policies.

You'll explain why you're leaving, why the carrier's views don't match up with your own and finally sign the letter with "your happy ex," and your name. If you're so inclined, you can even follow it up with a link directly to the letter that you can send the carrier, or just share directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ — you can even download the letter and mail it in if you want to go all-out.

It's a neat bit of viral marketing from T-Mobile, and we bet there are more than a few people who plan to send these in when they switch carriers.

Source: T-Mobile (Facebook)

T-Mobile breakup letter


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Send your carrier a 'break-up letter' with T-Mobile's new tool


I DUMPED SPRINT in 2011, DUMPED VERIZON in 2012 Gladly.

Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

2011: "Plain and simple nothing beats Sprint period."
2012: "Plain and simple nothing beats Verizon period."
2013: "Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile period."

What's next?

Plain and simple, nothing beats T-mobile or T-mobile customer services period.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

My created PUNCH LINE is famous in many corners of the Social networking world.

Plain and simple nothing else matters but Tmobile period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Your "created" punch line? Please, people have been saying "plain and simple" or "period" long before you were even born 50+ years ago. You're just the idiot who says it in almost every comment you make because you're so unoriginal. What a joke.

I'm not necessarily agreeing that they are the best in the US market or any market; but, last time I checked, this announcement was about the US market.

And, for all intents and purposes, T-Mobile US is an entirely separate entity than the T-Mobile that operates outside of the States.

Verizon n ATT spanks T-Mobile

Posted via Android Central App via bad azz VZW LG G2 ROOTED!

YEAH RIGHT Verizon beats Everyone with PISS POOR comical childish branding on products

As well as DRASTICALLY POOR abilities updating handsets on every conceivable level.

If you are on Verizon that's definitely a sad conclusion.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Plain and simple Verizon has coverage in a lot more places than T-Mobile. Summer people would rather be pissed waiting for a phone update than waiting to get a signal, or waiting on the 2G network.

I dare you to drive 30 minutes outside tor nice big city, and just watch that 4G signal disappear, just like magic.

Plain and simple T-Mobile needs to get serious about its network outside of big cities if it wants to win over more subscribers.

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1. By and large, most people don't know or care about updates to Android. Most don't even know what version of Android they are currently running, so your "drastically poor abilities updating handsets" argument is completely moot.
2. Verizon has the most coverage of any carrier. What that means is, you can go 20+ miles outside of a city and still get service, unlike with T-Mobile.
3. You talk as if Verizon has excessive branding all over every single phone they sell, which is absolutely not true. Yet another case of mindless fanboyism.

No, it's more of a you don't have to pay T-Mobile that amount of money. The $350 I'd still exiting your wallet.

This is awesome. I wish this was available when I left sprint. Dan sent me an email asking specifically why I left. This a great marketing campaign. Smart to the it in with Facebook too.

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For those who were saying that the AT&T/T-Mobile would be a good thing, this is why it would not be. The competition is tilting the market.

Exactly. The naysayers were out in force two years ago as well saying that T-Mobile had to sell or they would be run out of the business. Where are those naysayers now? Cowards.

They wouldnt be out of business, but they would have had to find another buyer had they not gotten the 3-4 Billion $ breakup money.

Money that has now run dry.

Everyone in investing is saying that a Sprint/Tmo purchase is the best thing to happen to the industry. They share a lot of the same philosophies.

Not trolling, just stating a fact.

They also feel it could clear the feds because combined they only have 52 million subscribers to 72 for ATT and 95 for Verizon.

That is not good. It is good for the rich fat pocket people. But it will create a situation like we have here in Canada. No competition, prices are set in back rooms not in open markets!

it is that way anyway. at least with 3 carriers on equal footing the competition will be better.

Sprint and Tmo cannot keep up with Att and Verizon right now alone. Sure tmo has gotten them to shuffle the chairs a bit with some of these plans, but nothing has changed in rates. at all.

3 strong candidates are better than 2 top ones and 2 also rans.

No. You are trolling.

I ask you again. What are you willing to bet that you are right? My guess, nothing.

You state that I am trolling, but I am stating fact and opinion from people that do this stuff for a living, and also facts that have been released.

Will I bet, no. Why? Not because I do not have confidence in my position, but because I do not know what is going on inside a boardroom, nor in the governments mind.

You call me a troll, but you have no evidence to support your position.

You are a fanboi in denial.

I ask you, support the premise that it is not going to be sold.

Sadly your right. ATT & Vzn combined control 2/3 of the entire U.S. market, Tmo & Sprint can't compete currently. But Tmo is definitely exerting a lot of influence, and will continue to do so in the coming years. I just hope they can get their hands on that 600mhz spectrum the FCC will be auctioning off in the middle of 2015.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

They spent so much money on the Verizon spectrum I don't see how they can afford it.

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Where do you get your numbers from? Vzw 117 million subscribers. At&t 108 million. Sprint 54 million and T-Mobile 46 million. A T-Mobile/sprint merger is for the birds and in the webcast today Legere spoke on the merger and said he's not supposed to talk about it but he still said the T-Mobile brand and identity and attitude are not going anywhere.

Merger is not happening.

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I may have read the article wrong that I pulled those numbers from but I felt I was quoting it accurately.

The point still stands, even with the merger the subscribers for tmo and Sprint are still third behind the other two by a wide margin.

What is he gonna say? If he says that there will be a merger/buyout, you automatically create a panic and loss of brand confidence. Of course he is gonna say that.

MetroPCS and Alltel did go anywhere for a few years either...

It hasn't run dry. it was spent wisely upgrading the network. And not just on LTE. 2G and 3G were upgraded as well. We also added hundreds of sites to the network by adding equipment to Metro PCS sites. This will continue, because unlike Sprint, we actually are turning profits every quarter where Sprint is losing money. The so Called experts say these things because they would like the merger to happen so they can make more money in the Market. By the time the 18 month waiting period is over on the DT holdings of T-Mobile stock, Sprint will not be able to afford to buy it. As it is right now SoftBank is trying to borrow the money just to attempt to purchase it and they don't even know if regulatory pressures will allow it yet. So in my opinion based on those facts, It will never happen.

+1000!!!!!!! Tmo is only going to continue to thrive in 2014, I predict they will pass 50 million customers by the 3rd qtr, they are currently at 46.6 million.

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They are awesome. I drive by their headquarters every day on the way to work. Local company does good. It takes some of the sting out of also living near Microsoft.

Well, first off they suck. They do provide a lot of tech jobs but the people that do work there are like members of the Borg. They have a hive mind. My perfectly intelligent, rational free-thinking techie friend has worked there for several years and now he's a FUD-spewing dick who thinks Microsoft products are the answer to every question. I don't have respect for that company. I had an open job offer from them and rejected it because I didn't like their culture.

Yikes. Are all of their employees like that? And, if you don't mind me asking, what was the position that you rejected?

I have yet to actually speak to any Microsoft employees. I have spoken to some Google employees (in Best Buy) and they were awesome. It would suck to hear that Microsoft has a shitty corporate culture, because I actually like some of their products...

For once the guy is spewing truth.

The culture at MS is rotten. Always has been. I have worked at a satellite office and that was bad enough. I cannot imagine what it would be like at the center of the storm.

As for them having a solution to every computer problem, they essentially do. You have to pay through the nose sometimes, but it is there.

Wow, to hear that makes me not want to ever buy another one of their products...

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

buying their products is one thing, working for them is another.

I liken them to IBM from 50-80s. Everyone wearing the same blue suit and spouting the same lines. You had to or you got fired. IBM learned a bit after they took that tumble and have loosened up (from what little I know, never did work for them) but they are still a far cry from the Google culture.

I should have been more clear. He thinks Microsoft has the best solution for every computing problem.

When I told him that I was building Web sites with PHP he almost did a spit take. This, despite the fact that a huge amount of the Websites we all enjoy run on a PHP back-end. He knows I've also used ASP Dot NET (parser thinks the actual name is link and marks it as spam) and found it unnecessarily complex and over-engineered. In his world it's the Microsoft way or no way.

I posted a long reply but the parser seems to have stripped it after a later reply was thought to be spam.

A condensed version:

The job was involving intrusion detection in the security department.

Microsoft uses stack-ranking for their evaluations which are corrosive to corporate morale. They also have a virtual caste system that demeans contractors.

Some of their products are good but others are bad.

3 has unlimited data for £15 a month, you don't impress me T-Mobile

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Wait, Three is available in the United States? And the US now uses the euro?
Apples to oranges here. I could say the same about your gas, or "patrol," prices.

Posted via Android Central App

Oops. I got them mixed up.
But I still didn't know that we used it here. *sarcasm*

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The man sure knows how to steal the spotlight. I haven't seen a CEO with this kind of showmanship and confidence since Steve Jobs.

I have Verizon and Ill stick with them love their coverage but they never give my wallet a break

Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or Moto G

All this is doing is making the company look bad.
It's one thing to be confident, maybe even overly confident and show it with a couple of derisive remarks, maybe some smart ass commercials here and there. They have every right to do that, they have a very good service.

But resorting to calling the competition "pricks" and these idiotic "break up" texts you can send AT&T is making the situation look more embarrassing for T-Mobile.

Remind me which is the desperate company again?

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i agree, but the show causes buzz, the buzz creates press, press creates customers... customers create a healthier bottom line

They are swinging for the fences. Sometimes you strike out and sometimes you hit a home run but you will never be called out looking at a third strike.

Wish this was around when we dumped verizon 6 months ago. And I do hope I see these letters pop up in my news feed.

& stop your crying AT&T fanboys!

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Wow T-Mobile means business I haven't seen companies paying off ETF to switch in a long time and also 0 Down if you ever thought about switching it time to move people

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Dear Verizon Wireless,
It's not working.
We've been together through so much. I saw you grow and change, but you're just a big jerk now. I've grown up, too, and I've found someone else. T-Mobile may not be as big as you, bit they treat me right. They have made me a happy wireless customer again.
I'm sick of your terrible lies and false promises. I'm tired of waiting forever to get an update for my phone, or waiting forever for you to offer a phone. Your prices are ridiculous, and it depresses me every time I get your statement.
Will, I'm tired of the way you treat me, and everyone else you've screwed over. I'm moving on.
Never again,
Your happy ex

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Haha, nice.

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I love the idea. I tried to make it as much like a mushy breakup letter as I could.
I would love to send this to them.

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Unless it were happening in troves, I doubt they would give zero cares about it.

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T-Mobile needs to hire Paul Simon. I can see a commercial with the catchy "50 Ways to Leave Your Carrier" blaring through it.

Between this and Sprint's Spark network I would love to see someone give Verizon a run for their money. Just give me a good reason to switch...

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Signs of a desperate company. Bad mouthing the others paying off etf zero down on any phone. They say there the fastest but come where I live t mobile is still 2g.

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If TMo had 4G in my area I'd be signing up right now, Sprint's 4G rollout has been hyped in my area for a year now and we still don't have full implementation. I'm stuck with them for about another year unless I want to pay the ETF, as soon as our contract is up it's goodbye Sprint!

T-Mobile just made an official comment that locked contracts are practically officially over!!!
Verizon, Att$t, and Sprint be afraid, be very afraid!!

T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint....They are all the same. They are all greedy basTERDS who only care about profit. Do you think T-Mobile is doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. I think not. It is simply to garner market share. They are hoping to get tons of customers to leave Verizon and AT&T to join them and then once they have a larger customer base, they will do the same thing that Verizon and AT&T are famous for. The only thing that will change any of these carriers is if consumers totally abandon them. Consumers need to jump to small companies that offer flat rate prices that include reasonable minutes for calls, reasonable data allowances and unlimited texting. By reasonable, I mean enough data to use our smart phones in the manner in which they were designed. The carriers arent stupid. They have instituted these data plans because they know that just like in PC computing, mobile applications are only going to get bigger and more capable, and that means more data usage. The only reason more people dont jump to the small boys is the phone selection is usually a generation behind. People WANT their high tech toys. We dont really need them but we WANT them.

Corporations are legally bound to pursue profit at all costs so I don't see the point of your rant.

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Because everybody is making t mobile sound like the good hearted costumer loving company of the decade.

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Welcome to capitalism.

Some policies in pursuit of profit are hostile to customers, others are beneficial. We celebrate T-Mobile's moves because they are the latter.

Those small companies that you speak of are MVNO carriers. Mobile Virtual Network Operator. That means they don't operate their own towers, they "rent" the service from the major carriers that you affectionately refer to as "basTERDS". If everybody jumps to those small companies as you suggest, what do you think will happen to the networks?

Plain and simple T-Mobile is now the fastest network in places that actually MATTER. They can afford to lose 1 or 2 customers that live in the boonies in exchange for the metro with hundreds of thousands. That's smart business period.

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