Jet Set Radio

Some of you weren't even alive when Jet Set Radio was released for the SEGA Dreamcast in June of 2000. That being said, if you've played Borderlands (or other cel-shaded graphics games) you can thank JSR for being one the pioneers of that style. Anyway, the game has been re-released in HD for Xbox Live, the Playstation Network, Windows, and like we reported earlier, is coming to Android. Granted, November 29th isn't exactly "this summer" like the original press release stated, but better late than never right?

While currently there has been no mention of price for Android (or iOS) it's currently $9.99 on Steam, so it's pretty safe to say it shouldn't cost more than that. If you'd like to check out more screenshots, head on over to their Flickr gallery.

source: SEGA

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tailsthecat3 says:

I so can't wait. And I'm three decades old.

I love this game so much, very Excited its almost finally here - D

hodan says:



Aikuchi says:

The phone is becoming the next console.

MonoControl says:

This this this pleases very much

kitster says:

I am 4 decades old, and loved the sequel to this game, Jet Set Radio Future. Beautiful, stylish, awesome game with fantastic music and great gameplay. I would pay 10 bucks to have JSRF on my phone, but I will pass on this.. most likely. :)

shallyman says:

The first game is actually A LOT of fun. You should definitely try it again, and also you should consider that if the sales are not high enough for JSR then they might not even attempt to port JSRF.


llllBULLSEYE says:

this game was the best in Dreamcast soundtrack was great

murnja says:

Awesome! Can't wait.