Seesmic updated - with widget and more

The very popular Seesmic Twitter application for Android got a major update today.  The standard bug squashing fixes were included of course, but they also threw in some nice and welcome new features. 

A widget
And it's a very nice widget at that.  As you can see from the pic above, it blends in very well with Android 2.1's style, and looks great with Sense UI as well.  Basically you're getting a premium app style widget at the free app price.

Native Retweet
You now have the option to RT just as you would on the Twitter website.  Nice and unobtrusive, and another welcome change.

Three styles to pick from - your location, a human readable address, or a map link.  You can set this in the apps options to happen all the time, or choose to include it when you compose a new tweet.  Something Seesmic was missing, and they addressed it very well in my opinion.

Even with an "official Twitter app for Android" in the works Seesmic is a very viable solution for twittering away on your Android device.  This update makes it even more attractive.  Follow the break for some more screen grabs and download links.

Seesmic native retweet

Native retweet support

Seesmic Geotagging 1 Seesmic Geotagging 2

Seesmic geotagging 3 Seesmic Geotagging 4 - map view

new geotagging features in Seesmic

Download Seesmic:

Phone friendly link

AppBrain Link

Seesmic QR code Android market link


Reader comments

Seesmic for Android gets an update - widget, native retweet and geotagging


I love Seesmic... but they really need to put an on-screen way to post a new tweet. Right now I use Touiteur and I love the notification-area-style pull down at the top.

I used Seesmic right before Touiteur was launched, and I instantly fell in love with Touiteur and the pull-down compose box. Seesmic does a wonderful job, but it just doesn't feel fun when I use it.

There is a on-screen way to post a new tweet. Through the widgets. I find it very convenient. I have a widget for every account right on my home-screen. Also there is the possibility to add, Tumblr and Wordpress accounts, which Touiteur doesn't have. Don't get me wrong, Touiteur is an excellent app, but as for now I prefer Seesmic.

@netromo true. But if I am


Seesmic and I want to tweet something I have to back out to the widget or hit menu>compose; Touiteur lets me get there with a swipe. As for the other services, I didn't know Seesmic did that (because I don't use them) but that's just another bonus for Seesmic - which is great, except for the added step to tweet.

If Seesmic added even something as simple and straight forward as what the FB app has (the input field at the top) then I'd probably be sold.

My biggest problem with Seesmic is that when I start typing "@" it should start looking up names in the list of people I'm following, but it doesn't.

So I switched to Touiteur, too. I think it's just a better app all around.

I don't use Twitter at all but went directly to the comments section of this article simply for the wallpaper. Thanks, gbhil! You've found me yet another wallpaper that I love!

"My biggest problem with Seesmic is that when I start typing "@" it should start looking up names in the list of people I'm following, but it doesn't."

Same here. I can't use this client until it gets this essential functionality

I don't use Seesmic anymore, but one feature I wish my Twitter client had, that Seesmic does, is the ability to post a single tweet across multiple accounts- envious!

Although I appreciate the widget, I feel it's only a start. I prefer the full screen widget HTC's Peep has. I understand some people would prefer the small one, but again with Peep you get that choice.

A pity, because otherwise I prefer Seesmic two to one on peep. In fact, at this point I use Seesmic for all things twitter... except for the widget which I keep Peep out for.

I've been using tweetcaster since i got my droid. Like the way it looks but im I missing out? what do these other twitter clients have the tweetcaster doesnt?