SeaStorm for Android

There are a number of hurricane-tracking apps available for Android, but Treknologist pointed out one over the weekend that's become my go-to app. 

SeaStorm ($1.99) culls information from the National Hurricane Center's website. And while I normally wouldn't purchase an app that that merely repackages information from a website I could easily browse, it does so in an easy-to-read manner, works well on smartphones and tablets, and greatly lessens the amount of time it takes me to digest the latest updates.

Dive into an individual storm and you have quick looks at the tracking maps, wind speed estimates, storm surge graphics, satellite images and public advisories -- basically all the important, official information you need when tracking a storm.

This one will be staying on my phone through November.


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SeaStorm for Android: How I'm watching Isaac


I like Hurricane Hound. Living here in Florida, it's always good to have some sort of tracking program. HH overlays the tracks on Google Maps and provides the latest updates from the NWS. Great app...and it's FREE!!!

This looks decent. Maybe one I need to get. HurricaneHound and Hurricane Software Pro, I both already have. Both are great, and go as far as overlaying the track over google maps. Why NWS & NHC doesn't do something like this as of yet, I have no idea. If you are in one of these storm prone areas I suggest a decent radar app as well. Maybe an idea for a future review. RadarScope and PYKL3 are both good, with PYKL3 being the better app. They are both pricey at $10, but are awesome when it comes to being able to retrieve the actual NWS radar picture and overlay watch and warning data.

Those maps are included in the maps (40+ maps) in the link I posted. They are great maps, BTW. If you choose to tap on a map, it will take you to the website of the map provider in most cases. There may be better maps for specific locatons regarding storm surge and wave height, but the collection on the Jay's Tropical weather is pretty good if you are not directly in the eye of the storm. And if you are, you should be watching it from some remote location anyway.

Hey Phil! Glad you liked my recommendation! I was surprised when I saw the app being reviewed and then even more surprised to see you referencing me about it! :)

I think I have a better "app" than what's on Google Play. If you type in it should bring you to NOAA Nat. Weather Serv. Mobile website. This is a BIG site so landscape the image. Find a search box in the upper right corner, and type in..goes data..when it comes up. That will give you a link to the GEOSTATIONARY SATELLITE SERVER on the GOES 12 SAT above us. Cool huh! Now you can see images of EVERYTHING! For free! Why not use the stuff the big boys use and leave the kiddie apps on Google Play. Bookmark the original www. site and it will give you your weather according to zip code. It's the latest intel on weather! NICE.

I use Track-It Deluxe. There's a paid version ($1.75) and a free one (with ads). Has everything I need to keep track of the storms. Tons of useful info.

Looks like Issac passed us by, but I use hurricane software as well. Since I'll be in Gulf Breeze for a while, I'm more than willing to check out a good app for hurricanes.