The new API 19 SDK tools include an easy way to record what happens on your Android's screen

Ever wanted to record exactly what's happening on your Android screen? Anyone who writes about Android for a living sure does, and now that KitKat is in the wild we see it will be easy to do with the latest version of Android.

You'll need the SDK installed, which is a little barrier for some, but there are plenty of folks in the forums to help make that happen for any computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux.

That's also where you'll find Phil's mini How-To on screen recording, complete with examples. If you have you Nexus 5 already, or have put some flavor of KitKat on your current phone, jump in and give it a look. It's easier than you think!

How to use screen recording in Android 4.4 KitKat


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Screen recording is easy with KitKat and the Android SDK


You need root, and to pass the exact command to the system via command line or in an app. This is so it can't be abused and keep recording your screen when you think it isn't.

I've built a little app that does it, but like i said you need root (full shell root) and busybox.

not sure if the question is clear, but if he gets Android 4.4, he doesn't need root or a computer, since Android has it built in

Que all the people screwing up their phones and clogging this comment thread and the forums on how to fix it, and you wonder why carriers/phone manufacturers "lock" their devices....

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I've rooted/ROMed every Android device I've owned. But it should only be done by people who know what they're doing.

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When you first did it, did you just instantly know what you were doing? No. You had to try it a few times, check some forums and mess shit up before you got it right. Give others the same courtesy.


Yes, it's 2013 and typing out command strings is still described as "easy"!

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Well if you renember the days of basic and im sure python code was used on tbe comadore 64 as a command line, and various other computers in the late 80's, easy perhaps not as most of the time it didnt work, perhaps i was doing it wrong lol

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