Scrabble on Android

EA Mobile demoed Scrabble for Android recently at EA's summer press conference. The popular vocabulary game is set to release next week on Android for the first time. Wordsmiths will be able to embarrass their friends across Facebook, Android, and iOS devices. This isn't the first time we've seen a vocabulary game support cross platform gaming on Android. Words With Friends from Zynga has been testing gamers' vocab for months now. So we're wondering, are you going to jump over to Scrabble and abandon Words With Friends? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Scrabble is getting wordy on Android next week


Well considering that words with friends is officially the buggiest app in the market- I will probably make the jump-assuming they don't charge more than 99 cents.

They won't charge more than 0 cents. It's launching as a free app (according to the source), rejoice!

I find it hard to understand why this site continuously pushes crappy games like Words with Friends when there were better, longer-running, alternatives. WordFeud was originally written for Android, and would always have been my choice, except that it didn't, for a long time, have iphone support. Well, they added iphone support in April, so I can now play all my iphone friends on it.
Anyone I know with an Android phone had uninstalled WwF and now uses Wordfeud.

it's more stable
It loads games faster
It has a better board layout
It has multiple dictionaries (US and International English, among others)

In fact, I can't find a single thing that WwF does better. Bar none.

Yet this site continues to support WwF and compare everything to it.

Are they being paid by WwF? Do their best mates work for Zynga? Our are they just not properly clued in?

Try Wordfeud for yourselves.

(and no, I don't work for wordfeud! I just appreciate when someone does a good job of something. So much so that I forked out money to buy the app - it's worth buying)

WOW. Good to know that iPhone has Wordfeud now. I actually liked wordfeud a lot better than that bug-infested mess known as WWF, but I only jumped shipped to be able to play with a larger playerbase, including my friends who have iPhones.

I might wait and see how good Scrabble is before I try and convince my friends to switch to either wordfued or scrabble.

I completely agree with your entire post! Also, I am in no way affiliated with the developer of Wordfeud.

I started out playing Scrabble on Wordfeud and then tried out WwF just so I could play Scrabble against my mom who has an iPhone. Wwf was so horrible and annoying compared to Wordfeud that I immediately uninstalled it!

Additionally, after Wordfeud became available for iPhone I found that practically none of my iPhone-owning friends are playing Scrabble. Take from that what you will...

I agree - I left WfF a long time ago - could never keep a game going, the notifications were not dependable.

Unless there's something special they offer, I'll stick with Wordsmith. Runs smooth and I've made a few friends from some games.

There's actually been an Android version of this app floating around for quite some time. Not available through EA's website, or the Market obviously, but it does exist, it just doesn't have any online connectivity. No idea why they never released it officially, it worked great on my Nexus One.

I wonder why Android Central and other sites always mention Words With Friends only... I really tried hard to like this game but I found Wordsmith much better. WwF has a better UI but I always had a hard time finding a random player when I wanted to play and in order to get notifications I had to manually launch the app every time I restarted the phone and keep it running. Wordsmith has no such problems. I get push notifications without fail and when I want to start a game with random opponent, it always finds someone.. Words With Friends would be looking for hours.

SCREW YOU WORDS WITH FRIENDS. Had you on my phone for like 2 weeks, you did all of the following:
A.) DESTROYED my battery life
B.) Force closed like 7 times a day
C.) had THE MOST annoying advertisements of them all
D.) DESTROYED my phone performance
E.) Probably sold all of my info to EVERYONE in the entire world.
you will NEVER EVER be allowed back on ANY of my devices.

exactly what happened to me i got freaking pissed so i said ***k you Words with friends id rather wait for Scrabble and hazzza!!!!!

Same thing I noticed.
Phone started acting weirdly.
Battery was draining faster than I had ever seen.

Game was fun but not worth the damage it was causing.

I use WordFeud. Works perfectly. I always get my notifications and it doesn't fc or kill the battery. It's also free if you don't mind ads.

or if you have the adblocker, you don't have ads ;)
(But then you don't support the devs, so... that's no good, just take the ads!)

Devs are only paid on clicks, not on displaying ads, If you use ad blockers and never clicked on the ads anyways what difference did it make. But it would be better to see more devs using the free-to-play with ads and the .99-1.99 models with no ads and maybe an additional feature or two.

Right with all of you who hate Words with Friends. TERRIBLE app.

One of the worst I've ever used. The notifications are broken, it sometimes takes an hour to get a damn update with the latest play from my friends and it sucks battery life like nothing else.

Bring on Scrabble, provided it's even a smidge better in any of those three categories.

Shame on Zynga for putting out such an atrocious app for something so simple.

100% agree. But so far all of Zynga's apps suck, especially the Facebook ones. I tried tyo switch to Wordsmith and Wordfeud but those damn iPhone friends just won't switch, maybe I need different friends!

I am hoping an official Scrabble app might motivate them to move.

Maybe when I meet a new person the conversation should start like this:

me: Hello
them: Hello
me: Are you an iPhone user?
them: Yes
me: That's ok, do you play WWF?
them: Yes
me: Bye

Cannot wait to dump that buggy app Words with Friends. Zynga has turned me of them completely. They apparently are steadfast in their refusal to hire anyone who knows how to program Android apps.

I don't know, no one seems to be saying it but is it just me or is words with friends really really really stupidly buggy?

No one seems to be saying it? Have you read no comments before you posted this? That is everyone's complaint about WwF! (WwF = Words with Friends)

Forget the both of them.

Another vote for WordFeud from me. Great app, and the skill level of opponents is far higher on average than words with friends.

Not to mention that it's also available for iOS now. I'll probably buy the ad free version of it soon to support the developer.

Words With Friends is an awful app. Yet all the Android sites are in love with it for some reason... Zynga must be tossing $$ out! Wordfued is much better. To be honest, out of my friend, I would say there is 10 wordfued players to every 1 WWF player.

Scrabble, I will check it out... But Wordfued does the job, why change?

Wait - Say what? Scrabble has been out on Android for ages. I have it installed right now on my GS II and it works perfectly. Its not even a java port -its Android native and its from EA/HASBRO. So how come this is supposed to be the first time?

I think the version that was available for Android, but not available for everyone (I can't get it on any of my Verizon android devices. If I go to and pick Moto XOOM, all the "classic board games" dissappear), was "local" only.

This Free version will allow you to play against others, across the net, even if they are using iOS or the Facebook app/game.

Ill take any excuse to abandon words with friends. Bastards now put a folder on your sd card to store its shitty ads.

Most of the people I play with are using iphones so it will be awhile before they all jump ship. I have a lot of convincing to do.

I love wordfeud! WWF sucks ass! I love the mutlple language dictionaries in Wordfeud. I play in English and Spanish. So much fun!

I got a lot of my iphone friends to switch to wordfeud simply because of the spanish dictionary! If you're a multlilungual user, use a different language as a hook to get WWF iphone addicts to switch! It worked for me! Then switch back english and you got them!!!

AndroidCentral you guys are becoming more and more lame by the day. I've watched as your bias against certain phones has shown up in reviews (ie. lauding a feature in one phone while bashing it in another). I've watched you guys go from a "breaking android news" site to an "android news aggregator". I've watched as you've become a mouthpiece for companies (ie. this article is a press release). Last, but not least, you guys get so much information WRONG that I no longer feel comfortable recomending your site to android noobs. I'm sending them all to Phandroid, where at least ONE of their writers would know that there has existed a Scrabble from EA for Android for millenia!!!

P.S. And I'm still pissed that Phil conveniently failed to mention that the Evo 3D has an UNREAL 10 second boot time in his "review" (if you want to call it that)

Unfortunately, playing word games against strangers on the network is futile because of the widespread cheating people do. I did some research and found numerous websites that are solely for finding words that match your letters and what is available on the board. Many times I've had opponents play obscure words that I never heard of and they admit that they never heard of either.

Am I the only one who's never had a problem with WwF? I just got an evo3D and installed it and it's never had a single issue... I guess they did just release 3.52 - i wonder if that's fixed the issues everyone is referring to? Can't say I've tried wordfeud yet - sounds like I should give it a go though.

It's not as bad as it was before, but the notification system is still kind of broken. Phantom notifications, and sometimes no notifications at all. Plus it doesn't make a notification sound or activate the notification light, so what's the point unless you pick up your phone every few minutes to check? I haven't had a crash since the last update, and the tablet version looks great and performs well (notifications are still wacky though).

Wordfeud is good, and what I use to play my Android friends, but most iPhone users play with WwF, and convincing them to switch just to play me hasn't worked out so well :) Hopefully this Scrabble will have enough bells and whistles to allow me to consolidate my games into one Scrabble app.

scrabble Ive had this game since Nov 2010 works fine on Evo 4g haven't tried it yet on my Evo 3D. guess what madden is coming to market to some day maybe oh ya already got that too. Ea drags there feet way to much how about some golf or dead space or boxing they have a ton of ios games that need to be on android i could careless about the crappy games they have been porting how about the good stuff already

In Scrabble, as with most games, it's not what you play, it's who you play. The "big deal" about this "new" version of Scrabble for Android is access to an enormous pool of competitive players, on iPhones and Facebook.

Keep in mind, though, that most Android users can already access the iPhone/Facebook Scrabble ecosystem if they are Facebook members. just upgraded their client and plays very well on just about all Flash-enabled Android browsers.

For semi-competitive Scrabble players like myself, while games like WWF and Wordfeud can be fun, there's just no substitute for the classic Scrabble layout. Maintaining a player rating and having consequences to each win and loss also lets you know where you stand as a player, and helps you choose competition that challenges and entertains.

I usually have about 30 Scrabble games going on Facebook and a dozen or so on iGoogle. Both sites play great on my LG G2X and HTC Flyer for free. The app is going to have to add some value to get me to pay for access to the same games, and I'm hoping it does.

Personally, I much prefer Wordfeud. As stated already by other commenters, WwF literally sucks the battery life from your phone.

That said, if Scrabble is as more efficient and stable than WwF, I'll probably drop WwF and continue using Wordfeud as well. Some people refuse to adopt anything else but Wordfeud (and I can't blame them).

I'm most looking forward to the option of playing my games on computer when I can't pull out my phone. That's a big perk in my book.