SanDisk 128 GB card

Class 10 and ready for HD video

Mobile World Congress

At Mobile World Congress, SanDisk announced the world's first 128 GB microSD memory card. It's Class 10 UHS-I with read speeds around 30 MB/s and should be compatible with any device that can support SDXC, which includes most Android devices launched over the last few years. SanDisk also took the opportunity to announce a 64 GB embedded NAND module tailored specifically to Android devices, though right now they're just sampling it to partners.

If we're going to be going around shooing 4K video on our devices, it's a good thing that memory is increasing so we can actually save that footage. Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S5 ROM size may also make you wish for a little bit more room. Beyond that, it's hard to imagine loading up that much music manually. Still, at times like this I really feel for those that don't have access to their SD card slot.

Amazon and Best Buy are going to be the exclusive outlets for the new cards, which are available right now for $119.99. How much room do you have free on your device storage? Are you going to pick up one of these 128 GB cards? Does having this much room enable any new use cases?

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SanDisk intros first 128 GB microSD memory card


Does Android support exFAT? Because if it doesn't it's useless. I would think about getting this for other purposes too.

Not that my device allows for a SD. -Flame shield-

Solid, thanks. If I have my info correct, as long as Android supports exFAT, it'll recognize a 128 gb card fine.

I have my 64GB card formatted with it in my Note 3. I think it depends on the manufacturer. It requires a license from Microsoft as I understand it.

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3

Finally I can carry around all of my media especially my music & videos/shows

Hate wasting my limited data plan while I'm at the gym or traveling

Buffering is always annoying too

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Videos? Luxury! Been maxed a year with 64GB + 8GB of VBR MP3s on an S4. Already got over 128GB of audio queued up for transfer, soon as this card arrives.

Why would Android need to support exFAT? SDXC is a pretty silly standard as far as I am concerned because there is no real difference between SDXC and SDHC. Every device I have ever tested which limits to SDHC had no problems with any SDXC card of any capacity once it was formatted. Whenever I get an sdxc card I always format to FAT32. I use a 128 GB SD card formatted to FAT32 with my laptop, and I use a 64 GB micro SD with both my tablet and my phone formatted to FAT32. For my PSP, I use two 64 GB microSD cards in a mem card adapter to give me the equivalent of a 128 GB FAT32 card on a PSP.

Seriously, I think it's really interesting how everyone takes the limitations of the standard seriously because it's not real.

So the S5 says it supports up to a 64gb card. From how I read it, this card will be compatible or I am in left field?

These things always start expensive, and then in 6 months time when they release a 256GB then a 512GB...
Glad it's here. I wont buy one now, but it means that some day I will.

Server backups onto MicroSD cards seems freaky awesome.

SD flash technology is cheaper than the kind of chips they put in mobile devices. It's pretty simple actually.

And what good is it for? Movies and music is all u can do with phones that have the ancient SD card slot. And with Samsung record of screwing up SD cards not worth it. A d with kit kat Google put a stop of manufacturers using it for apps.

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No s*** genius. That is exactly what it was intended for. The SD card function is not ancient and never will be until the cloud is accessible *everywhere*.

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Given how android handles SD cards and the fact that Samsung has to graft support back into their code I'd say ancient is an apt description.

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Not really. You can't redefine terms. Ancient refers to age. Whether Google has chosen to support the technology or not is not related to its age.

Nothing beats sdcard usage I feel sorry for those SILLY CLOUD USERS or those Google fanboys who think cloud is the answer.

Piss on Google and it's silly useless cloud storage my Note 3 is KING with 96gb of storage.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Says the guy who, just a year ago, was blabbering on and on about T-Mobile's "PIMP SLAPPING HSPA+ 42MPBS network". If *you* have access to such "amazing" speeds (and the unlimited data you have so often claimed to have), then why do you need that much storage?
Also, you don't really have even close to "96gb of storage". Between the 6+ GB taken up by all of Samsung's crapware, and filesystem overhead/formatting, you have closer to ~74 GB. Idiot.

If you "think" you need 128GB of storage ON your device, you are doing it WRONG! In this Wifi world you gotta use the cloud baby!

Posted via Android Central App on my Republic Wireless Moto X

You couldn't be more wrong. I can list dozens of contrary use cases, but you keep believing what you like.

Your world is small. For those of us in the military and jobs, where the cloud is not available, this will be a life saver. Google has just brainwashed you to think that so you will utilize their services. Thank God for Samsung and there consistent support for SD cards. I want to try a nexus so bad but the sd card thing was and still is a major turn off.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds importance in the SD Card slot in phones.

Posted through my Nexus 7!

It's the primary reason I continue to stay with Samsung smartphones.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

There is a tiny USB dongle where you can mount a microSD card on a Nexus... forget what it's called :(

To Many NEXUS fanboys drink that silly stale GOOGLE koolaid.

Samsung is android because they are the one's who offer true choice to the android users and have done so since day one.

Lg is kissing Google's ass no sdcard on the G2, and Nexus 5. Htc kissed Google's ass no sdcard on that stale Htc one.

Samsung won't and doesn't need to kiss Google's ass they are Android and they will always support sdcard for it's users.

Plain and simple GOOGLE forgot where they came from and who made them where they are today.

It ain't those dull boring budget Nexus products that make android that's for sure.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

1. You're an idiot, "plain and simple". Saying "Samsung is Android" is like saying "Lenovo is Windows" (Lenovo being the manufacturer that sold the most Windows based laptops/desktops in 2013). Or saying that "Ford is all cars" (Ford being the best selling auto brand in 2013). No matter how you phrase it, you're going to be wrong.
2. Aren't you drinking "that silly stale [Samsung] koolaid? After all, 2.5 years ago, you were saying how HTC was "boss", that they'd "never be beat", and that you'd never own any of "Samsuck's crappy ass plastic devices". Stupid hypocrite.
3. "Plain and simple GOOGLE forgot where they came from and who made them where they are today." Too bad the only thing Samsung did for Google was to get them market share. On the other hand, if it weren't for *Google* you wouldn't even have that "pimp slapping" Note 3. No Android means no Note 3 (or its predecessors), no Galaxy Gear, no S5 (or any of its predecessors), no Touchwiz/Nature UI. Nothing. Get your head out of your a** you ignorant fanboy.

Ohhhh yeah, like wifi is publicly available everywhere! No wifi is not just unsecured and available to anyone, and everywhere.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

I just checked, there are 5 wifi signals within range where I live, all are secured, so no, wifi isn't available everywhere, as you seem to think. And for me, I'm not able to pay for internet twice, mobile is it.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

All I know is my media content for high quality is easy into the 10GB plus per media file. The more storage the better. Do I think we need it 24/7 no but it sucks when you do and it isn't avaliable.

I have a wifi external Seagate satellite drive to supplement the on board storage for certain situations. Even 128 isn't enough at time.

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3

Welcome to the real world where people use storage cards to record video while driving their bikes several hours through the mountains. Try that without local storage :-)

I use my phone to integrate videos from a GoPro with data from my car's OBDII port for racing. I can dump the GoPro video via wi-fi to the phone's SD card, and processing the data to create an overlay. Usually I run multiple cameras, but have to limit my analysis due to lack of available storage. This solves that problem... more than enough storage for a day of racing now on one card.

If you venture beyond the reach of WiFi and cellular data what will you do to listen to music. What about emulator roms or torrents on your phone. This is cool to me because I don't want all my entertainment needs to be shit outta luck because of no connection.

This is great.
I only have like 1GB or 2GB space left on my G2.
I'd like to keep my 100GB of comics on my phone(or tablet) at all times.

Considering my Samsung note 3 has blown thru 4 64 GB cards. I am not impressed with this at all cause it gonna be the same inferior quality.

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I've been using the same 64GB card in my S4 since day one, no problems.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

Same as Jay. Same card 64 GB SanDisk ultra since it was released. Used it in my Note 1 first then in my Note 3. Has worked flawlessly.

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I think these cards will become less and less useful as the cloud gets more popular and data speeds increase.

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Nope. This storage will always be around. Like I have stated in an earlier post. Official military use and unofficial uses will always make for a demand for this type of storage as an option.

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You sir are absolutely correct. Military, law enforcement, medical none save data to "the cloud". Physical memory isn't going anywhere.

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Physical memory will always be superior to 'cloud' storage. If you want something to be secure you don't want to use the cloud. If you want to have 24/7 access to it from your device you don't want to use the cloud.

The cloud is only good for moving data around; if you are going to use or want to have access to your data on a regular and reliable basis, then you want to have it stored locally. Phones which abandon local storage options for the cloud are just trying to sell subscription based 'cloud' storage to you as well as tricking you into wasting more of your data usage on uploading and downloading things which you could otherwise have stored on your devices.

For me its not apps or pictures, its music. I have over 10,000 songs and would like to put them all on line device (thats not an apple device). This would let me do it and expand my music collection.

This is why I have/will always bought a android with removable sd :)

love me some ext-sd :):):)

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Its 2014, 256GB should be the minimum.

Posted via my G Pad which is much better than some silly Nexus


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Lovvve Amazon!!! The 64gb card is only $46 right now, damn good price.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"". could have gotten the 64 gb for 35 during black Friday at best buy lol...I sure did.

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After updating my S4 to KitKat, I lost the ability to download podcasts directly to my sdcard. It took me going into root explorer and changing a line of code to get it back. I don't want to have to do that.

^^^This^^^ comment, going forward, I won't get a new smartphone with any less than 32gb's of interal storage, because of this crap that this guy is going through. Maybe I don't even want to update to 4.4.2 now.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

This would be nice to have as external computer storage, just because they're so durable.

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I definitely agree with anyone who favors onboard storage. I don't like cloud storage being forced on us. When carriers do unlimited data and cloud storage is much more practical I'd go with it. I like local storage of music and videos. Welded batteries? No micro SD slot? Hell no!

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How do you figure?

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

It's gonna take a long time to transfer files to fill that 128gb class 10, especially when you usually don't reach ideal advertised write speed.

No body seems to mention the price, I wouldn't pay more than $99.

There are softwares you can use to format microSD card as FAT32 higher than 32gb, such as RMPrepUSB. I never checked this, but shouldn't microSD formatted as EXT4 work? If not, that's really bad.

It take things like this to make me say F my G2, I love it but I do think the importance of a SD card slot useful my only complaint. I will get the G pro 2 asap just too get a memory card slot plus with 128gb on a card for your phone coming on the market, its just solidify the need for a SD card slot cloud is cool but I do think its overrated not everyone haves access .

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So my setup has been that I carry my old 32 gb iPhone 3gs with me as my music player. I use Google music and have saved a lot of playlists to it. I also carry an optimus g pro with a 32 gb sd card that I fill with pictures and videos taken on my phone. This would allow me to ditch the iPhone except one problem that I can't seem to find a solution to. The iPhone is jail broken and I am able to use the volume buttons as skip forward and skip back. Also I press both at the same time to pause and unpause. I have found a way to skip with the volume buttons except that you have to do up down up to do it instead of just holding down for a few seconds (very irritating) and I have found no way to play/pause with a button. This all may sound anal but hey I charge and carry two phones every night to have it that way.

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About time. I'm running low on my 64gb. I will never own a phone or computer that forces you to use "cloud storage". I love having all my files with me locally and don't want to download or upload anything. Really do love cloud storage for back up purposes though. I find it funny when people call more on-board storage options ancient.. They're just as funny as the folks who say removable batteries is old and then strap on a brick sized battery case to their phone.. Google could completely remove the option to save to phone to force people to buy/use cloud storage and people will blindly defend it and say it's awesome lol

I think its quite good I suppose don't really need to use computer if I have that much space.just bring the nexus 2014 out with a SD card slot and I'm sorted never have to use my PC again

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I have a measly 32 GB card (compared to this one) in my galaxy s4. I have a nexus 7 2012 and never had issues with storage. In my LG GPad Google play Edition I have a 16 GB card. It's much less useful because of stock android. That's a tradeoff though because I much prefer stock vanilla android.

I am a mechanic and we have Wi-Fi in the shop, and I also have Wi-Fi at home. This allows me to use the 100gb of DropBox space I have all the time. I have never gone over my data limit, and I stream XM radio all day at work most days. I'd say a good 95% of that time I'm on Wi-Fi, unless I walk out of range for some reason.

My point is that there really are people that do perfectly fine with no SD card.

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I will probably pick one up for my GoPro Hero 3+(black) to use on my trip through the tail of the dragon when I head to Florida on the Harley this summer. But I don't see me needing that much space in my phone. Also the price will have a lot to do with it as well.

I still save 4 gigs available on my 16 gigs of internal storage. Im not sure I'd this product is for me.

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Oppo find 7, 32gb, + class 10 128gb micro SD card, rooted, unlocked = win. Dropbox account doesn't hurt either. When the 256gb comes out, I'm getting that too. Phones with card slots rules.

This card will not mount on my Galaxy S5 Active. I have no option to formating it. I click mount card and I get an answer its safe to remove your SD card after 25 secs. Still no format option. I am able to format the card exFAT on Win 7 no problem. Can add and remove files no problem. After ormat the phone will not see this card at all. I have the option to mount but as I said says remove the card after I press mount SD card. So I have to say SANDISK saying it is for Andriod is BS. If anyone has got a fix for this please post. I see there are oodles of posts with the same issue and no one has a solution.